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How to Write a Web Site Creative Brief. When I wrote about creating a standardized web site development workflow I mentioned how the development of the creative brief is a key part of the initial concept phase of a web project.

How to Write a Web Site Creative Brief

Consequently, I thought it might be useful to go into more detail about what a web site creative brief looks like and how we use it. A creative brief is a short (one or two pages), high-level document that clearly outlines the important elements of the web site – including objectives, target audiences, requirements, and so on. Here’s a more general definition of a creative brief that summarizes its purpose quite well: A document that outlines the strategic direction for creative development, covering the specific task at hand, the communication objectives and strategy, and any elements that the executions must contain. Although creative briefs follow a similar format, like any tool, you should customize it to your needs.

Rédiger un brief créatif de qualité – Choblab. Quels sont les éléments à intégrer dans votre brief ?

Rédiger un brief créatif de qualité – Choblab

Explications et modèle à télécharger. Brief créatif et cahier des charges, même combat ? V.Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection. Archivio Grafica Italiana. Behance. SUNDRIES FOR THE MODERN WORKSPACE. Pattern in Islamic Art. Black Contemporary Art. Xathi: thunderstruck9: David Hammons (American, b. 1943), Untitled (The Embrace), 1975.

Black Contemporary Art

Pigment on paper, 60 ¾ x 40 ¾ in. Tabletop Whale. Artist Portfolio Sites. Designspiration — Design Inspiration. Art and Design Inspiration. Modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource. Founded by Lupi Asensio and Martin Lorenz, TwoPoints.Net is a design studio known for their flexible visual identities (FVI).

modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource

Rather than being static and repetitive, the studio believes that an identity system should be adaptable. This can easily be seen in their work for ADI’s Delta Awards. Using a series of icons, they created a versatile system that could be incorporated into the event’s branding, typeface, and awards. Two Points’ appreciation for the efficiency of FVIs also fueled the studio to develop a program that helps their clients create designs on their own. While working with Tonangeber, a website for sharing playlists, Two Points created “supertool” — a program that guides DJs through the design process while maintaining the constraints of Tonangeber’s identity system. Read the rest of this entry » - Make your own grid paper. Adobe KnowHow. Free textures for your next web project. The name Paisley reminds me of an old British servant.

Free textures for your next web project.

That’s just me. Made by Swetha. Download This could be a hippy vintage wallpaper. Or something else… Made by Tileable Patterns. Download How it all started, concrete. Made by Anchour. Accueil - Calliframe. Webdesign Inspiration & tutoriels. The Design Inspiration - Daily Logo Designs, Illustration Art, Website Showcase, Photos and Patterns. Design Inspiration.

Erickrick. Day #3: “Extremely Conscious and Incredibly Scared of It”.


Based on a Vice article about panic disorder. Some of the symptoms of heightened states of anxiety are very familiar to me, though luckily I don’t deal with them nearly as often or with the same intensity as I once did. The most profound and scary of them for me was derealization which makes you and everything around you seem fake, most especially social interaction. It makes the world feel a whole lot like a movie set or a museum, and the people in it mere props or objects. Designers of tumblr. Wallpaper* magazine. Design:related gallery. Inspire Me Now. Art, design, and visual culture.

SUPERSONIC ART - New Contemporary Art Curated by Zach Tutor. Typostrate Weekend Inspiration. Design:related gallery. CW Pencil Enterprise opens a shop just for pencils in Manhattan.

design:related gallery

Psycho Analysis of Dreams book cover designBy Matt Windsor with Mal Croft Floral AlphabetBy Jordan Kay Phillip Bumper Sticker Liberalism book jacket designBy Christopher Tobias Kommunikation/Komunikacija Swiss Red Cross posterBy Pablo Berger the art of Sun Yeo Game of ThronesBy Manuel Kilger Bread crumb birdBy Alex Robbins paper miniature clothesBy Samantha J.

The Great American Cookbook illustrationsBy Sara Wood Face USB flash drive & LED lightBy Sang Hyun Jeong Unicorn-Pegasus InitialsBy Arthur Reinders Folmer. Art & Design of the World. Adult Art Club. Collate. The Design Blog - Design Inspiration. The Food Field by Parámetro Studio “Organic food store located in San Pedro GG, México.

The Design Blog - Design Inspiration

We created all the visual identity; from naming, packaging and all sales peripherals. Graphic Exchange - The blog of Mr Cup - graphic design, print, identity, products and more... After weeks of work, I am pleased to present my new portfolio.

Graphic Exchange - The blog of Mr Cup - graphic design, print, identity, products and more...

It will be now under the name as after working freelance for years, I am now in a real studio with Jef working with me. He designs this website and I thanks him for that, I guess it is important to have a new eye on your own work ! An important thing to was to separate the project for what I was commissioned to do by clients and companies and the work on I self-initiated and do with other designers and creatives like the letterpress calendar and the Walter magazine done with the mediafix team ! Here come some of the latest works I have done over the past work and never found time to present in details ! Guide 2016 de la taille des images sur les réseaux sociaux. Posters/accessibility/posters_fr at master · UKHomeOffice/posters.