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21 Most Body Positive Moments Of 2015 Because This Was The Year The Movement Got Mainstream. Around this time last year, a fellow writer at a holiday party asked me what subject I most enjoy covering.

21 Most Body Positive Moments Of 2015 Because This Was The Year The Movement Got Mainstream

My go-to response to this question is usually "body positivity" or some derivative thereof; but when I offered her these two words, the look on her face was one of sheer puzzlement. "What is that? " she asked, with an almost-detectable level of condescension, not remotely impressed when I told her about the term's roots in body image activism and size acceptance. Fast forward to a year later, when I was asked the same question by a middle aged gal on my morning commute. "Oh! Now.howstuffworks. The Problem With 'Discreet' Breastfeeding  I have two breasts.

The Problem With 'Discreet' Breastfeeding 

Several years ago, I dressed them in lace and gave them a little peek of the sky above a plunging neckline. They were useful breasts. Several years ago, doors were opened for me, chairs were pulled backwards and attention secured. I have two breasts. Today, I dress them in cotton and ensure that there are no wires to block my precious ducts.

You see, my breasts have changed over time and with motherhood. So you will understand my confusion, my disbelief and sadness, when I hear a self-confessed proud breastfeeding mother advise another to be "discreet" while feeding her child. Discreet: careful to avoid embarrassment; unobtrusive. It is strange, because nobody ever asked or expected me to be discreet with my breasts before I became a mother. The "rules" for breastfeeding are very specific, as are the expectations. I suppose, then, it is understandable that Mr. Let me remind you... I ask again: What is so obtrusive, exactly, about the breast?


18 Empowering Illustrations to Remind Everyone Who's Really in Charge of Women's Bodies. Image Credit: Carol Rossetti When Brazilian graphic designer Carol Rossetti began posting colorful illustrations of women and their stories to Facebook, she had no idea how popular they would become.

18 Empowering Illustrations to Remind Everyone Who's Really in Charge of Women's Bodies

Thousands of shares throughout the world later, the appeal of Rosetti's work is clear. Much like the street art phenomenon Stop Telling Women To Smile, Rossetti's empowering images are the kind you want to post on every street corner, as both a reminder and affirmation of women's bodily autonomy. "It has always bothered me, the world's attempts to control women's bodies, behavior and identities," Rossetti told Mic via email.

Mode et publicité : Devrions-nous vraiment être offusqués par la nudité? Suite aux vives réactions suscitées par la robe transparente dont était vêtue Rihanna lors des CFDA Awards, j’ai eu envie de m’exprimer sur la question de l’usage de la nudité tant en mode qu’en publicité.

Mode et publicité : Devrions-nous vraiment être offusqués par la nudité?

Je me suis d’abord demandée si le jugement posé par les gens était justifié pour finalement constater que, même si j’ai tendance à approuver le fait qu’elle aurait au minimum dû porter une culotte pleine, leur argumentaire était faible, voire absent, ne se limitant pratiquement qu’à une série de reproches et de blasphèmes. Par contre, notez que dans le présent article je ne compte pas justifier le geste de la chanteuse, mais bien amener le lectorat à s’ouvrir à une nouvelle perception de la nudité.

Devrions-nous donc vraiment être offusqués par cette dernière? On jase, là. Nudité VS vulgarité Lors du débat entourant la décence ou l’indécence de la robe portée par Rihanna dans le cadre des CFDA Awards, un terme assez cru, voire dérangeant, est revenu maintes fois : « vulgaire ». C’est toujours chaud dans la culotte des filles! - Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances (FQPN) Du construit social de se couvrir les seins. Eh oui, c'était écrit dans le ciel, les auteurs du Bye Bye 2013 ont commis un sketch à l'humour particulièrement gras et « mononcle » pour ridiculiser la démarche des Femen.

Du construit social de se couvrir les seins

C'est pas mêlant, on dirait que c'est Michel Beaudry qui l'a scripté. Que vous soyez d'accord ou non avec la démarche des Femen, tous admettront avec bonne foi que de devoir se couvrir les seins est un construit social, au même titre qu'il fallait se couvrir le corps des pieds à la tête à l'ère victorienne.

Il n'y a rien de "naturel" à être obligées de cacher nos seins. Tandis qu'ailleurs dans le monde des femmes vont seins nus au quotidien, dans la société nord américaine dans laquelle on vit, les femmes doivent se couvrir les seins en tout temps, même à la plage, contrairement à ce qui se fait en Europe, par exemple.

Image corporelle

Plastic. La vulve – porno seulement. À la fin du mois d’août dernier, le journal étudiant de l’Université de Sydney s’est vu censurer et retirer des bacs pour avoir osé présenter sur leur une une mosaïque de vulves.

La vulve – porno seulement

Dix-huit vulves, appartenant toutes à des femmes de l’université, et présentées de la manière la plus neutre possible. C’était l’idée : « The vaginas on the cover are not sexual. We are not always sexual. The vagina should and can be depicted in a non-sexual way » justifiaient les quatre membres du comité éditorial du journal, dans une lettre ouverte publiée sur le site du Guardian. Montrer pour dédramatiser. . « We are tired of having to attach anxiety to our vaginas. Voilà qui est intéressant. Peut-être avez-vous même déjà vu le fabuleux documentaire « The perfect Vagina », réalisé en 2011 par une cinéaste britannique. Open Thread: Selling Bras with the Male Body.

