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Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters – Thomas Ferguson. Situational Assessment: Right Now - Deep Code - Medium. The story of the unfolding meta-crisis that we have been watching for the last decade has become enormously more salient over the past few weeks.

Situational Assessment: Right Now - Deep Code - Medium

This is a moment of major risk along many different fronts. It is also a moment of singular opportunity. Foremost among them is to learn. The economy of the future is circular. Here's how entrepreneurship can help. My five year old daughter asked me recently if she could take a bag and her gardening gloves to school.

The economy of the future is circular. Here's how entrepreneurship can help

I said yes, of course – but why? She replied that at recess, she had started collecting the garbage in her school yard and there was too much to carry in her hands – hence the need for a bag. Initially, I was filled with pride that this little person who I can barely get out of the door on time in the morning had not only absorbed my constant nagging about the importance of protecting our environment – but that she had truly understood and taken matters into her own hands. An activist at five years old. However, after hearing Greta Thunberg’s powerful words during the UN Climate Summit, I suddenly felt conflicted.

How Fentanyl Ingredients From China End Up in the U.S. Ye Chuan Fa was right at his own cubicle, also wearing a thick coat.

How Fentanyl Ingredients From China End Up in the U.S.

As the Amys introduced him, he stood up and stuck out his hand. He didn’t speak any English, but smiled and offered a chair and his business card, which had his information in Chinese characters on one side and in English on the other. He didn’t seem suspicious, nor ask any personal questions. “This is our head office,” he said. “We have 30 branch companies in China.” Mining- Greta Thunberg and AOC. Exponential expansion of global mining is the dirty little secret – and glaring blind spot – of Green New Deal evangelists and zero-carbon climate warriors Leftwing darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed Green New Deal, despite its flimsy 14 pages total, is nothing if not all-encompassing and vaulting in its ambition.

Mining- Greta Thunberg and AOC

Apologia? “Civil War” Monuments. In 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released the “Whose Heritage?”

Apologia? “Civil War” Monuments

Report on the Confederate symbols in the United States. This report had one thesis: The Confederate monuments, memorials, and namesakes were erected ruing the “Jim Crow” era to vindicate white supremacy without consideration of other factors.[1] The report was based on no documented sources, but the charting of monuments and namesakes was used to make a claim the rise of Confederate monuments were attributed to “Jim Crow” racism. Thus, the fallacy was born, an fallacy that is easily refuted by even a cursory examination of readily available source material. First, many Northern states had Jim Crow laws with New York considered the Northern capital of Jim Crow.[2] In fact, one can make a case—and many did—that Northern attitudes in regard to blacks were harsher than Southerners who had nearly a three-hundred-year history of race relations.

Jim Crow and racism were not isolated to a single region. Daniel Schmachtenberger - Perspectives. Daniel Schmachtenberger - Fake News Advantage to Gamershit. The Revolution Isn't Being Televised. What evangelical Christians really think about climate change. This story was originally published by Newsweek and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

What evangelical Christians really think about climate change

The vast majority of scientists agree climate change is an existing, growing, and human-made threat to our planet. And yet the topic is a divisive issue in the U.S. — not least among people of faith. White evangelical Christians in particular are, on average, more likely to question whether human activity contributed to the Earth’s warming, with research by Pew suggesting 28 percent accept this view, compared with 64 percent of those without a religious affiliation, 56 percent of black Protestants, and 41 percent of mainline Protestants. Over a third of evangelical Christians say there is “no solid evidence” that climate change is happening.

7 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare for the Next Recession. In the TV show “Game of Thrones,” the motto of House Stark is “Winter is coming.”

7 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare for the Next Recession

These words serve as a warning; even in a world where summer often lasts for years at a time, it’s certain that winter will come again, and it’s important to be prepared for it. Change the word “winter” to “recession,” and this warning makes just as much sense in our world. Like the climate in “Game of Thrones,” our economy moves in cycles, with years of economic growth followed by years of decline.

(30) The Failure of Free Trade-Ben Shapiro+JordanPeterson DESTROYED by Mark Blyth+NoamChomsky□with FACTS. (30) What I Think About All This Anger... Dalio Warns: Global Economy in 'Great Sag' Central Banks Can't Fix. Billionaire Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio said this week that the global economy is in a “great sag” with a political climate much like what we saw in the 1930s, and central banks can no longer provide the stimulus needed to pull out of it.

Dalio Warns: Global Economy in 'Great Sag' Central Banks Can't Fix

New Challenges of the 21st Century: Yuval Harari, YES 2019. Caroline Lucas and Yanis Varoufakis search for what went wrong with democracy. The Green Party MP and the MeRA25 leader journey from democracy's inception through the tumultuous Brexit period and through to the year 2035.

Caroline Lucas and Yanis Varoufakis search for what went wrong with democracy