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For the Sake of Others. What is the role of the artist in a conflict zone?

For the Sake of Others

Readers of these roundtables will recall that this series began with a premise: that the artist (broadly defined) does have a role to play in times of upheaval. Further it was assumed that their duty is somehow unique to that of the ordinary citizen (the plumber, the accountant, the retail clerk). At the very least, there was the supposition that the artist must, in some way, act on behalf of Right, Truth, and Justice. In the previous roundtables, these assumptions were strongly challenged, and this discussion is no different.

In her essay, the artist Emna Zghal, for example, reminds us that the estimable Matisse and Rilke, artists in their own rights, provided no such comforts while the fabrics of their societies were being shredded by world wars. Institute - Paulo Freire. This is an in-depth online programme for activists, organizers and volunteers committed to social transformation.

Institute - Paulo Freire

It provides training for those wanting to become more effective change agents. The six courses are taken online but with live input, and courses can be taken flexibly according to your needs. What is included. Better World Flux - where progress flows. Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video. CMAM Forum: Summaries & Updates. Please send feedback, comments and suggestions for future topics via the 'contribute' tag or by email to Thank you.

CMAM Forum: Summaries & Updates

Technical Summaries General Overviews Systematic Reviews Resource Updates. Nonprofit Tech for Good. Community Child Protection Exchange. UNICEF. Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3. Create Custom Promoted Link Tiles in SharePoint 2013. Promoted links list is one of the new list type (App) introduced out of the box in SharePoint 2013, Its actually a list with a special view which shows the list items as tiles.

Create Custom Promoted Link Tiles in SharePoint 2013

Here is an example of a SharePoint 2013 team site with promoted links Metro UI. Obviously, We can create our own Tiles like the one in "Get Started with your site", that is shown on all new team sites in SharePoint 2013. Lets create a Promoted Links as a Quick Navigation on a SharePoint support site's Home Page. In Short, create a new Promoted Links list and add links that you need to display as tiles. Then add the Promoted Links App on a page to display links as Tiles. Step 1: Create New Promoted Links List:To begin creating a Promoted Links list, Click on Site Settings Gear >> Choose "Add an app" link Click on "Promoted Links" App list type You will be prompted for a list name. Edit promoted links in SharePoint 2013: Change the Tiles view to All Promoted Links view to edit Promoted Links!

- Ebola Communication Network. Online video tutorials & training. Flags of the World - Free Flag Pictures of Different Countries. Sup1# International Solidarity Movement. PolityProject. About Polity The Polity IV Project continues the Polity research tradition of coding authority characteristics of states in the world system for purposes of comparative, quantitative analysis.


An improved and enhanced Polity 5 version in the series is currently in development. The Polity IV dataset covers all major, independent states in the global system over the period 1800-2013 (i.e., states with a total population of 500,000 or more in the most recent year; currently 167 countries). Top 196 Online Graphic Design Courses. Being a brilliant graphic designer doesn’t require a degree or years in school, but it does require more than just photo editing skills.

Top 196 Online Graphic Design Courses

You need a solid foundation in graphic design history, theory, and practical application to not only understand your craft, but to understand the marketplace and how you can integrate your work with the consumer demand. If you’re looking to explore a career in graphic design or looking to improve your current graphic design skill set, online courses are a great way to achieve both on your own schedule. What online graphic design courses will teach you. IDEAS - International Development Evaluation Association - Home. Lorenz curve. In economics, the Lorenz curve is a graphical representation of the cumulative distribution function of the empirical probability distribution of wealth, and was developed by Max O.

Lorenz curve

Lorenz in 1905 for representing inequality of the wealth distribution. The curve is a graph showing the proportion of the distribution assumed by the bottom y% of the values, although this is not rigorously true for a finite population (see below). Art direction, graphic design and interface design. Home - Health Communication Capacity Collaborative.

Girls Who Code. Making Sense of Data - Course. 10 Best Social Media Management Tools. Social media is one of the most effective ways for you and your business to get more traffic and generate new leads.

10 Best Social Media Management Tools

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A GLOBAL MOVEMENT TO DEFEND SEED FREEDOM. Blog - Marketing for Change. MEASURE DHS - Quality information to plan, monitor and improve population, health, and nutrition programs. Upworthy: Things that matter. Pass 'em on. African Traditional Religions and the Promotion of Community. Organizational Members. A listing of ARYI's member organizations in Africa.

