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Eb contrabass saxophone to low A - Benedikt Eppelsheim Wind Instruments, Munich. AFFECTIVE KEY CHARACTERISTICS. From Christian Schubart's Ideen zu einer Aesthetik der Tonkunst (1806) C Major Completely Pure.


Its character is: innocence, simplicity, navety, children's talk. C Minor Declaration of love and at the same time the lament of unhappy love. All languishing, longing, sighing of the love-sick soul lies in this key. Db Major A leering key, degenerating into grief and rapture. C# Minor Penitential lamentation, intimate conversation with God, the friend and help-meet of life; sighs of disappointed friendship and love lie in its radius. D Major The key of triumph, of Hallejuahs, of war-cries, of victory-rejoicing. D Minor Melancholy womanliness, the spleen and humours brood.

Eb Major The key of love, of devotion, of intimate conversation with God. D# Minor Feelings of the anxiety of the soul's deepest distress, of brooding despair, of blackest depresssion, of the most gloomy condition of the soul. E Major Noisy shouts of joy, laughing pleasure and not yet complete, full delight lies in E Major. Musicovery. Listen to a Wall of rock Music. Everyone's Mixtape.

Musipedia: Musipedia Melody Search Engine. Ukulele Beatles Fun! Musical Scales. Piano Chords and Scales made easy. Playing Chords: A Guide for Bassists. Q: I recently bought a 6-string bass and started working on playing chords.

Playing Chords: A Guide for Bassists

How should I voice more complex chords (e.g. Gm13) using few (3 to 4) notes, while maintaining the quality of the chord? A: It is important to note a few things when doing this. Much of this is learned by doing it wrong and having someone correct you, but you should learn the difference between – for example – a 6 chord and a 13 chord. Yes, the 6 is the same note as the 13, but they imply different things. If it’s a 6 chord, that means that you should replace the 7th with the 6th. If it’s a 13 chord, that means that the 6th is a “color tone”, and is used in addition to the 7th (which is flatted typically on a 13 chord!) That’s just one example, but experiment with every possible voicing you can think of (they don’t always have to contain the root, either!) I love to explore variations on a chord shape and, to do that, I will often: Download this PDF, and you’ll find a few chords to try: The key is exploration.

Piano room: chords and scales. 8 ways to play gorgeous open chord shapes. General Tips Published on October 19th, 2011 | by Caesar (ENGAGE) Open chord shapes are a great way to make your guitar sound harmonious and “full”.

8 ways to play gorgeous open chord shapes

Ive always some of these chords to play variations of standard ones, sometimes with average results and sometimes with outright awesomeness! But I’ll leave you to decide and let your creative juices flow Reading the chords below: E = eadgbe (the strings from left to right) E = 022100 (the numbers indicate where to put your fingers on the fret) E string = 0 – you play an open string. 1 – Open chords in the key of E (different approach) 022100 x44200 x66400 x77600 x99800 x11 11 9 00 x12 13 11 00 0 14 14 13 00. Intervallic Techniques. Welcome to Neal's Intervallic studies for the guitar.

Intervallic Techniques

My goal here is to teach players to break away from the usual linear and scalar pattern approach to the guitar. I always found it more musical when using a wide intervallic style of playing like Eric Johnson and several Fusion Jazz Players. So for now, I have placed a few examples below to get you guys started. Enjoy! The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist — 50 Best Road Trip Songs  No road trip is complete without a playlist of songs that capture the spirit of traveling on the open road.

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist — 50 Best Road Trip Songs 

So we’ve compiled a list of the 50 best road trip songs . In order to make this be-all end-all totally definitive list that all other lists look up to, the songs had to meet the following criteria: a.) encompass the excitement and freedom of road tripping b.) make the time pass faster c.) keep you awake without the assistance of questionably legal pills named “No Doze” d.) contain lyrics so singable that you’ll legitimately consider trying out for the next “American Idol” e.) keep you distracted long enough to make you forget you need to pee (which subsequently means stopping at a heinous rest stop where the bathroom stalls are tagged with death threats and truckers hit on you) f.) drown out the sound of your annoying friend who complains about a developing deep vein thrombosis from being crammed in the backseat (tough it up!)

50. VICE's New Music Channel. Stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities.