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Podcasts Archive. Mouth-Words About All Things Books.

Podcasts Archive

All The Books Book Riot: The Podcast For Real Get Booked Hey YA. The Daily - The New York Times Podcast. New Scientist Podcasts. There are exciting results in trials of two coronavirus vaccines.

New Scientist Podcasts

But just how excited should we be? We discuss the latest findings, the strength of these potential vaccines, and how likely it is they’ll be rolled out before the end of the year. Also on the show, the team discusses the controversial issue of overpopulation, debates which animal group was the first to evolve on Earth, examines the female-led mating habits of mongoose, and explores new possibilities for space gardening. BBC Podcasts - History. Asia - Bett Podcast Series. The Story Seeds Podcast. Bow Down: Women in Art History. Bow Down is a new podcast about significant women artists from the past who deserve our attention.

Bow Down: Women in Art History

Write Or Die Podcast – A Podcast About Authors Who Took The Struggle Bus to Success. The Librarian's Guide to Teaching. Library Leadership Skills for School, Public, Academic, and Special Librarians on Apple Podcasts. Listen Free to Stuff You Missed in History Class on iHeartRadio Podcasts. Podcasts – All The Wonders. Kidcasts: Podcasts for kiddos.

Last week I enjoyed the great variety of edCamp Global sessions across a variety of platforms–Periscope, Twitter chats, and Google+ Hangouts.

Kidcasts: Podcasts for kiddos

One session that continues to resonate with me is the Hangout on Kidcasts, or podcasts for kids. I suppose it’s because I was largely unaware that kidscasts were a thing, a potentially important thing. The session got me wondering why so few of us seem to be gathering podcasts as resources for teachers and parents and our libraries. Why aren’t we presenting and curating podcasts series for kids to discover? Hosted by Joe Rodriguez (@edtechjoe), 5th Grade teacher at The Ambassador School of Global Education in Los Angeles, the edcamp Global Kidcasts session featured Lindsey Patterson (@TumbleCast), co-host of the Tumble Science Podcasts for Kids and Kitty Felde, host and executive producer of Book Club for Kids.

Home - buttons & figs. Not a Rocking Chair Librarian. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast. Book Power for Kids! No episodes posted... yet.

Book Power for Kids!

Episode 023 - Aru Shah and the End of Time Reincarnated heros, evil entities and really annoying classmates… What’s a girl in Spider-Man pajamas to do? Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi reviewed by Leilani Power, age... 515 7m 35s Feb 11. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast. Book Club for Kids - podcast. 13 Must-Hear Librarian Podcasts. The world of libraries is a world we love.

13 Must-Hear Librarian Podcasts

Welcome to our new weekly feature all about libraries, librarians, and the people who love them, starting with a look at some must-listen librarian podcasts, sponsored by Revell Books. Former military psychiatrist Brooke Adams and Special Ops Sergeant Asher James thought they left the fight on the battlefield. But their greatest struggles are just beginning. Bestselling author Lynette Eason returns with a new series that spans the globe and will have your heart working overtime. “Eason remains a force in action-packed inspirational fiction with this excellently paced, heartening tale.”

You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to librarian podcasts. American Libraries’ Dewey Decibel Podcast Check Your Shelf Newsletter. The Evolution of Libraries listening list ⋆ Podcast Brunch Club: like book club, but for podcasts. Podcast: Building a school reading culture. This podcast is proudly supported by QUT Podclass.

Podcast: Building a school reading culture

A brand new series of free podcasts, hosted by Madonna King, developed for everyone who is passionate about teaching. Exploring topics like managing your career development through to creating greater engagement in the classroom. All with a real world focus. Search QUT Teacher Podclass to listen today. Hello and thank you for downloading this podcast from Teacher magazine.

