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Sondage Ipsos: Les Français préfèrent les. Pour le shopping, quelle que soit la catégorie de produits, 95% des sondés déclarent acheter souvent ou systématiquement en magasin.

Sondage Ipsos: Les Français préfèrent les

C'est particulièrement vrai pour l'alimentation (69% systématiquement, 89% systématiquement ou souvent) ou les vêtements (22% et 60%). Les produits culturels, qui sont les biens le plus achetés sur internet (28%), restent encore plus largement achetés dans les points de vente physiques (40%). Les boutiques pour le côté humain... Quel est l'impact des réseaux sociaux sur les ventes ? - [Etude] Bien souvent, les commerçants ont du mal à savoir si leurs actions sur les réseaux sociaux vont se transformer en ventes futures ou si leurs efforts ne servent qu’à leur communication ou fidéliser leur clients existant.

Quel est l'impact des réseaux sociaux sur les ventes ? - [Etude]

One in 10 retailers use in-store features in their mobile apps: report. In-store mode on Walmart's mobile app Pointing to how retailers are struggling with integrating mediums such as mobile into the store experience, only one in 10 currently offer in-store features in their mobile applications, according to a new report from EKN Research.

One in 10 retailers use in-store features in their mobile apps: report

While retailers have aggressive plans to equip their store associates with mobile devices going forward, many do not expect to leverage the full capabilities of the devices. The results underscore how omnichannel integration is still a significant roadblock in enabling seamless in-store experiences. “By its very definition, retailers’ omnichannel integration strategies need to be inclusive of their efforts on mobile,” said Gaurav Pant, research director for EKN Research, Austin, TX. Retailers primarily use mobile to drive loyalty, not transactions: report. A recent survey of 100 retailers by EPiServer found that 46 percent of those with a mobile strategy in place and 74 percent of those planning to launch one soon say they are using mobile primarily to increase customer loyalty or provide a more personalized experience for customers.

Retailers primarily use mobile to drive loyalty, not transactions: report

In comparison, only 8 percent said they use their mobile strategy for sales. The findings suggest that as ecommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay make it difficult for other retailers to compete on price, they are leveraging mobile to differentiate themselves through convenience and brand loyalty. “The big news for merchants revolves around where they’re going to be seeing the greatest ROIs from their mobile strategies,” said Bob Egner, vice president of product management at EPiServer, Oakbrook Terrace, IL. “The survey shows that mainstream retailers are reaping the greatest rewards from their mobile strategy through greater customer loyalty and personalization,” he said.

Wincor Nixdorf Presse France. Omniretail 2013. Animer ses points de vente avec les réseaux sociaux. Mobile influences 45pc of in-store purchases: report - Research. Almost half of consumers surveyed in a new report from InMobi said that mobile impacted an in-store purchase, showing the key role that the medium plays in influencing consumers to shop.

Mobile influences 45pc of in-store purchases: report - Research

InMobi’s “Multi-Screening: The Who, What and When For Marketers” study looks at how consumers interact with their smartphones and tablets while watching television. More than 15,000 mobile Web users participated in the study across 14 markets from August to November 2012. “Consumers are researching products on their mobile devices, showrooming and more,” said Shrikant Latkar, vice president of global marketing at InMobi, Singapore. “This also happens when they are watching TV and see an interesting product and jump to their mobile device right away,” he said. “Forward-thinking marketers and online commerce companies make it real easy to search and buy these products instantaneously.” Showrooming: A $217 Billion Problem.

Google finds the silver lining to showrooming. As the number of smartphone-toting shoppers has increased, so too has the specter of showrooming.

Google finds the silver lining to showrooming

No retailer wants to think a competitor, especially a virtual retailer without the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location, has effectively set up shop in their store. But up to now, it hasn't been clear just how big a deal showrooming really is. It turns out it's huge. And it also turns out that shoppers with smartphones might not be the threat retailers thought they were. According to a new study from the Google Shopper Council, a group of shopper marketing experts, 84 percent of mobile shoppers use their phones to assist them in their shopping while in physical stores. Achats alimentaires en ligne : les tendances US 2013 de la shopper experience. Double-Digit Ecommerce Growth Story Continues in Western Europe. Several recent studies indicate that online B2C sales are climbing steadily in Europe, despite economic headwinds and much belt-tightening on the part of consumers.

