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Innovation in teacher resources. Assess my skills - TeachingEnglish Training. Classroom layout. The importance of layout Some considerations Classroom layouts Conclusion The importance of layout When you're planning your lessons do you ever think about the layout of the classroom?

Classroom layout

Sometimes it may be impossible and impractical to move the furniture around at all for many reasons including the fact that in some schools the tables are bolted to the floor! The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2017 – So Far. I use short, funny video clips a lot when I’m teaching ELLs, and you can read in detail about how I use them in The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL (& How To Use Them).

The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2017 – So Far

In short, there are many ways to use them that promote speaking, listening, writing and reading (including having students describe – in writing and verbally – a chronological description of what they saw). I’ve also published quite a few “fun videos” lists during the previous ten years of this blog. A little Experiment: Hitting the Intermediate Plateau? No, you’re not. Do your students sometimes feel as if they are not making enough progress?

A little Experiment: Hitting the Intermediate Plateau? No, you’re not.

Do they sometimes have the impression their language learning has slowed? Do they feel they are stuck in the intermediate plateau? While this feeling is completely normal, it can sometimes be very frustrating for our students. You might try to explain to them that this is just part of the natural process of learning a language, but the truth is that in their eyes, they are just not progressing as fast as they think they should, no matter how hard they try. Don't memorise answers. Ten Easy Homework Tasks to Set. Interview with Anna Young. Why you should change your approach to Grammar Instruction. Introduction In most MFL and ELT classrooms grammar is usually taught deductively following a PPP (presentation, practice, production) model.

Why you should change your approach to Grammar Instruction

A typical PPP sequence unfolds as follows: (1) the target grammar rule is explained through a few examples (Presentation); then, (2) the structure is practised in a controlled manner, e.g. through gap fill exercises, substitution drills, sentence transformations, reordering sentences, or matching a picture to a sentence (Practice); finally, (3) students engage in controlled activities such as, surveys, interviews and other information gap activities which will elicit the application of the target structure in real time. During this process, the instructor provides the learner with one or more grammar rules, occasionally supplemented with a heuristic (a rule of thumb), which will guide them in the application of the related structure in tasks that require increasingly higher level of processing. 1.From D.G.I. Visualisering av Nationella proven Writing ENG5, eller, färgkodning av "A Good Life" - Didaktiska laboratoriet.

Teaching Unplugged - Activities. The subject you choose can literally be anything in the world but to start off think about the following: Chewing the fat!

Teaching Unplugged - Activities

This is the true Dogme ELT approach. You don’t go in with your idea of the subject of the lesson but you take your lead from your group of students. Don’t be afraid to simply ask your students what they did at the weekend or how their journey was to class. It is, after all, the basis of natural conversation. Teaching a language is teaching someone how to fish! - Useful Phrases: Opening, Continuing, Opinion, Contrasting, Agreement, Disagreement, Emphasizing etc. - learn English,vocabulary,communication,english.

Speed-chat: A minimal resource activity to get your learners talking. Recently, a colleague and I have been trying out an activity called speed-chat.

Speed-chat: A minimal resource activity to get your learners talking

One challenge we face in our context is giving our learners ample opportunities to practice the target language. This can be especially difficult because we have large classes, and many of our learners have had little experience in using English in unplanned situations. Giving learners feedback on their writing. Giving Learners Feedback On Their Writing I was working as a teacher of English for seventeen years in different High Schools in the Basque Country and I think I must start by saying that most teachers I met during those years agreed that they found their writing feedback highly time-consuming and not really effective because students would make the same mistakes once and again.

Giving learners feedback on their writing

After I had spent some years feeling quite helpless about this issue, I decided I had to choose between two options: accept that students disliked writing and teachers disliked “correcting” students’ written work even more or start to think of a different approach both to teaching writing and to providing students with feedback on their written work.

Obviously, I chose the latter and I would say that through some simple but effective strategies both my students and the teachers who worked on this new approach together with me changed their attitude towards writing. •A writer needs a reader or/and an audience. Recipes for the EFL Classroom. What is a cline?

