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Work — For The People. CONTINO - CONTINO. &Walsh. PORTO ROCHA. Archive. - Coppeland. Archive ↓ Asisa Tranquilidad Motion Asisa Tranquilidad HBO Ad Guidlines Creative Direction, Branding, Motion HBO Ad Guidlines Asisa Cuidarte Motion.

archive. - Coppeland

About. - Coppeland. Mezzopieno Studio. Projects → A Practice for Everyday Life. A Practice for Everyday Life. Accept & Proceed. Alex Hunting Studio. Deutsche & Japaner. Ogeborg - Kurppa Hosk. Matthijs 'Matt' van Leeuwen. M35. Kinfolk Redesign — Alex Hunting Studio. Home. Construct London. Portfolio. Assembly Studios. Magpie Studio – Speaking in black & white. Thinking in colour. Projects Archive - Balmer Hählen. M.Giesser. Halo Brewery — Underline Studio. /halo-brewery/ Work – Magpie Studio. Schwartz and Sons. Littlefury. Puigdemont Roca – Design Agency – Barcelona – Packaging & Branding.

Destil·leries del Maresme Destil·leries del Maresme.

Puigdemont Roca – Design Agency – Barcelona – Packaging & Branding

Micha Weidmann Studio Home - Micha Weidmann Studio. MARC ATLAN DESIGN. Systems. Award winning multidisciplinary design agency - Two Create. Studio David Hillman - Portfolio. Work - Inhouse. Creative Design & Branding Agency - Pearlfisher - Design for Life. Irving & Co. Character. Some Studio. Matt Willey. Nother Studio. Proyectos de diseño - Estudio Rubio & del Amo. Daniel Carlsten — Creative Direction & Graphic Design. Underline Studio — The Brand Identity. What do you stand for?

Underline Studio — The Brand Identity

We are committed to meaningful collaboration, and we seek out clients who, like us, have a genuine passion for what they do. We stand behind the belief that sophisticated and intelligent design communicates a client’s or own personal message clearly and with purpose. What’s it like being a small studio in Toronto? When we first opened Underline in 2005 being a small studio separated us from the competition. Back then most studios in Toronto were large and had many layers of structure. Simplicity shines through in your branding work.

By concentrating on the message to be communicated for a brand, we aim to strip all the unnecessary information away. Work — Stockholm Design Lab. Superfamous Images. Typojanchi international typography Biennale Seoul – Studio Spass. Commissioned by Typojanchi 4th International Typography Biennale 2015 in Seoul we created a new typographic installation; ‘C( )T( ) sculpture’.

Typojanchi international typography Biennale Seoul – Studio Spass

Typographic installation is our contribution to the biënalles ‘main exhibition’. We made an installation that plays and interacts with the neoclassical architectural elements of the building and its visitors. C( )T( ) sculpture is a large scale typographic installation based on the title and the theme of the biennale. The typographic elements of the installation serve as a skin for a selection of reflecting statements on the theme city, street and public space, selected in collaboration with director/curator Kyungsun Kymn. Hueso – Design & Animation. George Coltman: Archive. Branding & Packaging Design Agency, Brighton. Selected projects — Christopher Doyle & Co. Point Campus. CCRZ. Work. The Company You Keep. Ortolan. Work — Stockholm Design Lab. Mark Porter Associates: Award-Winning Content-Driven Design.

Büromarks: Archive. Britt Cobb. Blok Design – There is always another way. Suprematika — Брендинг. Semiotik Design Agency. All Archives - Lavernia & Cienfuegos. Hans Gremmen. Every Encounter Has a Color. BULLET Inc. On the table. Ai Weiwei - Opisso. The fight of freedom Commissioned by Rosa Pera, we directed the art and design for the exhibition.

