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10 chaînes Youtube pour apprendre l’anglais – Les Outils Tice. Using simple poems to learn grammar - learn English,grammar,poetry,english. Timelines. The language used by teachers to explain time reference, particularly of verb forms, can be confusing for the students.


Timelines are neat devices that can be used to clarify our teaching language. Timelines enable the communication of sophisticated concepts to the lowest level of learner, and can prompt sophisticated discussion amongst higher level learners. This article is a basic introduction to timelines. Later articles will discuss when to use timelines in class, concept checking, activities and strategies that use timelines and their potential drawbacks. This introductory article covers the following areas. What is a timeline? What is a timeline? Timelines are diagrams that illustrate the reference to time made by a given piece of language. Why use timelines?

Timelines are used to: What does a timeline look like? The basics A horizontal line represents the basic line of time. This line is usually marked with a point that represents now. I have been learning Japanese for three years. Verb tenses with timelines - learn English,verb,tenses,grammar,english. All Things Grammar - Home. 1 WORKSHEET – 10 GAMES.

Make drilling more meaningful and fun.


All you need is a sheet of paper. This post shows how the use of game mechanics can help a teacher design better drilling activities and turn repeated practice of target grammar or vocabulary into a cognitively engaging exercise. Focus on the material to be practised and learning outcomes for your group of students: e.g. irregular verbs It is essential to clearly see the ‘why’ in terms of language learning and use games and game techniques as a means to an end, rather than for their own sake. Bringing a game from the external world, without adapting it to learners’ needs and expected learning outcomes, may be just a waste of time (and money, if the game requires numerous handouts) in terms of learning.

Form of interaction: two or three students alternating between the roles. Learning irregular verbs requires much memorization, drilling and practice. Work less: Engage learners in the process of preparation for the game – I wrote “to write”. Free ESL worksheets, ESL printables, English grammar handouts, free printable tests. IMPORTANT: The worksheets are for classroom/home use only.

Free ESL worksheets, ESL printables, English grammar handouts, free printable tests

WE DO NOT ALLOW THE REPOSTING OF ANY OF OUR WORKSHEETS ONLINE. If you plan to share any of our content, please review our content policy first. WRITING SKILLS (for advanced/native speakers):Commonly confused/misspelled words 1Commonly confused/misspelled words 2Commonly confused/misspelled words 3Commonly confused/misspelled words 4Using commas 1Using commas 2Using commas 3English prefixes and suffixes 1 NEWEnglish prefixes and suffixes 2 NEWEnglish prefixes and suffixes 3 NEWCapitalization 1Capitalization 2Capitalization 3Which part of speech? 1 NEWWhich part of speech? 2 NEWDangling modifiers 1Dangling modifiers 2Dangling modifiers 3Sentence fragments 1Sentence fragments 2Run-on or fragment? ARTICLES:A or AN? VERB TENSES:SIMPLE PRESENT tense 1SIMPLE PRESENT tense 2Present tense of the verb TO BE 1TO BE? Games to learn English - Learn English through games, On this site you can learn English grammar and vocabulary through games. Each grammar point is presented in a graphical way and then the grammar and vocabulary are practised in games.

Phrases with as ... as. Tense printables. Nouns In this unit you will learn about nouns, a very important part of English grammar.

Tense printables

Choose the topic you want to learn, study the grammar explanations, do some exercises, then take online tests and print out our worksheets. You can work through the unit systematically or in any chosen order. Have fun! Verbs Games - vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Learn English online with games - vocabulary games, spelling games, grammar games, questions and answers with this free online program from MES Games. , grammar games, spelling and question and answer exercises to learn English online.

Verbs Games - vocabulary, spelling, and grammar

Practice spelling, vocabulary, speaking, questions and answers, as well a grammar with these great games and activities. This game focuses on verbs with four main sections. There is a verbs vocabulary practice section and a verbs spelling section. Then, there are verbs games for conversation practice and games for present participle practice. The questions and answers for this game are as follows. Other notes: The spelling game will accept the vocabulary word as is, "eat", in the infinitive, "to eat", or the present participle "eating". For classroom resources to match this vocabulary game, check out the links below: Apprendre la grammaire anglaise en jouant! - Mrs K teaches English! Hello!

Apprendre la grammaire anglaise en jouant! - Mrs K teaches English!

Bienvenue à tous les nouveaux abonnés du blog ou de la page Facebook (et bise aux anciens ;) y a pas de raison!). Un rapide tour d'horizon des jeux (en ligne) pour apprendre/réviser certaines notions avec les élèves. Ça marche tellement bien que je ne pouvais pas attendre pour partager avec vous ces pépites! (N'hésitez pas à en ajouter dans les commentaires!) Le numérique est l'outil idéal pour pratiquer des tâches répétitives d'entrainement et/ou d'apprentissage [ si vous avez le temps/la patience, écoutez donc la superbe conférence d'Elena Pasquinelli à ce propos malgré la piètre qualité sonore:( ] . Je ne vous parlerais pas en détail de Quizlet (Mrs Recht en parle très bien dans son article "Mes coups de coeur TICE") sauf pour ajouter que les élèves préfèrent les deux modes "jeux" (Scatter et Space Race), qui sont d'ailleurs très bien faits (testez un de mes sets!)

Aujourd'hui j'ai fait pratiquer les comparatifs avec des 4è, et ils étaient à fond! Grammar games.