Recipes for the EFL Classroom

The British Council Teaching English website defines a cline as ‘a scale of language items that goes from one extreme to another, for example, from positive to negative, or from weak to strong’. Why are clines useful in language teaching? Clines can be very effective in conveying and clarifying language, giving a very visual representation of meaning.

They highlight shades of meaning, they are efficient and can cut down on teacher talking time. A 6 point plan for using any song in a language lesson. The Revision Game. Revisions just have to be fun!

The Revision Game

And FlipQuiz is a great tool to use for revising language or content. After signing up, one begins by creating a new quiz board, give it a name, and with the choice of six categories, there will be five questions for each. Then, for each question, the creator of the quiz board, adds the correct answer. Is It Time To Go Back To Basics With Writing Instruction? Most educators acknowledge that literacy is important, but often the focus is on reading because for a long time that is what achievement tests measured.

Is It Time To Go Back To Basics With Writing Instruction?

In the last few years there has been more focus on writing in classrooms and on tests, but many students still have difficulty expressing their ideas on paper. Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of Standardized Testing. “The assessment itself is completely artificial. It’s not ranking teachers in accordance with their ability to help develop children who will reach their potential, explore their creative interests. Those things you’re not testing.. it’s a rank that’s mostly meaningless. And the very ranking itself is harmful. Introducing Reported Speech Statements,Questions and Orders in a Different Way. This week’s post was not supposed to be a grammar post, it just so happened to turn out like that.

Come to think of it, I have been teaching lots of grammar lately so I shouldn’t be surprised if my brain is filled with ideas for grammar teaching. If I want my classes to be different from the ones I had when I was studying English at school (teacher-centred and book-centred), I cannot introduce all those digital tools I’m so keen on using and then go and spoil it all by asking students to read straight from a photocopy when it comes to grammar. I’m not saying it’s the wrong way to go about it, I’m just saying it’s not the way I teach or the way I’d like to be taught. Smrt English. Hi! I am a teacher at the Spokane College of English Language ( I have been teaching the Smrt curriculum since 2011, and I'm always eager to teach new students using the latest technologies!

I especially enjoy teaching writing and vocabulary. Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching - Free online course. Get students learning by MAKING quizzes instead of TAKING quizzes. – EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS. QuizPedia is a fun and engaging learning tool that can be used in primary education and onwards. And it’s free! How is it different to a typical quiz making tool? Quizzes aren’t new to the classroom but QuizPedia’s approach is. We flip the tables and transfer the task of making quizzes from teachers to students. Tests and quizzes are traditionally made and administered by teachers or schools to test student performance and development. What is dyslexia? - Kelli Sandman-Hurley.

At the beginning of the video you had the opportunity to experience what it feels like to struggle through a written text. Dyslexia for a Day: A Simulation of Dyslexia is a kit with five simulations that can be implemented by anyone. Here is the writing simulation in full. Click here for complete information about Dyslexia for a Day.

Dyslexia is a complex construct with many different facets that need to be addressed. There are the jobs of finding the right intervention, working with the school district and becoming well-versed in dyslexia. Why marking your students’ books should be the least of your priorities. 1. 5-Minute Film Festival: 5 Videos to Explore Growth Mindset. We know there’s no silver bullet for improving learning outcomes for kids, and Stanford researcher Carol Dweck, who originated the concept of growth mindset, has spoken out recently against the misapplication of her findings. But with a deeper understanding of the idea, and more exploration around what proper implementation looks like, growth mindset has a lot of potential.

If you’d like to learn more, or want to clarify the idea for the people around you, these five videos offer something for every audience—from preschoolers to parents and colleagues to college kids. Ten things I did in 2016 that have significantly enhanced my teaching. The year just gone was one of the best I have ever had in terms of professional development as a teacher, researcher, writer and CPD provider. Learning a language makes you more tolerant, so why aren't more universities encouraging it? Effective Revision Strategies. I led the 15 Minute Forum tonight, as a late replacement, for a member of staff who was ironically leading a Year 11 Revision session. The focus of the session was to share some effective revision strategies which could be used by teachers with their students. I wanted to start by actually thinking about the word ‘revision’.

