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Anthro Paisley Rebirth Necklace. Anthro Necklace Week Day 4!

Anthro Paisley Rebirth Necklace

In case you have not visited this week – it is officially Anthropologie Necklace Week! 5 Days of Tutorials ending in 5 Lovely Giveaways!! _lmyrqrtT631qihh0eo1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 420 × 700 pixels) Shrink plastic ring tutorial. Thank you to everyone who requested a shrinkydinks ring tutorial!

shrink plastic ring tutorial

This tutorial is an experimental method, not an exact science – you should have fun playing with it… UPDATE: Since posting this very popular tutorial in 2008, I’ve answered every question imaginable in the comments of this post. If you have questions, you’re welcome to trawl back through the hundreds of comments to find my answers, or, to make things easier, I’ve compiled a 3-page shrinky rings FAQ, which is available exclusively when you donate $1 or more towards my tutorial (this also entitles you to further help from me by email, should you need it).

Please see the end of this post for more details about this policy. MMMMM Fried Marbles..... - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS. 46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear. Vintage skeleton key ring by windowsill. Antiqued Skeleton Key Pocket Watch Necklace by sodalex. How to Make a Handprinted Bracelet - How to Make a Shrinky Dink Bracelet. Glass Tile Pendants. Locket Art {Tutorial} The other day I needed something pretty to match my brand new outfit and I couldn’t find anything that really matched.

Locket Art {Tutorial}

Of course, that meant I needed to make something! Am I the only one that thinks this way? I don’t think so. Here’s what I came up with…Locket Art. It was one of the quickest projects I’ve ever done and it might just be my new favorite! DIY Gold Tube Bracelets. I have very vivid memories of walking into a bead store for the first time, almost 15 years ago, and being overwhelmed by the million and ten ideas that filled my mind.

DIY Gold Tube Bracelets

I was immediately hooked on the concept of transforming simple and unexpected elements into something beautiful and wearable. That moment was the catalyst for my eventual path into jewelry design and craft – my higher calling, if you will. USB Flash Drive Bracelet. DIY: Fairy Dust Necklaces. I am and always will be a kid at heart.

DIY: Fairy Dust Necklaces

I still adore anything related to princesses or Disney. I will, on any random evening, watch a Disney movie while drinking Yoo-hoo! But I digress… If you have been a reader for a while, you know I used to run a handmade jewelry Etsy shop (and still have a few items available if you are interested). Since redirecting my energy towards Gallymogger, I find myself still wanting to create fun and whimsical jewelry every once in a while. On that note, let me present my latest silly creation…the fairy dust necklace! Made {diy chalkboard necklace} Perfect Summer Bangle. Here's a fun tutorial on how to make a message bangle that's one-of-a-kind, done in the sun, waterproof and weatherproof.

Perfect Summer Bangle

Even after several trips to the beach, it won't fade or wash off! Essentially, it's the Perfect Summer Bangle. How to Make Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials. Recycling spoons and forks for jewelry is a long standing craft dating back centuries.

How to Make Spoon and Fork Jewelry Tutorials

It made sense as traditional silverware is made from real silver. Flatware and silverware jewelry was really popular a few decades ago and people are still making such adornment today. No wonder - the patterns on these cutlery are often beautiful. Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial. I’m excited to share this tutorial for Scrabble Tile Pendants from Mark and Stefani at HomeStudio.

Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial

They’ve so graciously provided this how-to for making these lovely pendants to all of us crafters. These pendants are great for necklaces, charms, and gifts to give. To purchase these pendants with HomeStudio’s one of a kind designs, please visit their Etsy shop. Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial Supplies needed: · Paper · Scrabble Tiles · Scissors · Craft Glue · Metal File · Mod Podge · Small Paint Brushes · Utility Knife · Diamond Glaze · Super Glue · Small Aanraku Jewelry Bails in Silver Step 1: Choose your paper wisely!

Step 2: Using a paint brush and your light box, “paint” a thin layer of glue (I use Tacky Glue) onto the back of your paper. Step 3: After about 10-20 minutes your glue should be dry. Step 4: Gently file the edges of the paper to be smooth and flush with the side of the tile. Step 5: Now you need to seal the paper. Step 7: Now attach the silver bail. . © 2008, HomeStudio. New Ring Designs. November 24th, 2010 A while ago I bought lots of antique silver spoon sets when we visited Colin’s sister Morag and her family over the summer as they live near Spoon Central – a little village called Horncastle that is full to the brim with small antique shops.

New Ring Designs

Little Wishes. Well, we are dusting off our obligatory black armband over in Beyond Beyond land for one of our most favourite shops ever – Early Bright (mega sad face) they have been the purveyors of some delicious and inspirational bling that is more art than jewellery. And we just want to share one of the most beautiful pieces every a wish in a jar. We used to shake dandelion bushes when we were little in the vain belief that we would get a Barbie dream house, Michael Jackson tickets, the ability to breakdance overnight (although we never progressed beyond being able to do backspins), millionaire moolah, or our favourite wish was that we had been dropped off at the wrong house (sorry parental units) and we were really the offspring of some family with the financial clout of Daddy Warbucks and the Rothschild’s combined.

About the author I'm the big kahuna with the whole shebang. Amma = Idiot + Savant. Believe! I have the blessing to be part of a great organization inside of the church I belong to; called Young Women.


The theme for the girls {age 12 to 17} this year is “believe”. Bird nest necklace} I have been seeing a lot of bird nest jewelry around lately. They are beautiful and I love the trend so I thought I would try making my own. These turned out to be really easy to make and require just a few simple supplies.

This necklace would make a lovely Mother's day gift, which just happens to be coming up this weekend! What you'll need: - Jewelry wire (I prefer using a 24 gage because it is easier to manipulate but the 20 gage can work well too with the help of some round nose pliers) - pearls or glass beads - necklace chain - jump ring and a clasp Select the beads you want, string them onto your wire and arrange them as you'd like. then simply wrap the wire around the beads wrap some wire in the space between each bead (I like the look of three loops but you could just do one or two if you prefer) this is what the back looked like. How to make a scrabble tile pendant - Beads Online Australia. DIY Accordion Photo Album In Pocket Watch Shell. I have had this idea rolling around in my head for about a year now, thinking it would make the best gift idea for Grandparents.

Sure they have the digital ones, but no one really ends up using those – at least ours didn’t :). DIY Bird Nest Necklace Tutorial. Creating a unique piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day, or any day really, can be difficult. You’ve celebrated several holidays with your mom, hopefully, so you’ve given her lots of gifts! Lovely etc.: Vintage Keyhole (Escutcheon) Necklace.