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Most Amazing Tiny House I Have Ever Seen: The Lost Whisky Concrete Cabin Provides Off-Grid Rest And Relaxation - Ten Fold Technology. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Made Cooking a Compulsion. Then It Was My Cure. When I was eight or nine or ten years old, I found a daddy long legs layered in the sheets of my bed. I tossed it to the floor, crushed it with a book, and thought about it every night for the next 20 years.

I shook my sheets. Every evening I stripped my bed and whipped the sheets like you would a picnic blanket before laying it in the park. I lifted the mattress. I shined a light into the corners of the bed frame. In college there was a boy in the bed. That didn’t stop me. It was a different boy that finally, at age 30, got me to stop. That relief stayed with me. So, several years later, when I found a bedbug squirming among the dirty socks in my hamper, I was able to hold myself together. I lay there, resisting in the dark. And then I shook the sheets. It’s difficult to remember when my reaction to the bedbugs slid from measured to maniacal, to pinpoint the moment when I became so crazed that I essentially started living in my kitchen full time.

All of this is normal bedbug procedure. Family downsizes to travel USA in theater-inspired tiny house. Single Dad Turns a Shed into his Mortgage-free Tiny Home to Spend More Time and Travel with Daughter. On September 11, 2018 This is the story of a single father who wanted to simplify his life after divorce by living in a tiny house with zero debt so that he wouldn’t have to stress about money and be able to spend more quality time with his daughter. So he converted a shed into his very own debt-free tiny home and has been living in it for over three years.

He was even featured on HGTV! You can enjoy a video tour of his tiny home plus enjoy an interview with him below thanks to the folks at Our Journey to Bliss. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Images © Our Journey to Bliss via YouTube Video Tour and Interview Highlights Please learn more using the links below. Sources You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this you’ll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! You can also join our Small House Newsletter! Also, try our Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter! More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses Section Related. Architect Builds Incredible Off-The-Grid Tiny Home To Avoid High House Prices. These Tiny Homes Are Ready to Go, Need Zero Permits. You always wanted a little place to call your own. Not your actual abode — your significant other, children and nosy neighbors have already laid claim to that. Instead, consider DROP Structures, crafters of luxury, standalone spaces that cover as little as 106 square feet.

You can customize them how you see fit ... and then place wherever you want, no permit needed. All the models by DROP — which stands for Detached Relocatable Outdoor Properties — are built in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Their main tiny dwelling is The Mono. The idea here is you can customize these versatile tiny homes how you want — a loft, Murphy bed, blinds, AC, micro kitchen, cabinets and solar power are options. The insulated dwelling arrives with an attached four-foot covered deck, six LED pot lights, four receptacles and one exterior plug. Prices start at $21,450, with an additional dollar per kilometer of transportation. Need something a bit roomier? 3 ReactionsBrilliant1100% Agree1.

Buster tiny house comes with removable trailer base (Video) Thanks to rising home prices in many metropolitan areas, we might tend to think of tiny houses as more of a North American phenomenon. However, we are definitely seeing an uptick of interest and actual tiny house builds in Europe, as well as in far-off places like Australia. New Zealand's Build Tiny is no stranger to small homes, having built ones loosely targeted at various age demographics. Their Buster model might be for everyone else; it's a hybrid of their Boomer and Millennial tiny houses, with an exterior inspired by the Millennial, and with a similar loft and stair design as the Boomer, but a different configuration for the kitchen and bath - and most interestingly, it has a removable trailer base! Watch the tour: © Build Tiny Limited The home's main feature is its large living room, which can fit a regular-sized sofa and is ventilated with large windows.

The bathroom comes with a Bambooloo composting toilet, shower and small vanity sink. Via: Tiny House Talk. Buster tiny house comes with removable trailer base (Video)

Container Homes and Other Buildings

Sliding roof opens tiny house bedroom to the sky. The Conker Spherical Tiny House. On September 13, 2018 This is the Conker by Conker Living. It’s a spherical tiny house concept created by an ex-Rolls-Royce engineer Jag Virdie. The modular and spherical design offers approximately 107 sq. ft. of space inside. I now look forward to witnessing the legacy of The Conker™, the ultimate living space with its infinite possibilities. How will you use yours? Would you consider a spherical tiny house like this? Images via Conker Living Learn more You can share this using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this you’ll LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more!