Double-Digit Ecommerce Growth Story Continues in Western Europe

The latest in a series of reports to make this point is the “European Online Retail Forecast 2012 to 2017” from Forrester Research. According to Forrester, European online sales in key markets—Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK—will rise an average of 12% annually between 2012 and 2017, to reach €170 billion ($217 billion) at the end of the forecast period. Europe - New Media Trend Watch Regions. European online sales in key markets (Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK will rise an average of 12% annually between 2012 and 2017, to reach €170 billion ($217 billion) at the end of the forecast period, according to a report by Forrester Research entitled ‘European Online Retail Forecast 2012 to 2017'. eMarketer, which published new forecasts for digital sales in January 2013, also has confidence in the medium-term future of regional ecommerce, anticipating that annual B2C ecommerce sales in Western Europe will reach $438.31 billion by 2016.

Europe - New Media Trend Watch Regions

2013 Mobile Trends For Marketers. 75pc of consumers access smartphones in-store: Forrester. By Erin Shea May 3, 2013 Bloomingdales NEW YORK – A Forrester Research analyst at the Mcommerce Summit: State of Mobile Commerce 2013 conference said that three-quarters of consumers surveyed use their smartphones while in-store.

75pc of consumers access smartphones in-store: Forrester

During the “Understanding the Mobile Commerce Opportunity” session, the analyst discussed the importance of developing a solid mobile strategy for marketers, even though mobile commerce is relatively new. Also, brands should tailor their mobile experiences to whichever device a consumer is using and where that consumer is at on their purchase journey. 76% des consommateurs français utilisent un mobile en magasin. DIGITAS : des chiffres ''solides'' sur l'évolution du #shopper connecté. Analyse par le Furet du Retail. Le drame de notre période, c'est que nous sommes assaillis de toutes part de chiffres tous plus anxiogènes les uns que les autres... et sur lesquels il est difficile de batir.

DIGITAS : des chiffres ''solides'' sur l'évolution du #shopper connecté. Analyse par le Furet du Retail

Data déluge et Infobésité. 3fuDI0dVrU. Le digital maintenant présent dans toutes les étapes de l'expérience d’achat. 90% des consommateurs français interrogés par Digitas se rendent désormais sur Internet avant d’effectuer leur choix en magasin, pour consulter des comparateurs de prix ou des avis des consommateurs. Même si le magasin physique demeure le deuxième canal pour l’information produit, il est de plus en plus utilisé comme simple showroom par les consommateurs.

C'est ce que dévoile Digitas France, en collaboration avec VivaKi Advance, dans son second baromètre de l’Expérience Marchande Connectée, qui met en lumière les évolutions des comportements des consommateurs et de leurs attentes concernant leur expérience d’achat. Which Retailers Deliver The Best Mobile Shopping Experience? Business model for mobile payments still to be determined: Forrester. Several trends promise to disrupt the payments space this year, with mobile playing an important role as key players look to deliver greater value for merchants and customers, according to a new report from Forrester. The economics of payments is shifting as newcomers such as Square and LevelUp test new models for delivering payments, according to the Forrester report “Three Disruptive Payment Trends in 2013.” At the same time, growing competition between mobile digital wallets is expected to push these services to the next level in terms of adding value for users. “These emerging payments models will disrupt payment economics and many of these emerging payments models are being introduced by players in the mobile space and/or the digital wallet space,” said Denée Carrington, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA.

Retailers have longed complained about the fees charged by payment networks such as MasterCard, Visa and others. My local Wallmart : 1 an après ... 1er bilan de la stratégie Facebook locale de Wallmart. Wallmart leader de la grande distribution mondial est l’une des enseignes référente en terme de présence et d’activité sur Facebook (logique en tant que N°1 .... mais le N° 2 n’a pas autant d’audace…) et compte 21 000 000 de Fans sur Facebook (30 / 09 / 12) . Pour le Boston Consulting Group, la livraison ''le jour même'' par les pure players ne semble pas être un critère déterminant dans la shopping experience ..