A Guide to Use Blogs to Help Students Achieve Fluency. You have met Veronika Palovska on my blog before. TeachingEnglish Compendium: favourite class games. The Teenage Brain Is Wired to Learn—So Make Sure Your Students Know It. Adolescence is an exciting time as teenagers become increasingly independent, begin to look forward to their lives beyond high school, and undergo many physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. In that last category, teenagers can learn to take charge of their developing brains and steer their thinking in positive and productive directions toward future college and career success.

The brain’s prefrontal cortex, which functions as the control center for executive functions such as planning, goal setting, decision making, and problem solving, undergoes significant changes during the teenage years. ‘I’ve given up marking – and so should you’ Teachers are marking too much. EF Class - Activate your classroom. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students.

Philip Haines is the Senior Consultant for Oxford University Press, Mexico. As well as being a teacher and teacher trainer, he is also the co-author of several series, many of which are published by OUP. Today he joins us to provide 25 engaging and useful classroom activities for language learners using WhatsApp. Top 12 Effective End of the Year Activities. Ah, the end of the year. The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2016 – Part Two. Larry Ferlazzo - Five Guidelines For Effective Classroom Management. Sense of humour. Effective and efficient techniques for giving feedback on writing.

My students’ favourite error correction activity. 10 Games and Activities to Practise Personality Adjectives. Kickstarta läsåret med strategier - Mia Smith. Larry Ferlazzo: Strategies for self assessment. How to handle weaker students. NIVÅANPASSAT PÅ ENGELSKA – Patricia Diaz. Podcasting for ELT. Literature activities for a digital generation. Highly delighted, bitterly disappointed, ridiculously cheap: adverbs for emphasis. – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. 5 ESL Emergency Lessons.

Finding video clips by phrase. Seven Best Short Films to Introduce Values - Kieran Donaghy. First Lesson: Student generated ID card Swap. 25 ideas for using audio scripts in the ELT classroom. Teachers' Notes. Bringing closure to a lesson – On the same page. Ken Robinson on Passion. Critique and feedback - the story of austin's butterfly - Ron Berger.

Error Correction. Engelska Steg 7 Indval - JF Johanna Stöckel. Looking 10×2: Pushing beyond the obvious. Hieroglyphics for Teachers: Graphic Communication in the Classroom – tekhnologic. The surprising truth about what motivates us – ESL lesson plan – TED talk. 20 More Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 2) Learner autonomy: English language teachers’ beliefs and practices. Podcasting for ELT. Making the right choices: ‘Lean On Me’ – On the same page.

Supporting ELT or ESOL students with Aspergers. Teaching grammar - does grammar teaching work? Ceri Jones: The dog ate it (micro writing activities) A guide to continuing professional development – Peer observation. Professional competence 1. Focus on the Teacher. David Petrie: A house of mystery and secrets. How to Assess Your Own Learning - InformED. How to Assess Your Own Learning - InformED. The child as a learner 1. Home (Posts Index) 6 Scaffolding Strategies to Use With Your Students. Think-Pair-Share. Think Alouds. Video Lesson Framework – short animations.

Dictations are fun! Know Your Terms: Holistic, Analytic, and Single-Point Rubrics. Vad behöver jag fortbilda mig i inom it? (del 3) Free English Level Test. By Kieran Donaghy. Helping language learners visualise their linguistic development: growing learning – Lizzie Pinard. 200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites... The child as a learner 1. How to flip the classroom using game-based learning. Finding video clips by phrase. Tips and techniques for correcting spoken errors.

Teaching speaking skills 1. Quiz: Fixing Most Common Mistakes Seen in Intermediate Written Exams. Socrative. Truth Behind The Viral Story Of Mysterious Skeletons In London Basement. Navigate: Your direct route to English success. The Seven Best Video Website for ELT Students - Kieran Donaghy.