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Montecatini. Slab - Kreativ Font. Darf ich vorinstallierte Schriften kommerziell nutzen, z.B. zur Gestaltung von Logos? - F.A.Q. Variable Fonts: Neue Typografie (nicht nur) fürs Web. OpenType 1.8 – die Rückkehr der Multiple-Master-Schriften - Software und Technik. Underware. Animography. Best of 2016. Monotype Library Subscription.


TypeWonder. Type Zebra. Inspiration typo. The Closest Free Alternative to Every Font on Typewolf. The Closest Free Alternative to Every Font on Typewolf 16-page PDF guide featuring over 300 fonts Discover free alternatives to the most popular (and expensive) fonts used by designers — includes every single font ever shown on Typewolf Save hours of time searching the web for the perfect match The product of over 100 hours of research — the most complete and accurate collection you will find anywhere online Features not only Google Fonts but free fonts from all over the web Free lifetime updates — you’ll get the latest version of the PDF emailed to you each month that features all the new fonts added to Typewolf as well as continuous tweaks and improvements to ensure the closest possible match The update email also includes links to the best new free font releases of the month 30-day money-back guarantee Huge disclaimer: In general, most free fonts make a poor alternative to commercial fonts — always support type designers and purchase fonts whenever possible Buy Now For $14.99 No.

The Closest Free Alternative to Every Font on Typewolf

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Use of Webfonts

The In-Between. – February 14th, 2013 – Breakpoints.

The In-Between

Break. Points. FontShop. Noe Text – Schick Toikka. Noe Text Regular 82px The reference location, where the potential is zero, is by convention infinitely far away from any mass, resulting in a negative potential at any finite distance.

Noe Text – Schick Toikka

European Design - 27. Original Typeface. 10 great guides to understand web typography. In today’s blog post, we have a list of guides to help you understand the web typography from all around the web.

10 great guides to understand web typography

The following guide covers areas such as responsive typography, fundamentals of typography and the use of icon fonts and SVGs. Have a detail look at them below! 1. Responsive Typography: The Basics This is a best place to start on the basics of responsive typography. 2. Google Web Font Pairs and Comparison Tools — Designinformer. There are more than 670 Google Fonts to choose from, and they are all available for free.

Google Web Font Pairs and Comparison Tools — Designinformer

But pairing typefaces isn’t that easy. Many of those fontsare not suuitable for most web projects. To find font combinations that work can be truly hard and time consuming. Type Design. Village: Fonts. The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion. If you’re interested in learning about hand lettering and typography from Denise Bosler, check out her Hand Lettering Power Course at HOW Design University.

The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion

A stealthy resurgence happening in the design world—a rebellion against the cold, sleek, digital environment in which we designers spend most of our time. Hand lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design. It no longer has to hide on the B-side or apologize for looking hand lettered. Categories that used to be forbidden, such as logos and packaging, now embrace this historic form of typographic expression.

It’s appearing everywhere—even on A-list products such as movie titles, magazines, book covers and advertisements. The beauty of hand lettering is its flexibility and adaptability. Hand lettering involves taking a completely different approach to the use of text in design, moving away from the skills used for traditional typography. Will Google Fonts Ever Be Shut Down? → Typewolf. October 28, 2014 The Google Fonts service has been immensely popular with web designers ever since it first launched in May of 2010.

Will Google Fonts Ever Be Shut Down? → Typewolf

And for good reason. There are no accounts to sign up for and no monthly fees like there are with other web font services. Just add a single line of code to your website and you have at your disposal a huge selection of free fonts that display beautifully on screen. But all of this begs the question: why is Google in the fonts game? Tom Davie. Blackletter This typographic poster features a photographed 3-D two-tone blackletter paper sculpture overlaid with an original graphite line drawing.

Tom Davie

. ❤ Purchase Can O’ Dingbats This typographic poster is an ode to Hermann Zapf’s Zapf Dingbats. All of the elements and icons used in this piece are from that single source. Responsive Font Size with CSS. Making your font-size respond to viewport or container size should be a must to complete your responsive designs.

Responsive Font Size with CSS

Having a fixed font-size accross devices is not always a good idea. The key point is to get a readable font size and a comfortable line length in most viewports. CSS viewport units and media queries provide the means to implement a responsive font size. Font Size and Line Length There are lots of different views on which is the best pixel font size, or which is the minimum readable size. 5 of the Best CSS3 Font Tools. Fonts have made the most dramatic visual impact on the web since graphic support was added to browsers.

5 of the Best CSS3 Font Tools

A few years ago, it would be impossible to find a website using anything other than Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, Times New Roman or Georgia (or, heaven forbid, Comic Sans). While there’s nothing wrong with standard font stacks, they can become a little monotonous. Internet Explorer has supported web fonts for more than a decade but it’s taken competing browsers a little longer to catch up. Licensing is still an issue — you can’t use any commercial font — but you should be able to find one which permits web usage or is similar to your corporate style.

However, with great choice comes great responsibility. A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks. Fonts that go together. NexusFont: Font Viewer/Manager for Windows. Font Case, FontExplorer, Suitcase Fusion und Co.: 5 Tools, um deine Schriftarten zu managen. Font-Management: Wichtiger als je zuvor Typografie ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil eines jeden Design-Projekts. Die Wahl der richtigen Schriftart trägt essenziell dazu bei, dass ein Design gut aussieht oder das gewisse Extra hat. Die Vielzahl von Schriftarten bringt jedoch nicht nur organisatorische Herausforderungen mit sich, auch aus technischer Sicht können viele Schriftarten das System und entsprechende Software wie Photoshop und InDesign schnell in die Knie zwingen – müssen die Schriften beim Start doch mitgeladen werden. Es ist also wichtig, dass ihr mit Tools zum Schriftmanagement Ordnung ins Chaos bringt, damit die Leistung der Workstation verbessert wird und ihr den Überblick behaltet.

Fotos und Vektoren kostenlos. 14 Top Free Serif Fonts with Multiple Weights. By Douglas Bonneville on April 15, 2013.


DESIGNER IN ACTION - Downloads von Free Fonts, Plug-Ins, Tools, Freeware, Shareware und mehr... Bitter. Aisha comercial. Aisha is a child of two worlds. Her origin is the Maghreb but she was brought up in Europe, she speaks many languages and is equally at home in the banlieu of Paris as in the Medina of Marrakesh. Aisha's features show clearly where she is coming from, and her confidence lets her stand out among the crowd. She is a playful character, sometimes even a little cheeky, for she knows about her qualities. The little skip in her step, cheerful and fun, the twists and turns and the sparkle in her eye are all carefully controlled – Aisha does not lose control or get carried away.

Her looks are gentle and friendly, and certainly one cannot confuse her with anything else. Aisha originates from research about the Maghribi script, its regular Arabic weight is based on foundry type Titus discovered in a 19th century book. To expand its versatility and usability, a range of weights covering both scripts was conceived. In her young career, Aisha has already received much praise.

Type Together comercial. Bree Serif. Jockey. Das Lexikon der westeuropäischen Typographie [ Enzyklopädie : Wörterbuch : Glossar : Nachschlagewerk ]