Une étude récente du Boston Consulting Group révèle que la livraison aux cyber-clients ''le jour même'' pour concurrencer les ''brick & mortar'' dont l'avantage ultime reste le fait de pouvoir bénéficier de son achat immédiatement (emporté ou livré à domicile aprsè choix en magasin) n'est pas déterminante, ou en tout cas pas le plus gros frein à une ''shopping experience'' positive. Top 100 : les gros hypers font de la résistance. Retailer enthusiasm for mobile payments tempered by power struggles in industry. Retailers look to PayPal for payment innovation Uncertainty about the technical future of mobile payments was named as a top business challenge, with 76 percent of retailers agreeing, according to a new report from RSR Research.

The payments landscape is quickly changing with industry coalitions, technology companies and telecommunications providers all trying to carve out a piece of the action. 1er Observatoire du ROPO² par FullSIX et OTO Research : le comporte... 15 Mobile Retail Apps that Enhance Customer Experiences. Retail businesses are building mobile apps that do much more than just display products for sale. Mobile apps can shape the in-store experience, empower the purchasing process, and create interesting and dynamic ways to interact with the customer. Here is a list of mobile apps created by retailers. All of these apps are free. Shoppers using mobile devices in-store spend more. Forty-two percent of consumers using a mobile device while in-store spend more than $1,000, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

In comparison, just 21 percent of those who did not use their device in-store spent more than $1,000. The results point to the growing importance of the synergy between showrooming, Internet product research, digital advertising and online purchasing. “While the retail industry sometimes seems in a panic over the rise of showrooming, savvy retailers should see an opportunity, not a threat, from mobile use in-store,” said Joe Laszlo, senior director of the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence at IAB, New York.

Les 3 dernières études à découvrir  Les enjeux du digital : Shopping expérientiel, commerce connecté, v... Make An App For That: Mobile Strategies For Retail. [Infographie] M-commerce : le comportement des consommateurs en 2012 The 10 myths of multichannel, online consumer shopping trends. While no one has a crystal ball, our survey research has shown some conventional wisdom to be at odds with how online shoppers are actually behaving and what they value in the multichannel experience.

Click below to delve further into our 10 myths. Myth 1: Social media will soon become an indispensable retail channel On its own, social media isn't likely to become an important retail channel anytime soon. Google’s Predictions For Holiday Shopping: Retailers Are Investing More In Mobile, In-Store. As we witnessed last year, mobile has become an integral part of the holiday shopping experience for consumers. And retailers started to pick up on this, with more mobile-friendly sites, experiences, offers and more. In this year’s holiday shopping season, we’re going to be seeing a number of new trends and developments in mobile commerce, says Todd Pollack, Google’s Head of Retail. The search giant has issued a survey today, which attempts to capture some of the key trends we’ll see in the coming months during the holiday rush.

Last year, we saw a sophistication using technology to inform customer’s purchase decision, with consumers far ahead of retailers when it came to using digital resources like price comparison tools and more, Pollack explains. MCD - Best mobile retail apps of 2011. A common trend in 2011, was the creation of retail mobile applications meant to serve as a utility and to cultivate loyal customers. Here are some examples of noteworthy apps created in 2011, in no particular order.

Walmart has two new mobile applications designed to help shoppers make purchasing decisions and lay the groundwork for a more personal relationship with the retailer. A brand-new Walmart iPad was launched and the retailer’s revamped iPhone app will be rolling out very soon. They are the first mobile products to be rolled out from the recently formed @WalmartLabs group, which is focused on creating mobile and social solutions that support a multichannel retail strategy.

“We want to make it very simple to engage with the Walmart brand and mobile creates a great bridge to move across various channels based on what is most convenient to customers at that time,” said Paul Cousineau, vice president of mobile products at, Brisbane, CA. The Snap Appy iPhone app The Scan It!