More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses Section See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses The following two tabs change content below. Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. Related QUIDNON: A Tiny House That Floats -- And Sails! This is QUIDNON: A tiny house that floats -- and sails! The answer to everything on housing | The Royal Gazette:Bermuda Opinion - Mobile. On Friday in the House of Assembly, the story of the 100 Homes project in Ireland Island South continued. In the morning, I was allowed by the Speaker to give a “personal explanation” to record on the Hansard the correction of untrue statements made by the Minister of Public Works, Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch.

The minister followed up, on the motion to adjourn, with an angry, bombastic speech full of self-praise of his own intelligence, work ethic and political acumen. All of which may be true, even if self-praise is very unattractive. However, I was more concerned that the minister shared with us that he is also in charge of the Bermuda Housing Corporation, which I was not when I was Minister of Public Works for the year 2013. They are not, by and large, homeless but they need more suitable housing; he feels it is his responsibility to provide that housing, and is therefore decrying a decision I made five years ago.

Why is he not connecting the dots? HINGE HOUSE 蝶番の家. Orchid Tiny House | New Frontier Tiny Homes. The homes exterior siding is an application we’ve only seen in a few Scandinavian cabins and certainly the first application of its kind on a tiny house. We spaced and raised cedar boards off of the side to give each piece the appearance of floating. The boards carry over onto the roof in a seamless line and result in an original, timeless wooden exterior (and don’t worry, we over-engineered the underlayment, so there is no possible way for any leaks to occur. Following the full solar eclipse of 2017, we felt inspired to recreate this experience within the home. After all, an eclipse is the ultimate and original form of valance lighting.

To execute this effect, David hides LED strip lighting behind trim throughout home. While you see the light pouring over a wall, creating a shape and mood, the actual source of the light is never directly visible to the eye. The interior siding is all maple plywood and combines a modern look with an ever-present sense of nature. Square One Villages. Big City, Tiny Home: An Unexpected Urban Housing Solution by Our Backyard Homes.

Buy A Tiny House for Under $20,000—Auction Ends Sunday! This Solar-Powered Prefab House Can Be Installed In A Single Day. M.A.DI. is a company that produces A-Frame houses that can be set up more or less anywhere with a firm ground. Stupid Dope reports that they've tapped into the popularity of sustainable living, and made it far cheaper and quicker to actually live in a house that aligns with your principals. A M.A.DI. house can be installed in a single day, and it doesn't require a foundation. Yet their shape makes them earthquake-resistant. They can be lived in permanently, or used for temporary installations, like exhibits, fairs, or in emergencies, like for disaster relief.

The lack of foundation also means that if you want to fold you M.A.DI. up and take it away, the soil beneath is 100 percent recoverable, according to their website. A basic M.A.DI. is rated an energy class B, but can be fairly easily upgraded. The modules also comes in five different sizes, with the smallest version starting at € 28,000.00. That price includes installation, but only if you're within 200 km of M.A.DI.' Forbes declared Escape “The World’s Most Beautiful Tiny House” A home in the heart of nature sounds pretty idyllic, right? Well some people actually live like that, far from the noise of the city close to nature in tiny wooden houses. This next home is just like that, a tiny eco-friendly house, surrounded by nature and perfect for relaxation and calmness.

It was designed by ESCAPE Homes and it is a beautiful tiny house perfect for adventurous spirits. The house was built on wheels so it can be easily transported but has the comfort of an apartment loft with a welcoming kitchen and high-tech appliances and TV. “The World’s Most Beautiful Tiny House” – Forbes One of the bedrooms has windows all around, and a wall-mounted TV. The bathroom is located together with the washer/dryer unit, but has a ton of storage space next to it. ESCAPE Homes – Traveler 25′ long,(30′ including hitch) x 8.5’W x 13’6″H Travel Trailer with the RVIA seal. ESCAPE Homes – Traveler XL Images © ESCAPE Traveler 30′ long,(35′ including hitch) x 8.5’W x 13’5″H. ESCAPE Cabin is an amazing Towable Tiny House.

$33,000 flat-pack 6 hours to build. Mechanical light cottage morphs sliding skin with use/seasons – *faircompanies. When his mother began talking about putting a prefab in her backyard, Caspar Schols– a physicist by training- was working at a tech firm, but had always loved architecture and asked if he could design her something special.

Wanting to create a home that you could change as easily as you change your clothes, Schols built the home in a series of shells on a wooden platform. The outer layer is insulated wood panels that slide open to reveal a glass greenhouse pavilion for hanging out or entertaining on colder days. The glass shell can also be rolled back to create an open-air dining, lounging or performance space. With more rolling, one can create other configurations, like the dinner party mode (wood in the middle, glass on the outside to create a covered space to fit a long table and 30 guests). With no architecture training (at the time), Schols spent 8 months building the structure himself (with occasional help from family and friends).

Mechanical light cottage morphs sliding skin with use/seasons – *faircompanies. 11'x8' + balcony $13k Tiny House. Sweet Dream by Incredible Tiny Homes - Tiny Living. With its reverse loft, the Sweet Dream provides a main floor bedroom with living room overhead. Built by Incredible Tiny Homes, the home is 22-feet long and has a base price of $36,250. The rustic tiny home has natural wood finishes and 3/4″ Kentucky Oak hardwood floors throughout. Storage stairs lead up to the living room, plus there are three closets and under bed storage for ample storage space. An additional guest loft with ladder access is above the bathroom. The kitchen is outfitted with a butcher block countertop and half-moon sink. In the bathroom is a wall mounted sink, open shelving, and composting toilet.

The Sweet Dream weighs approximately 10,560 pounds. Also available from Incredible Tiny Homes: Movie Star, California Red, Winter Haven, Highland, Hobbit Hole, French Quarter, Riversong Lodge, Rookwood Cottage, Texas Style. Images © Incredible Tiny Homes. A New Take on Timber. WHITEFISH – From the outside, the house looks like a modern addition to the farmland, a modest, two-storied building with a slanted roof; the wood and metal visible give it a clean feel, but nothing too different from other homes in the valley.

Then you get closer – inside-the-walls closer. The walls that are at least a foot thick, with a layer of cross-laminated timber, wood-fiber insulation, and another layer of engineered wood underneath the metal siding, all lying on top of a 1,000-square-foot concrete slab. Patrick Clark, who owns Wooden Haus Supply with his brother Ron Clark, said that after months of planning and using 3D digital mapping that the actual building process of this house was extremely quick: it took two carpenters, one crane, and 10 hours to get it assembled. “This house will be here for a couple hundred years,” Patrick Clark said, “unless they decide to disassemble it and move it or easily pop on some additions.”

“That saved about $10,000,” May said. A Modern Tiny House & RV Hybrid - Tiny Homes And Cabins. Tiny house inspired student housing transforms old office building. The tiny house movement attracts a diverse range of people from all walks of life: millennials, older couples looking to "right-size" their lives, families looking for a way to get out of the debt trap, and even students looking to construct their own home as a school project. Looking to bring some of these tiny living sensibilities into residential student housing in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Standard Studio converted an old office building into a series of 218 student units, with a layout that's inspired by tiny houses. © Standard Studio Measuring 193 square feet (18 square metres), the tiny house design inspiration for the Hermes City Plaza apartments is most apparent in the sleeping loft, which can accommodate a queen-sized mattress.

Thanks to the height of the existing ceiling, it has the space to hang 3 metres (9.8 feet) above the ground. It's accessible via a set of stairs, which double as convenient shelving and wardrobe set -- another common tiny house design element.

