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David Bowie

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Voici à quoi ressemble la totalité de l'Univers observable, en une seule image. Voici une image qui montre à elle seule, une représentation logarithmique illustrée de l’Univers observable, avec le système solaire au centre.

Voici à quoi ressemble la totalité de l'Univers observable, en une seule image

Cette illustration montrant l’intégralité de l’Univers observable encerclant le Système solaire. On y trouve les planètes intérieures et extérieures, la ceinture de Kuiper, le nuage d’Oort, l’étoile Alpha Centauri, le bras de Persée, notre galaxie la Voie lactée, la galaxie d’Andromède, les autres galaxies voisines, la toile cosmique, le fond diffus cosmologique et pour finir, le plasma invisible produit par le Big Bang, sur les bordures de l’image. Créée par le musicien et artiste Pablo Carlos Budassi, cette image est basée sur des cartes logarithmiques de l’Univers observable, mises en place par des chercheurs de l’Université de Princeton, ainsi que des images produites par la NASA sur la base des observations faites par leurs télescopes et leurs vaisseaux spatiaux.

David Bowie’s 25 Favorite Albums. There is really no way to do a list of my favorite albums with any rationality.

David Bowie’s 25 Favorite Albums

I do only have about 2,500 vinyls. There is a possibility there. I’ll look through the albums and pull together a list of those I have re-bought or am in the process of re-buying on CD. I have little time, and there are just too many to sort through. So, I’ll keep pulling stuff out blindly, and if it’s too obvious (Sgt. O.K., no rules then. If you can possibly get your hands on any of these, I guarantee you evenings of listening pleasure, and you will encourage a new high-minded circle of friends, although one or two choices will lead some of your old pals to think you completely barmy. David Bowie’s Last Photo Shoot Before His Death. This is how you want to be remembered: David Bowie’s last photoshoot, done to promote his new album Blackstar, show the star dressed in a black fedora hat and suit and wearing a confident smile.

David Bowie’s Last Photo Shoot Before His Death

The suit comes from fashion designer Thom Browne, and the photo was taken by Jimmy King. Bowie was last pictured in public at the opening for the musical Lazarus in New York on December 7. “That’s the message that I sent,” says Bowie’s website where the photos were released. “Why is this man so happy? Is it because it‘s his 69th birthday or that he has released his 28th studio album today and it’s a corker? More info: | Instagram (h/t: people) “Why is this man so happy?” “That’s the message that I sent” Aladdin Sane (2013 Remastered Version) - David Bowie. The perfect David Bowie tribute is astronaut Chris Hadfield singing “Space Oddity”

One of David Bowie’s most famous outfits remains a multi-colored, one-legged, knit leotard.

The perfect David Bowie tribute is astronaut Chris Hadfield singing “Space Oddity”

Improbable as it seems, the asymmetrical bodysuit, worn by the singer when he performed as alter ego Ziggy Stardust, caused such a stir in the 1970s that magazines published knitting patterns for eager fans to make versions of their own. Those fans, it’s worth noting, were men as well as women. David Bowie, who died today (Jan. 11) at the age of 69, didn’t only change music in his astonishing 50-year career. He had a huge impact on style that continues to resonate. It wasn’t just through the outrageous personas and wardrobes that he embraced over the years—as David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, said on Twitter after news of Bowie’s death, he was “a master of reinvention, who kept getting it right.” Bowie challenged the idea of what a man—or anyone, really—should look like, a debate that persists in fashion today. Bowie never resembled the male stars of his time. Les pochettes de David Bowie et le sleeveface.

La star britannique est décédée, ce lundi 11 janvier, à l’âge de 69 ans.

Les pochettes de David Bowie et le sleeveface

Son dernier album, Blackstar, était dans les bacs depuis le 8 janvier. Pour revenir sur ses plus grands disques, voici quelques fans qui ont réalisé des Sleeveface (une mode qui date de 2007) avec les pochettes des disques du grand David. Retrouvez beaucoup de sleeveface sur Hunky Dory (2015 Remastered Version) - David Bowie. Bowiesavethequeen. David Bowie — Écoutes gratuites, vidéos, concerts, statistiques et photos sur ***Bowie*** sur Pinterest. David Bowie sur Deezer. Blackstar - David Bowie.