By Lisa Wade, PhD, Aug 10, 2013, at 12:00 pm Sorry for the spoiler!

Open Thread: Selling Bras with the Male Body

The gaze in the Wacoal commercial below, sent in by Kathe L., dances all over the body of a lovely young woman, focusing especially on the curve of her breast alongside the lace of her bra. She slowly removes her make-up and disrobes, only to reveal a male body underneath. The message? Photo Album. Libido: l'utérus a le dos large. When females direct, female nudity advances the plot. On Salon, Daniel D’Addaro writes: In the run-up to Sunday night’s “Girls” season premiere, the old repetitive war over the show’s content took on a new dimension: Radio shock jock Howard Stern attacked neither the youth nor the perceived entitlement of showrunner/star Lena Dunham, but her display of her body.

When females direct, female nudity advances the plot

Stern called Dunham “a little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill and she keeps taking her clothes off and it kind of feels like rape … I don’t want to see that.” New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi took a similar tack, calling Dunham “a woman with giant thighs, a sloppy backside and small breasts … compelled to show it all.” In trying to figure out why so many are offended by Lena Dunham’s nudity, D’Addaro interviewed people from editor Jane Pratt of xoJane (“It may not be that she’s driven to show us her body however that body looks.


Miley Cyrus Cuts Hair and the World Thinks She's Gone Crazy. What is it about young Hollywood women and their hair?

Miley Cyrus Cuts Hair and the World Thinks She's Gone Crazy

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece about the reaction to Emma Watson's haircut that got page views for months and months. People were shocked that the young woman who was required to have her hair long for the Harry Potter movies would want to exhibit a sign of independence and closure from that chapter in her life by cutting her hair. Well now Miley Cyrus - of Hannah Montana fame - has gone off and done the same thing, and some of the reactions on twitter from her fans were evil and mean. Vos aisselles sont moches? Ce sont les marques qui vous le disent. Dove a récemment dévoilé sa nouvelle campagne de pub.

Vos aisselles sont moches? Ce sont les marques qui vous le disent

Le concept? Vous faire comprendre que vos aisselles sont moches. Body Image in the Media: Glee Gets It Right, But Are We Ready? Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 03/25/2011 Actress Ashley Fink Every once in a while, usually when 30 Rock is a re-run, I’ll flip over to the CW. And I kind of get the draw of the utterly escapist fantasies that shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl offer. Serena Van Der Woodsen / Blake Lively is like 14 feet tall with blonde hair that cascades over her shoulders as she effortlessly hails a cab on her way to a club – that just so happens to blithely serve the underage – in order to sabatoge another rich, white, tall, thin, personality-less girl in a plan that always seems to involve drugs or faked pregnancies or a trip to Geneva or something that probably could’ve been solved had she invited her nemesis to have a nice talk over Chai tea.

But what do I know. And for so long, this was all teens had. Then Glee came along. At first, we thought Glee was just a show that glorified the inexplicable burst into a musical number in the middle of the school hall. Lauren performing with the Glee Club. Anatomie 101 - Hymen. Les féministes se font parfois reprocher de trop parler de sexe, plus précisément de leur sexe, le vagin. Cela rend certaines personnes inconfortables, ça en dégoûte d'autres. Plusieurs trouvent qu'il s'agit de quelque chose de privé dont on ne doit pas discuter sur la place publique.

On a vu récemment au Michigan le cas d'une démocrate ayant été bannie d'un débat sur un projet de loi anti-avortement pour avoir utilisé le terme "vagin". Inutile de souligner le ridicule de cette situation considérant que le vagin était au centre du débat. Malgré le fait que la sexualité soit infiniment plus présente sur la place publique, dans les médias, à la télévision, etc, les détails de l'anatomie féminine sont toujours tabous.

Your Vagina Isn't Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy—It's Also Too Brown. Seins nus dans la rue, un droit de la femme ?


Beauté. Une étude démontre que la Charte québécoise pour une image corporelle saine et diversifiée contribue à changer la perception du public. Poids. Poils. Menstruation. 23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies. Boobs! (Not a Big Deal) I would like for you to take a good look at that picture for a moment. You see a baby, the top part of a breast, and some bacon. Are you offended? If you are, I'd like for you to also look at these: Those are all photos that I've been greeted with when I opened my Facebook page. They're not photos I sought out, and they're certainly not photos I saw by deliberately following a site that is focused on spreading such content.

But not once have I reported those images to Facebook for violating their Terms of Service by exposing me to them. Go back and look at that first photo. That first photo got blogger Gina from The Feminist Breeder banned from Facebook for three days. We Tried On Victoria's Secret Bathing Suits And This Is What Happened. When Gender Stereotypes Become A Serious Hazard To Women's Health. By Tara Culp-Ressler Posted on Share this:


Intersexe. Do We Really Need Bras?