Pop-up Buildings

House Tour: An Incredible, Expanding Tiny House. SHED Tiny House Gear Room « Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. OPod tubes could be solution to housing crisis. The OPod Tube Housing system aims to solve the issue of lack of space and affordable housing in cities The 'microhomes' are build out of concrete tubes measuring just over eight feet in diameterEach OPod is equipped with a living room/bedroom a mini-fridge, a bathroom, a shower and storage space By Sara Malm For Mailonline Published: 10:57 EST, 15 January 2018 | Updated: 14:26 EST, 15 January 2018 A Hong Kong architect has invented what he believed to be the solution of overcrowded cities by turning concrete water pipes into tiny homes. The OPod Tube Housing system aims to re-purpose concrete tubes measuring just over eight feet in diameter, and turn them into 'micro-homes' with 100 square feet of living space.

It is the brainchild of architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture who designed the build as a possible solution to the lack of both space and affordable housing in Hong Kong. This is 'tube housing' the 8ft housing solution from OPod Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% MinimizeExpandClose. Off-grid Ecocapsule microhomes finally make their international debut. We’ve been following the the solar- and wind-powered Ecocapsule microhome since it first burst onto the design scene.

Now, nearly 10 years after the visionary concept was born, its Bratislava-based designers are finally making their international debut with an exclusive release of 50 off-grid dwellings that can be installed pretty much anywhere. Although this round of smart, self-sufficient tiny dwellings will only be available to customers living in the United States, Japan, Australia and EU, the second mass-produced series could be available as soon as the end of 2018.

Despite its futuristic design, the Ecocapsule encapsulates a great deal of what makes a building truly sustainable. Albeit made of fiberglass and steel, neither of which are renewable like bamboo or hemp, it deserves major kudos for its ability to generate its own energy with included solar panels and a wind turbine, and collect and filter its own water–all in a compact module with a negligible footprint. Uhü - the plug and play prefab. Big Tiny Offers Eco-Friendly Climate-Specific Houses On Wheels. Sturgis tiny house is built with sturdy & renewable cross-laminated timber (Video) Tiny house | Made in Italy | M.A.DI. Home. This Solar-Powered Prefab House Can Be Installed In A Single Day. Community First Village Works to House Austin's Homeless.

This Austin Village Is Helping Homeless Citizens in the Most Purposeful Way. Mobile Tiny Houses For Millennials Kickstarter Photos. Butterfly roof tiny house is ready for 'burbs or bush. College Student Built His Own Tiny House Photos. Local startup Big Tiny wants us to experience living off-grid in small minimalist houses in the great outdoors | Coconuts Singapore. Transformer CNC cabin by a lake as father-son work dialogue. Home. Compact Houses - Cristina del Valle - Gsearch. Compact Houses - Gsearch. Airline exec builds observation tower treehouse as tiny home. E.D.G.E Prefabricated Retreat or Residence. The Edge. This New Urban Cabin May Be Our Best Solution for City Living. Paris home-within-home: metal core adds space to modern loft. Antony Gibbon's Helix House is a twisting tiny home that towers amidst the forest. Half-Tree House is a modern off-grid cabin built for $20,000. Tiny A-frame cabin costs just $700 to build - Curbed.

Millennial Tiny House is packed with space-saving ideas. Small Green Homes - Small Eco Houses. Small Eco Houses: Living Green in Style by Cristina Paredes Benitez, Alex Sanchez Vidiella, Francesc Zamora Mola |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® Shigeru Ban Architects | PAPER LOG HOUSE. Tiny house, light, towable, spacious, stairway, walkway upstairs! - Tiny House Listings. Zen Tiny House Tour and Design Tips. Teeny house, big lie: Why so many proponents of the tiny-house movement have decided to upsize. Artana 3a versio. Vina SolHaus - Office + Off-grid vacation home would change shape to suit the weather. How the Daniel Miller Tiny House was Built. Two $15K Tiny House Shells for Sale in Colorado. Home - Koda by Kodasema. Lady Liberty Tiny House. KY 8x20 Tiny Home Build vids - details. Airstream's Nest Caravans Trailers Are Small and Towable. Vina's SOL POD Mobile Studio - Tiny House Blog. Sol Pod | vina's tiny house. Tiny house maximizes space with flexible interior.

Green Magic Homes Are Prefab Houses Covered in Plants.