On the table. Ai Weiwei - Opisso

On the Table. Ai Weiwei aims to give a comprehensive overview of his work by exploring some of his best-known pieces alongside previously unseen work. Ai Weiwei makes use of a wide range of techniques—including photography, architecture, video, sculpture, graphic design, installations, objects and music videos— but the role of the image as a construction and vehicle for reality is central to all his work. The exhibition offers a unique view of the artist’s life and work through the display of a variety of artworks and materials, set up to match the scale of La Virreina Image Centre. Art Direction / Exhibition / Graphic Identity. Script & Seal. Trabajos - Empatía. Studio Blackburn. Home - Spy Studio. Diseño gráfico. OK-RM. By north - strategic branding & design. Projects - Parallel design studio - Parallel design studio - A London design agency working across digital and print. Contact – COLLINS. Axel Peemöller. T—Mau › Midlight. TRIBORO.

TRIBORO. Generation Wealth - Project Projects. Rediscovering : Eremenko Visual Communication. A B O U T “Rediscovering” is a book project based on the visual interpretation of the chemical periodic system of elements and the periodic law.

Rediscovering : Eremenko Visual Communication

The idea behind this project is to visually transform the knowledge from one system to another. All elements are placed in the chronological order in which they were discovered, inviting readers to rediscover them all. Different colours mark the specific element categories and feature silkscreen printing, except for black. The book cover, together with the printed end pages, achieves a unified sense of form.C L I E N T FHNW HGK Visual Communication Institute, The Basel School of DesignM E N T O R I N G / C O O R D I N A T I O N Prof. Deutsche & Japaner. HABLAR EN ARTE - Work — Build. Work — Build.

Hype Type. Branding and Digital Creative Agency. Work – Kurppa Hosk. Quer kommuniziert. Flat Studio. Unsi Dulce Garnacha “Dulce Garnacha”, el resultado de un largo y mimado proceso de elaboración con el método tradicional de criaderas y soleras, una crianza oxidativa (mínimo tres años), incluyendo un año de exposición al sol en damajuanas de cristal.

Flat Studio

Se trata de un producto singular y artesanal. Con el packaging cumple los objetivos principales transmitir esas características y dar protagonismo a la marca. El diseño pretende reflejar de forma icónica y abstracta el proceso de elaboración, junto con los elementos característicos de la marca. Los materiales y acabados pretenden emocionar, transmitiendo exclusividad. David Pearson Design. Research and Development. Outro Studio – Etnia Barcelona. Etnia BarcelonaDirección, ilustración y animación de una pieza audiovisual dónde reflejar los valores y el producto de la marca de gafas Etnia Barcelona.

Outro Studio – Etnia Barcelona

Design Museum of Barcelona – Lifeline. Lifeline A visualisation about life expectancy at DHUB Transforming a data base into an info-experience.

Design Museum of Barcelona – Lifeline

DEMO is an event structured around multidisciplinary collaborations between industry and craft exploring new creative processes and methodologies. In this context Domestic Data Streamers was eager to explore information about demographics and more specificly life expectancy. That's why we developed one of the biggest data experiences at the Design Museum of Barcelona Until what age would you like to live? For 12 hours, 15 anthropologists around the city of Barcelona took surveys about demographics and life expectancy both on the street and in the Design Museum of Barcelona, interviewing more than 2,000 people. During twelve hours we transformed all the stream of data from the survey into a live infographic represented in three dimensions in a space of 90 metres by 30 metres.

In one moment it switched from a demographics data base into an important information that the people was caring of. Querida. Sr. y Sra. Wilson — Estudi estratègic de disseny. Sr. y Sra.

Sr. y Sra. Wilson — Estudi estratègic de disseny

Wilson som un estudi estratègic de disseny amb base a Mataró, Barcelona. Estem especialitzats en branding i comunicació de marques. El nostre objectiu és crear marques que ajudin a créixer els negocis, utilitzant el disseny com a element diferenciador per connectar amb la gent d'una manera atractiva i efectiva. Ens impliquem amb els nostres clients en tot el procés de disseny al complet. Henrik Eriksen. Studio Lernert & Sander.