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Podcast jeux de société - Proxi-Jeux. Tout sur les jeux tout de suite, mais en vidéo. Vidéos sur les nouveautés, les sorties de jeux de société, les explications de règles du jeu. Gaming Unplugged Since 2000. Small World: Wil Wheaton, Jenna Busch, Grant Imahara, Sean Plott. TableTop, Episode 1. The Dice Tower. Trictrac. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Son intérêt ludique réside dans les multiples combinaisons, dans l’importance des prises de décisions et dans ses règles très abouties. Il demande une attention permanente de la part des joueurs que ce soit ou non à leur tour de jouer. Son vocabulaire, très riche[1] et qui peut paraître désuet pour ceux qui ne pratiquent pas le jeu, se retrouve fréquemment dans la littérature française. Historique du jeu[modifier | modifier le code] Le trictrac est un jeu de société qui était très en vogue en France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, à la cour et dans les milieux aristocratiques. Le plus ancien traité sur le trictrac a été écrit par Euverte Jollyvet, avocat au parlement de Paris, en 1634[4] dans le but de standardiser les règles du jeu qui devaient se transmettre alors par tradition orale. Le dernier traité d’importance a été publié en 1852[6].

9 Tips for Indie Game Developers I Learned at GDC 2013 - Tuts+ When I attended GDC 2013 I spent most of my time at the Independent Game Developers Summit where I got to hear many successful indie developers talk about how their projects succeeded and how they've stayed in business through both success and failure.

9 Tips for Indie Game Developers I Learned at GDC 2013 - Tuts+

In this article I'll go over the tips I found most useful, and the ones I believe will help you be the best developer you can be. Whenever possible, reuse existing elements, rather than creating new ones.Andy Hull In Hull's mini-talk, he discussed the work he did on the indie game Spelunky when it was being brought to the Xbox 360, and how his experience as a wooden toy designer helped him. One of the things he discussed was the fact that when you are designing a wooden toy, which actually has to be mass-produced, every aspect of the product has the potential to drastically increase the price of production.

Even something as simple as adding an extra paint color increases the time and money that go into the production of a toy. Game Design Theory. Game Design Theory: Game Anatomy. Features - The Designer's Notebook: How Should We Judge a Game Jam? This year I was invited to my first Global Game Jam event.

Features - The Designer's Notebook: How Should We Judge a Game Jam?

It was sponsored by the Northern College of Leeuwarden (pronounced lei-warden, to rhyme with garden) in the Netherlands. I went not as a jammer, but as a judge. In all, there were four judges with a good mix of talents: an audio engineer, an artist, an executive, and me on the design side. No programmers, although I was a software engineer for 12 years and still have a pretty good sense of what's involved. The organizers left it to us to decide what to look for and how to vote, and I was startled to discover how varied our opinions were. Our jam consisted of six teams, five building video games and one making a board game. PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail impressions. [Editor's note: Keith Burgun is the lead designer at Dinofarm Games, makers of 100 Rogues.

PRACTICE: Game Design in Detail impressions

He also writes for Gamasutra and teaches game design at the Katonah Art Center. Keith just attended the PRACTICE game design event at NYU, and has some interesting thoughts about it. -Chad] Despite a few minor complaints, the recent PRACTICE event at New York University was so wonderful that I almost feel guilty for writing about it.

You don't often find such a high concentration of people this passionate and thoughtful. For those who don't know, PRACTICE is a new yearly game design conference, run by Frank Lantz of Area/Code in NYC and Eric Zimmerman of Diner Dash fame, that takes place at the NYU Game Center. Saturday Morning. Using psychology in game design. Berni Good tells Develop what studios can learn from cyberpsychology [This feature was published in the June 2013 edition of Develop magazine, which is available through your browser and on iPad.]

Using psychology in game design

Every time a developer contemplates what a customer might like about a game, they’re arguably tackling player psychology. It’s very different from the potential execution of true scientific psychology on the games making process, but, almost certainly, creating games is about understanding the human mind, and how to best please and reward it. So it should come as little surprise that a new wave of academic psychological study around video games is underway, offering developers a fresh tool in their arsenal.

As more experts explore how humans interact with technology, games developers with open minds can now employ new methods of understanding how to offer their customers the most well received – and most profitable – experiences. “Games can really address intrinsic needs we have as human beings. Akira Kurosawa - Composing Movement. Initiations au vocabulaire de l’analyse filmique. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Films et séries en vente - Vodkaster.

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