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Román Cortés For the latest editon of Js1k contest (a contest to create something cool with only 1 kilobyte of Javascript), I’ve submitted an entry with a furry bee with springy antennae and my tie. Check it here. I’ve been pushing the limits of what is possible to render with canvas 2d.

4.6 Text-level semantics — HTML5 4.5 Text-level semantics 4.5.1 The a element Categories: Elgan: Why Digg failed OK, I'm going to call it: Digg is dead. No, the site hasn't gone dark. It still functions and has millions of users. But then so does MySpace. I used to be a very active Digg user -- as were many of my techno-journalist-pundit-type friends. Five years ago, Digg was the future of content discovery. Design&Typo - The site Wow... what a great resource. Peter Gabor, from design et typo blog (FR), has put together a nice gallery collection, categorized by author or theme, that is a pleasure to browse. Go take a look at the Design&Typo Site. Some examples:

Five Things You Should Know About HTML5 You are here: Home Dive Into HTML5 1. It’s not one big thing You may well ask: “How can I start using HTML5 if older browsers don’t support it?” Idea Dump, March 2011 Edition It’s always fun to review these ideas a few weeks after I first had them, usually the majority looks bad on this second ‘review’ and they don’t make the cut. Sometimes I feel pretty bad about that, especially if someone goes and makes one of the ones that didn’t make the cut into a killer :) I’ve been asked a few times now why I do this, John Graham-Cummings started this whole thing with his 1000 bad ideas post, and I followed up with post of my own. The other reason why I do this is because I firmly believe that ideas have no - or very little - intrinsic value, and I’d like to see some of these realized.

Hand lettering by BMD Design BMD Design is a graphic design studio located in Bordeaux that operates in the fields of graphic design and excel in hand lettering! All images © BMD Design – Website Create a Drawing App with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript { William Malone } by William Malone This tutorial will take you step by step through the development of a simple web drawing application using HTML5 canvas and its partner JavaScript. The aim of this article is to explore the process of creating a simple app along the way learn:

Anticipate Readme Uploading and Activating The Anticipate Plugin Using the Anticipate plugin is quite simple. The first thing you will need to do is upload the plugin files to WordPress so that it can be activated. To do this, log in to wp-admin and click on the Plugins > Add New link. Obfuscated code In software development, obfuscation is the deliberate act of creating obfuscated code, i.e. source or machine code that is difficult for humans to understand. Programmers may deliberately obfuscate code to conceal its purpose (security through obscurity) or its logic, in order to prevent tampering, deter reverse engineering, or as a puzzle or recreational challenge for someone reading the source code. Programs known as obfuscators transform readable code into obfuscated code using various techniques. Writing and reading obfuscated source code can be a brain teaser for programmers. A number of programming contests reward the most creatively obfuscated code: the International Obfuscated C Code Contest, Obfuscated Perl Contest, and International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest. Types of obfuscations include simple keyword substitution, use or non-use of whitespace to create artistic effects, and self-generating or heavily compressed programs.

HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet There are cheat sheets for just about anything out there but I couldn't find one for the HTML5 canvas element, so I decided to do something about that, mostly for my own sake but if other people find it useful that's just all the better. The information is pretty much just a copy of what is found in the WHATWG specs, just condensed and hopefully a bit easier to read. There are virtually no explanations, however, and no examples other than some graphics for compositing values and a few other things (the appearance of which is very much inspired by those found in Mozilla's examples). So, it's basically just a listing of the attributes and methods of the canvas element and the 2d drawing context. Choose between a 2 page PDF document or a PNG file. Thanks!

8 Free Design Platforms To Build Your Own Site Website builders have been gaining more popularity and traction lately, thanks to services such as Wix and Webnode. These online website creators allow you to create a full website, free of charge, directly in your browser without any prior knowledge of website development. Many of these services also offer premium packages with additional features, for a small cost per month, if you desire additional tools. 27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers Starter kits are great timesavers for web designers and they are particularly useful for those who often create mock-ups for project pitching on daily basis. If you are a designer-cum-programmer think of it as your code snippets So what’s in a starter kit? We think it varies – depending on what each designer routinely worked with. For GUI designers, keeping a copy of form elements (buttons, checkboxes, tab, drop down menus, etc) helps speed up the process of creating screens and layouts; on the other hand, browser (IE, Firefox Safari) templates with web safe area keep web designers reminded how/where they should prioritize their contents.

Basic animations - MDN Docs Since we're using JavaScript to control <canvas> elements, it's also very easy to make (interactive) animations. Doing more complex animations can take a little extra work; we hope to introduce a new article to help with that soon. Probably the biggest limitation is that once a shape gets drawn it stays that way.

Banque de polices d'écritures avec présentation et mise en situation bien conçues Nécessite une inscription pour utiliser gratuitement au moins deux polices sur votre site. by mebae Oct 28

Typekit is the easiest way to use real fonts on the web. It's a subscription-based service for linking to high-quality Open Type fonts from some of the worlds best type foundries. Our fonts are served from a global network on redundant servers, offering bulletproof service and incredible speed. And it couldn't be easier to use. Want to know more about fonts on the web? Read on... by cupcakejenni Apr 7

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