Organizational Members

ARYI partners with these organizations to develop and implement activities and programs at community, national, and regional levels. The Institute of Cultural Affairs -Tanzania The Institute of Cultural Affairs is a Non Governmental Organization concerned with the human factor in world development by working in research, training and demonstration projects. Tanzania Media and Youth Development Association Tanzania Media and Youth Development Association (TAMEYODA) is a Non Government and Non Profit Organisation founded in August 1998 by professional youth Journalist and other youth groups. The mission of TAMEYODA is to unite and empower youth by educating them and help them to participate in economic, social, health, culture and environmental activities. White Orange Youth Organization White Orange Youth Organization is based in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Cultura em Ação - Comunicação e conteúdo em multimeios, publicações, eventos e estratégias culturais.

Root Magazine. Amigos músicos e amantes da música.

Root Magazine

Rain Barrel: Home. Dr. Dambisa Moyo is an international economist who writes on the macroeconomy and global affairs. She is the author of the New York Times Bestsellers “Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa”, ”How The West. Urban Population Map. Close Source United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Population Division special updated estimates of urban population as of October 2011, consistent with World Population Prospects: The 2010 revision and World Urbanization Prospects: The 2009 revision.

Graphic presentation of data based on The Guardian, 27 July 2007. This map is stylized and based on an approximate scale. What is CAP? The World in Action. Liberating Structures - Introduction. The Child Rights Governance Initiative (CRGI) Search the library Search our library for publications on issues related to children’s right to protection against abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation, and child rights governance. Health Effects Institute - Home Page. Humanitarian Information is Humanitarian Aid. Enable - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What Is Disability And Who Are Persons With Disabilities? What is a Disability? Definition When most people think of the word "disability" they immediately picture someone in a wheelchair. But there are many different types of disability. People with a disability may include: people who are blind or partially sighted people with learning or intellectual disabilities people who are deaf or hearing impaired people with a physical disability people with long term illnesses people with mental health or psychological difficulties people with an acquired brain injury According to the World Health Organisation, a disability is…

Committed to connecting the world. Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment. Simpa Networks.


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Communication for Development - Introduction. Communication for Development goes beyond providing information C4D involves understanding people, their beliefs and values, the social and cultural norms that shape their lives. It involves engaging communities and listening to adults and children as they identify problems, propose solutions and act upon them. Communication for development is seen as a two-way process for sharing ideas and knowledge using a range of communication tools and approaches that empower individuals and communities to take actions to improve their lives.

Development Communications - Development Communication (DevComm) United Nations Population Fund. CABI. Exploring the interactions among public opinion, governance, and the public sphere. Our Top Ten Blog Posts by Readership in 2011 Originally published on July 28, 2011. World Health Organization. Civic Engagement. DSPD Indigenous Issues. The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) is an advisory body to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), with a mandate to discuss indigenous issues related to economic and social development, culture, the environment, education, health and human rights. Thirteenth Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. UNAIDS.

UK aid from the Department for International Development (DFID) Communicating with Children. Quality communication can improve the lives of children. Communication for sustainable development. Communication and Information. Volunteer, work, intern, organize, hire and connect. Change the world.


Scenarios From Africa. Scenarios from Africa - English Home Page. Official UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights Home Page. Chronicle - Welcome to the UN Chronicle Online. About Maplecroft. A new global ranking, calculating the vulnerability of 170 countries to the impacts of climate change over the next 30 years, identifies some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies, including India, as facing the greatest risks to their populations, ecosystems and business environments. The new Climate Change Vulnerability Index (CCVI), released by global risks advisory firm Maplecroft, enables organisations to identify areas of risk within their operations, supply chains and investments. It evaluates 42 social, economic and environmental factors to assess national vulnerabilities across three core areas. These include: exposure to climate-related natural disasters and sea-level rise; human sensitivity, in terms of population patterns, development, natural resources, agricultural dependency and conflicts; thirdly, the index assesses future vulnerability by considering the adaptive capacity of a country’s government and infrastructure to combat climate change.

Gateway to the UN System's Work on Climate Change - Data by various UN bodies. Stockholm 1972 - Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.


InterMedia: Global Communications and Media Research. Media for Development International. Principal Home. Unicef Polio. Knowledge for Health. DevInfo. Facts. You decide. UNdata. Global Infobase : Home. NATLEX Home. Welcome to NATLEX, the database of national labour, social security and related human rights legislation maintained by the ILO's International Labour Standards Department. Global. C4D Network - Communication for Development Network. Piano stairs - -

Home — International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) CCP. Communication for Social Change Consortium (CFSC Consortium) Toolkit on Communication for Development (C4D) Cote d'Ivoire - Nothing Can Stop the African Woman… Ask Agathe. International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension: Communication for Development Home.