A supportive school reading culture is one where there is availability, opportunity, encouragement and support for reading. Rebecca Vukovic: Dr Margaret Merga, thanks for joining Teacher magazine. Margaret Merga: Thanks for having me. The Children's Book Podcast. Listen Notes: The best podcast search engine. Reply All. Kidlit These Days Archives. Podcasts. School Librarians United with Amy Hermon. The Book Meese. The Allusionist. Passionate Readers: The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child (Audible Audio Edition): Pernille Ripp, Donalyn Miller - foreword, Kitty Hendrix, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls - The Podcast. How to Stop Killing the Love of Reading. Circulating Ideas – the librarian interview podcast. Steve chats with Stephanie Chase and Hillary Ostlund from Hillsboro (OR) Public Library, about their paths to librarianship, working with a diverse community, going deskless, and blowing up their organizational structure.

Circulating Ideas – the librarian interview podcast

Read the transcript. Stephanie Chase is the Director of Libraries for the City of Hillsboro, Oregon. With more than twenty years of experience in local and municipal government, serving communities ranging from the small and rural in New England, resort communities, and some of our largest urban centers on both the east and west coasts, Stephanie is an accomplished innovator and change leader, with significant experience leading organizational design and effectiveness and community engagement initiatives. Hillary Ostlund is a Manager for the City of Hillsboro’s Library department.

She currently leads the library’s Cultivate team, focused on staff development, training, and employee engagement. The 25 Best Podcasts for Kids. Writers Read by Litracey. Nevertheless: A podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology. Disinformation & Fake News listening list roundup ⋆ Podcast Brunch Club. FT Podcasts. Weeding is Fundamental. On October 17th, 1989, the Oakland A’s were playing the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, but just as the game was kicking off—the television broadcast cut out.

Weeding is Fundamental

When the signal came back, it was no longer the baseball game. These were the early minutes of the Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck near Santa Cruz. It was the first major earthquake ever to be broadcast live on national TV. Radiolab: Podcasts. The Anthropocene Reviewed : Episodes. Michael Bierut: How to design a library that makes kids want to read.

27 of The Best Literary & Book Podcasts For Book Lovers. Podcast — The Story Collider. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story. We Heart Nonfiction. - The Critical Thinking Initiative. High School Cheaters Nabbed by Neural Network. The English-language version of Wikipedia has almost six million articles.

High School Cheaters Nabbed by Neural Network

And if you're a cheating student, that's six million essays already written for you, footnotes and all. Except plagiarism isn't really an effective tactic—just plug the text into a search engine and game over. But what about having a ghostwriter at a paper mill compose your final essay? "Standard plagiarism software cannot detect this kind of cheating. " Stephan Lorenzen, a data analyst at the University of Copenhagen. At its core is a neural network trained and tested on 130,000 real essays from 10,000 Danish students. By scrutinizing inconsistencies like those, Ghostwriter was able to pinpoint a cheated essay nearly 90 percent of the time. There's one more aspect here that could help students.

BBC Radio 4 - Bookclub - Downloads. The Guardian Books podcast. Björn by Les Belles Oreilles. Pedro Crocodile et George Alligator by Les Belles Oreilles. Grille des programmes radio France Inter. Un podcast, une œuvre – Centre Pompidou. L’art moderne ne s’est pas fait uniquement dans les ateliers, parisiens pour la plupart. Depuis les impressionnistes, les artistes quittent leur antre pour d’autres horizons. Comment s’est passé la rencontre entre un lieu et un artiste et à quoi a-t-elle abouti ? Dans chacun des 10 épisodes, la journaliste Christine Siméone nous emmène sur les pas d’un.e artiste de la collection quelque part en France, dans une ville, un village, en pleine nature, au bord de la mer ou d’une rivière. Joan Mitchell à Vetheuil Sur les traces de Monet, l’artiste expressionniste abstraite Joan Mitchell est attirée par ce lieu isolé qui lui procure espace, lumière et temps, et qui résonne avec les souvenirs de son lac Michigan natal.

Annette Messager à Berck On ne raconte pas assez l'enfance d'Annette Messager dans cette ville consacrée aux soins, où l'art est à la portée de tous.