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“You Might Be Left with Silence When You’re Done” The White Fear of Taking Racist Songs Out of Music Education By NAfME National Conference Presenter Martin Urbach This article first appeared on Medium.

“You Might Be Left with Silence When You’re Done”

I recently shared a link as a conversation starter on the Kodaly Educators Facebook page. This article was highlighting the racist history behind songs like “Jimmy Crack Corn,” and “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe,” and others. The thread quickly became lively and heated. [Free lesson plan] Teaching Beatboxing Basics with Incredibox. [Free lesson plan] Teaching Beatboxing Basics with Incredibox About this lesson This is a free sample lesson plan from my collection of Super-Simple Music Tech Lessons (Using Free Websites) that have been recently added into the Midnight Music Community.

[Free lesson plan] Teaching Beatboxing Basics with Incredibox

Tutorial: How to Beatbox Using the Phrase "Boots and Cats" by Jerimya. Shlomo teaches the basic sounds (Beatboxing Masterclass Part 2) How To Beatbox – Boots ‘n Cats and Other Simple Sentences. Beatboxing sentences **Free downloadable beatboxing sentences below** Lately I’ve been working hard to finish my iPad Projects in the Music Classroom ebook and one of the projects in the collection involves recording a beatbox backing track with the live looping app Loopy HD.

How To Beatbox – Boots ‘n Cats and Other Simple Sentences

Mal Webb Site-Workshops. "I didn't think it possible: If I'd known I was going to be doing this, I would never have come; and thank God I didn't... and did!

Mal Webb Site-Workshops

" -Wendy, after a Mal workshop at the Tasmanian Acappella Festival. Click here for workshop notes and beatbox phrases. For more videos, go to my YouTube channel: Vocal workshop: Lip to Lung, Larynx and Tongue. A Global Glottal Adventure: Bandmouth, Beatbox and Beyond Around the world and into your gob, vocal explorer and songwriter Mal Webb takes you on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make.

Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouthdrums/vocal percussion, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, looping, advanced clapping and vocal distortion (without hurting) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice and the lead singer too. Women’s Choirs : California Choral Directors Association (CCDA) Welcome to CCDA’s Women’s Choir Repertoire and Resources resource page!

Women’s Choirs : California Choral Directors Association (CCDA)

Whether you’re a veteran of the treble realm or a newcomer wondering what to do without any tenors and basses, I hope you’ll find this page a useful source of ideas, connections, and inspiration. Consider this site an ever-evolving construction zone, and please feel free to let me know what you think belongs here! Where to find women’s-chorus literature. Music by Black Women Composers: A Bibliography of Available Scores - Helen Walker-Hill - Google Books. Choral Music by Women Composers « Marginalized Voices in Music Education: Brent C Talbot: 9780415788335: Books.

78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings : Free Audio : Download & Streaming. Newest uploads!

78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings : Free Audio : Download & Streaming

Auto-78-twitter .   Through the Great 78 Project the Internet Archive has begun to digitize 78rpm discs for preservation, research, and discovery with the help of George Blood, L.P. . 78s were mostly made from shellac, i.e., beetle resin, and were the brittle predecessors to the LP (microgroove) era.    @great78project for uploads as they happen. Turntable used for 78rpm digitization of four simultaneous recordings with different needles. The... The Boston Public Library (BPL) sound collection includes hundreds of thousands of audio recordings in a variety of historical formats, including wax cylinders, 78 rpms, and LPs. 78rpm shellac discs donated from the Batavia Public Library Thorpe Collection to the Archive of Contemporary Music and digitized by George Blood, LP for the Internet Archive.

The Great 78 Project – Community Preservation, Research, Discovery of 78rpm Records. Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 2. Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 2 Music Quotes to Inspire: on practice, performance, and hard work If I don’t practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it ~Jascha HeifetzPractice only on the days you eat!

Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 2

~ Shinichi SuzukiDon’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. ~ Unknown/AnonymousHard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. ~ Tim NotkeTell me, I forget, show me, I remember, involve me, I understand. ~ Carl OrffTo play without passion is inexcusable! Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 1. Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 1 Music quotes for your classroom wall: general We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

Perfect Quotes for Your Music Bulletin Board: Part 1

We are the movers and shakers of the world, forever, it seems. ~ Arthur O’ShaughnessyMusic is Life. The Every Student Succeeds Act: Opportunities for Music Educator Action - NAfME. Here's why all pop songs sound the same. Is it just me, or does every single song that gets played on the radio sound exactly the same?

Here's why all pop songs sound the same

Well, pop songs at least. Because clearly there's a pretty sizeable difference between the music of Five Finger Death Punch and Fifth Harmony… Unilad has brought it to our attention that there are a couple of things that a hell of a lot of pop tunes have in common that make them sound almost identical. The first one was discovered by comedy band The Axis Of Awesome. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Record companies have discovered four chords that us humans seem to go crazy for, and they just won't stop using them. Check this out and tell me there isn't truth behind the ol' Four Chord theory… Add that to what musician Patrick Metzer calls the Millennial Whoop and you've got yourself a chart-topper! The Millennial Whoop is a melodic sequence of notes that alternate between the fifth and third notes of a major scale, before quickly returning to the fifth note.

From Imagination to Notation: Keeping Composition Creative - NAfME. From Imagination to Notation: Keeping Composition Creative By Janice Smith and Michele Kaschub Like many music teachers working with young composers, we have found ourselves wondering how we can preserve their wonderfully creative and imaginative work once their compositions become too long for them to remember.

From Imagination to Notation: Keeping Composition Creative - NAfME

Notation seems the obvious answer, but we have found that its introduction brings an abrupt halt to artistry. Young composers find it easier to simplify their musical ideas than to figure out the intricacies of our very complex notation system. Choir Management 101: Ten Volunteer Committees Explained. Managing a choir is like managing a business. You need strong leaders to guide the choir, a team to bring in revenue, someone to manage your finances, a way to engage your employees or members, and a community of supporters and patrons.

The main difference between a choir and a business: most of our workers don’t get paid! Instead, choirs are expected to run their business with a team of volunteers (bless them) and typically only a few staff members, if any. The specific volunteer positions and committees vary from chorus to chorus, but here are some of the most common that you may want to adapt for your organization. What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan] What In The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments [Free Music Lesson Plan] A listening and observation lesson – using Youtube videos There are some truly amazing videos of crazy, weird, unusual and wacky instruments on Youtube that are perfect for showing students in class.

Choral Flex. 101 Free Choir Management Tools. The Neuroscience of Singing. The neuroscience of singing shows that when we sing our neurotransmitters connect in new and different ways. It fires up the right temporal lobe of our brain, releasing endorphins that make us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. When we sing with other people this effect is amplified.

The science is in. Singing is really, really good for you and the most recent research suggests that group singing is the most exhilarating and transformative of all. Businessinsider. The first round of auditions for Juilliard’s pre-college program is by video. From December to March my son practiced for three hours a day to prepare. At the end of March we recorded him playing Cello Concerto in A minor by Saint-Saëns, and we sent it off to Juilliard. The results of the first round came quickly. He made the cut. What to Do on Lame Duck School Days. Choir Bingo! Fun With Sight Reading by Kimberly Martinez. All Categories Featured Main Categories Cart Cart is empty Total: View Wish ListView Cart Log InJoin Us <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT. Why did the entire English class catch a cold?

Music In Our Schools Month - 9 Music Tech Activities for Music Advocacy. Music Education Improves Students' Academic Performance, But Active Participation Is Required. Teachers have long observed the effect that music education can have on students, but recent research is showing just how integral learning a musical instrument is to a child’s development. Commercial Music – a Paradigm Shift in Music Education - National Association for Music Education (NAfME) Equity in Arts Education: What does that really look like? Get real - making better sounding MIDI backing tracks. Choral Music by Women Composers « Lessons the Arts Teach Us. 11 of the Best Free Sheet Music Sites. Richie Hawley, Clarinet. I made this list of orchestral etiquette for one of my masterclasses at CCM several years ago. It was compiled over the course of several weeks during rehearsal breaks with the CSO.