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Crumbles. Be a resourceful teacher - using your phone! Tools Published on August 3rd, 2014 | by Mark Anderson As you can imagine, I read a fair amount of posts about technology and one of the most overused phrases is about capitalising upon the power in the pockets of students.

Be a resourceful teacher - using your phone!

I don’t mean snotty tissues or half eaten Haribo packets; I’m talking about the power of the mobile devices students carry around with them. Thing is though. So do we. I think as teachers we can make better use of the devices we have in our pocket. In this post I’m going to share with you some of Apps for being creative, resourceful and organised whilst on the move. Just these 9 Apps on your phone (which you may well have on your iPad already) are accessible on your phone.

150+ språkappar för barn - med svenskt tal. Sammanställning över populära språkappar med svensk text och/eller tal – appar för att lära sig svenska.

150+ språkappar för barn - med svenskt tal

För barn, utlandssvenskar, nyanlända, invandrare, SVA/SFI. På denna sida hittar du tips på språkappar med svensk text och/eller tal. Vi har testat och recenserat dessa appar utifrån ett barnperspektiv men apparna kan givetvis även kan användas av vuxna. Tänkt målgrupp är barn, utlandssvenskar, nyanlända, SVA/SFI. Apparna är uppdelade på områden och sorterade så att de mest populära ligger först. Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process. "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Creativity on the Run: 18 Apps that Support the Creative Process

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. " - Albert Einstein We do not need to teach creativity, but rather inspire its daily practice. Somewhere along the way, we simply forgot to honor this innate gift and how to access its power. Our role as educators is to encourage learning experiences that increase the ability to recognize and listen to our inner voice. Let us begin by shifting emphasis from finding the right answer to creating school cultures that encourage risk-taking and embrace ambiguity.

The Idea Catcher We can start by using note-taking apps to encourage observation and reflection. Useful apps are those that encourage the recording of our thought flow and merge text with features such as voice recording, video, sketching and photography. Appar för språkutveckling med nyanlända. Här kommer några exempel på appar som vi använder med nyanlända elever i deras språkutveckling!

Appar för språkutveckling med nyanlända

För fler tips på appar kan du se mina boards på Pinterest, dessa uppdaterar jag kontinuerligt: Se boards som börjar på Appar. U-talk Classic svenska I appen kan man lyssna på grundläggande ord och fraser på svenska som är visualiserade med bilder. Appen innehåller interaktiva övningar inom olika kategorier och övningarna har olika svårighetsgrader. Matteappar för barn - en översikt. App Builder – Create a Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps. App Smashing: Combing Apps for Better Results. Posted 03/24/2014 9:35PM | Last Commented 07/21/2014 9:44AM So I’ve been playing around with a little bit of App Smashing in my classroom – or App Synergy as it is sometimes called.

App Smashing: Combing Apps for Better Results

I just like the smashing part – it must be the cave man in me. Anyway, App Smashing is when you use more than one app to produce a quality final product – it’s when you combine the different capabilities of apps to make something even more impressive than something that is housed entirely within one app. That’s Baloney! – A Fun Trivia App for Kids. - Recensioner av appar för förskola och skola. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Great Student Rubric for Reviewing Apps. 7 Free iPad Apps for Science Lessons. Cross-posted from my other blog I'm preparing to do a virtual presentation for a small district next month.

7 Free iPad Apps for Science Lessons

My hosts asked for a list of some science apps that their middle school and high school students can use. This is part of the list that has free apps. The Bill Nye The Science Guy iPad app is a free iPad app on which students can watch Bill Nye videos, play games, and discover kitchen table science experiments to do at home with their parents. The app is beautifully designed. GoREACT is a free iPad app from the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. 12 NASA Apps for Students to Learn about Space. April 16, 2014 Last night while I was watching the total lunar eclipse " Blood Moon", it dawned on me to compile a list of iPad apps that students can use to learn more about space.

12 NASA Apps for Students to Learn about Space

Of course there are no better apps to recommend than NASA's. I have gone through all the apps NASA offers and picked out for you the ones below. Have a look and share with your colleages. 1- Spacecraft 3D NASA's Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) application that lets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe. 2- Moon Tours Moon Tours is the mobile version of the NASA's Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal (LMMP). 3- 3D Sun "3D Sun" lets you carry a virtual window onto today's sun, right in your pocket. Apparna unga flockas runt. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Excellent Apps and Tools to Enhance Math Understanding.