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Q10 - Un éditeur de texte léger et en plein écran « Korben Korben. Si votre truc, c'est l'écriture, mais que vous soyez trop distrait par l'heure qui passe, les notifs Twitter, les emails et autres vidéos de chats sur le net, je vous conseille 2 choses : 1/ Couper le net 2/ Installer Q10 Q10 est un éditeur de texte complètement gratuit qui fonctionne sous Windows et qui se lance en plein écran.

Q10 - Un éditeur de texte léger et en plein écran « Korben Korben

Ainsi, vous pourrez vous concentrer sur le texte et uniquement le texte. N'allez pas croire pour autant que Q10 est basique... Il est aussi possible d'ajouter des notes à vos textes en commençant les lignes par ".. " et vous pouvez vous fixer un objectif en nombre de mots ce qui est pratique si vous participez à des initiatives comme NaNoWriMo. Q10 enregistrera automatiquement votre travail au format texte le plus pur, ce qui vous permettra ensuite de le retravailler (pour de la mise en forme) dans un autre logiciel. Le plus beau, c'est qu'il est portable. Q10 dispose d'une bonne quantité d'options que je vous invite à explorer.

Vous avez aimé cet article ? Write better, together. The 5 Most Unjustly Overshadowed Sci-Fi Classics. We don't often discuss literature around here, which is strange, because I know for a fact that we are all avid readers, with the exception of John Cheese (although to be fair, I don't think books have made it out to the desolate corn-swamps of Illinois yet.

The 5 Most Unjustly Overshadowed Sci-Fi Classics

The only book he's ever seen was the one that husk-witch used to curse his father and turn him into a tractor. You'd hate reading, too, if you were him). Perhaps there's good reason for the lack of book-themed content. In Writing Platform Push, Draft Lets You Collaborate Then Publish Anywhere. Draft, a streamlined online word processor with version control, is getting deeper into the new professional publishing ecosystem.

In Writing Platform Push, Draft Lets You Collaborate Then Publish Anywhere

The one-man team of Nathan Kontny has just introduced a new REST API that’ll let any news outfit or other publishing organization connect Draft to the other software it uses. If you’re BuzzFeed or The Huffington Post* or another media company with a big mix of full- and part-time writers, you could use the API to let writers and editors work through versions together in Draft then publish straight to your custom content management system. Meanwhile, if you’re running a group blog using a standard setup from WordPress or Blogger and you want a more pristine, versioned environment, Draft now lets you publish from it to them. Since launching in March, it has also added features to publish to Tumblr, Twitter and most recently LinkedIn and MailChimp (which should be particularly useful to content marketers). The updates have been coming fast. Calibre - E-book management. What Is the Business of Literature?

As technology disrupts the business model of traditional publishers, the industry must imagine new ways of capturing the value of a book.

What Is the Business of Literature?

One of the remarkable deficits in contemporary accounts of both book publishing and Internet business is sociohistorical awareness. That it should be so with the Internet is unsurprising, prone as so many popular tech commentators are to triumphalist or progressive teleologies—one technology replacing another, one company killing another, IBM’s dominance unquestioned, then Microsoft unquestionable, followed in turn by AOL, MySpace, Facebook, etc. The implacability of Moore’s law is extrapolated from processing power to the social order.

Similarly, most current discussions of the book economy rarely reach back earlier than the Golden Era of American publishing in the 1950s, the British one dating back perhaps a little farther, to the 1930s. PressBooks Goes Open Source To Let Authors Create Book Sites In Seconds. As a middle-aged author of middling talent, I find myself often working on amazing book projects and finding no way to share them with the world.

PressBooks Goes Open Source To Let Authors Create Book Sites In Seconds

Formatting issues abound in many writing programs and it’s totes hard for me to grok the difference between PDFs, mobis, and ePubs. That’s why PressBooks is so important. Write Out Loud - Podcast - The Unique World and Writings of Andrew Buckley. Sell Downloads With PayPal and Stripe - Hiptype: A Platform For Data-Driven Book Publishing. Oyster gets $3M to become the Spotify of books. While Amazon launched its own lending library on top of its Amazon Prime service, there’s still an opportunity for other competitors to create a Spotify or Netflix for books.

Oyster gets $3M to become the Spotify of books

That’s the hope of New York City-based Oyster, a new startup which announced today it has raised $3 million led by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund. The company is preparing a mobile app that will allow users to get unlimited access to a library of books for one monthly price. The app will combine discovery with access and reading, so users will be able to get recommendations and immediately begin reading. The app was designed from the ground up to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices. Pubslush. Sherlock, Professor X and Margaery Tyrell Team for New Gaiman Play. Publish Your Own Crafty Books and Manifestos With Scout Books.

Turn your food blog into a cookbook with Scout Books.

Publish Your Own Crafty Books and Manifestos With Scout Books

Want to get published, but don’t care to actually pen a full novel? Pinball Publishing might have a solution for you. The company combines the best of web-based technology and traditional printing processes to let people publish their own miniature books — everything from customized sketchpads to personalized recipe collections. Discover a World of Unlimited Stories.