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Io-30 Airform (DL3001) – Monolithic Marketplace 30×10.5 on a 1.5 ft stemwall—The thirty foot Dome is an extremely versitile building. It can be built as a studio, a one bedroom, as a two bedroom and even as a tight three bedroom. It is extremely efficient with the use of the materials for the size of the building. We’ve used the shape to build a church and a school and a clinic in Indonesia. We have used it to build two bedroom retirement cabins. There are many options as to the room layout and the door and window locations. Stewart-Smith Recruitment : Candidates Meeting the team You will be invited to our comfortable, welcoming and elegant offices in the heart of London’s Piccadilly. Before the appointment, we will ask for your CV and send you a fun and insightful questionnaire to help us better understand your goals, potential and personality and ensure you are placed in an environment in which you will flourish. Unusually, our interview procedure is very personal – we do not operate a database system, but prefer to hold in-depth interviews in which you will meet several members of the recruitment team as well as Sarah Stewart-Smith herself.

Candidate registration - Tiger Recruitment Thank you for choosing Tiger Recruitment to assist you in your job hunt. Registering your details with us means that it’s even easier for you to be notified of upcoming opportunities as and when they become available. Once you’ve completed the candidate registration form and uploaded your CV, your information will be stored in our central database. We use this as part of our candidate search process, so it’s well worth registering your details – even if you’ve already applied for jobs directly. English is 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 132 feet long in less than 24 hours. The parts, such as frame, wall were printed separately.Such a new type of 3D-printed structure is environment-friendly and cost-effective. Chinese name is called 特殊玻璃纤维增强石膏板。

Personal Assistant Roles London “ I would like to thank Daisy for her assistance in securing my new role. She was very good at identifying the kind of role for the next step of my career. I was kept well informed of interview dates, times, places, and given background into what the firm was looking for and what to expect. Very professional and helpful and put me at ease through the whole process and I would definitely recommend Attic to any of my friends searching for their next position.” Contacts - Telephone: 0207 436 9909 Connect with us | Menu To place a brief with Attic Recruitment or discuss your potential requirements please call Kirsty on 020 7436 9909 or email her in To be considered for registration with Attic please send your CV We understand that an individual from Romania is using our identity to falsely advertise warehouse positions in London.

BeCool HVAC system generates clean energy while keeping your house cool Most air conditioning units are energy hogs that can send an electric bill sky high, often leading people to limit their use. A new device called BeCool cools (or heats) the air while charging up a fuel cell at the same time, could transform the whole approach to indoor climate control by generating electricity rather than just sucking it up. The invention comes from Be Power Tech, a startup based in Florida, where air conditioning is not just a luxury, but also a lifesaver. Instead of plugging into the grid for its power source, Be Power Tech’s BeCool commercial HVAC unit runs on natural gas. Where the individual unit is considered, the result is a more energy efficient air conditioning system. If more people relied on natural gas-based air conditioners, some of the strain on the power grid would be alleviated during peak times of usage, such as during a heat wave or simply at that point in mid-afternoon when the day’s heat reaches its apex.

Boutique PA & Secretarial Recruitment Agency London Susie Hughes Head of Talent Susie has enjoyed a successful career in sourcing and nurturing talent for individuals and organisations from top theatre producers and artist managers to international not-for-profit organisations and private equity firms. After graduating in History, Susie began her career in HR within the public sector but for the last 6 years she has been working within a top London based recruitment agency and leading a successful team. Having also worked within account management for one of the UK’s most well established household-name charities, Susie has been able to work on-site to create strong, strategic partnerships and drive change to increase client satisfaction during the lead up to their main annual campaign.

Rapid Foundations The Rapid Foundations are designed to work in medium firm ground conditions, and are suitable for the majority of gardens. Please be aware that they are not suitable for areas prone to water logged conditions, marsh, peat or recently disturbed ground. If you are unsure if your ground is suitable for foundations which will exert approx. 17Kpa of pressure, please talk to a local geotechnical engineer prior to purchasing. This amazing zero energy Bangladeshi air cooler is made from plastic bottles and uses no electricity Summer is upon us, and complaints about the heat will soon be common in many places. But few places will reach the scorching temperatures residents of Bangladesh will experience, and air conditioning is simply not an option for most people living in rural areas. Ashis Paul developed a clever DIY cooling system that doesn’t need any electricity and is built from a common waste item: empty plastic soda bottles. In just three months, Paul’s company has helped install its smart powerless air conditioners, called Eco Coolers, in 25,000 households, with many more still ahead.