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Bureau Mirko Borsche – Feed. Studio Dumbar - DVDW. Strategy DVDW play a key role as partners to a variety of businesses, from entrepreneurs and investors to family firms and multinational brands.

Studio Dumbar - DVDW

Studio Dumbar has first hand experience of their advisory prowess; we were struck by the powerful personalities in their office. DVDW’s lawyers are far more than ‘troubleshooters’ – they play an important role as trusted advisors to their clients. However, these qualities weren't reflected in the house style, or the website. We summed up the new positioning with the pay-off line: experts in the laws of business. Design The house style and website are completely new in form, content, and user experience. Results The new identity and striking logo succeed in presenting the real DVDW – depicting a great strength of character on the inside, as well as the outside. Mike Guss. PlusOne ∙ Manifesto - PlusOne Amsterdam — Design and motion graphics studio.

Estonia Olympic Uniform - Anton Repponen - Museum of Design Artifacts. Please note.

Estonia Olympic Uniform - Anton Repponen - Museum of Design Artifacts

This is a concept work. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated by the Olympic Games. Back then it felt like the whole world would stop – and we all watched the best athletes of each country compete. Even people who don't follow the Olympic Games cannot help but know when it's happening and whether their county got a medal. It's a true global event. During the last Summer Olympics (London, 2012) Nike was producing the uniform for the Estonian track and field team as well as the medal stand and lifestyle products. Uniforms for the Estonian track and field team. © 2012 Nike, Inc. DINAMO: Projects. Quberten. Reinoud van Laar. Studio Dumbar: Work. Otl aicher pictograms. Untitled. Настоящая политика описывает типы собираемой нами информации и принципы ее использования и предоставления.


ООО «Рупорт Маркетинг Комьюникейшнс» (далее Администрация Сайта) обязуется сохранять Вашу конфиденциальность в сети Интернет. Настоящая Политика Конфиденциальности, рассказывает о том, как собираются, обрабатываются и хранятся Ваши личные данные. Какие сведения мы собираем? White Russian Projects. We Help People Find Their Way. Otl aicher pictograms. Our work – Wolff Olins. Small City - Big Design. Главная - Reynolds and Reyner. Award-winning brand and digital design studio. Lance Wyman. Кейсы по интернет-маркетингу, разработке и дизайну сайтов компании Uplab. Jäger & jäger: Home. Studio Dumbar: Studio Dumbar (Part of Dept) Is an International Branding Agency Specialised in Visual Identity and Communication Design. Mao Miyamoto: Medical and scientific illustration. Daniel Triendl. MAUD — A design business. Works. Doraby. York. Pixies Design Studio. Western Jack — Page 40.

Makebardo-+theworldbar. Stoëmp Graphic Design Studio. Ivan Kostriukov. Alexander Zhukovsky Design Studio - Product, industrial and furniture design in action... Mr.Mockup — PSD Mockups & Graphic Design Freebies. PORTFOLIO - Ginger Monkey Design. Here Design. Journal - Gemma Warriner. Sagmeister & Walsh. TUTKOVBUDKOV. MASH – PURVEYORS OF THE FINE – ART DIRECTION & DESIGN. Anthem Worldwide. Wolff Olins - We partner with ambitious leaders to design radically better businesses. Saffron Brand Consultants. Anton & Irene. Shishki — смелый брендинг, бодрый диджитал. Gitanos – Design Firm. Projects - SEA Design. Makebardo. Art, design, photography and architecture, celebrating ideas and creativity. Ecometrica — David Airey. Igor Mitin.

Sagmeisterwalsh. We created a small steam room in the storefront of Deitch Projects on Grand Street in New York's Soho district that kept the windows permanently fogged up.


We invited an entire array of New York designers to come and write any of our maxims (such as: assuming is stifling or worrying solves nothing) into the steamed up windows. Work – Interbrand. Главная · P-Motion. Дочери. The Happy Show – Sagmeister & Walsh. Francesco Franchi. Studio8585 — Producing simplicity, action & beauty. UI/Web Designer. THOMAS WIRTZ. Jason Little. Work - zukunvt. Lava - Amsterdam/Beijing. Брендинговое агентство Science. Брендинг и визуальные коммуникации. Untitled. GrandArmy. Projects - Stranger & Stranger. Nippon Design Center, Inc. Mousegraphics. Brand Marketing Strategy Consultants + Graphic Design Studio - Award Winning Wine Labels and Food Packaging Designer.

R/GA - Full-service interactive, digital advertising & marketing agency. Stoëmp Graphic Design Studio » MAUD. MagicStyle - Портфолио. Проекты — Science Branding Agency. Branding & Visual Communications. KIAN. Identity - Whitestudio. Porto herdade do esporão wine tourism quinta dos murças identity roncão ageing and social innovation.

identity - Whitestudio

Stills — Electric Art. Electric Art is a Sydney based, globally recognised creative production specialist leading the way in Creative Retouching & 3D, Motion, Interactive & Augmented Reality.

stills — Electric Art

Founded in 1993, over the years we've worked with some of the biggest brands, ad agencies & photographers around the world. Дизайн упаковки и этикетки. Фирменный стиль, брендбук и другие компоненты визуальной идентичности бренда. Главная Портфолио Кейсы Создание бренда с нуля: позизиционирование и дизайн формы бутылки и разработка дизайна этикетки для пива «Юзберг», новый проект брендингового агентства Wellhead.

Дизайн упаковки и этикетки. Фирменный стиль, брендбук и другие компоненты визуальной идентичности бренда.

Дизайн упаковки всей линейки творожков Даниссимо для компании Danone. Дизайн этикетки колбасных изделий "Дмитрогорский продукт". Разработка дизайна упаковки для сока "Я". Брендинговое агенство Wellhead провело рестайлинг мороженого 48 КОПЕЕК. Редизайн пресервов Матиас для компании Санта-Бремор. Turner Duckworth — Visual identity and packaging design for consumer brands. SomeOne/Else - Our Work. Nordstream Off-Road. Портфолио. Недоступен. Ogilvy & Mather. Another: A Design Studio for Screen and Page. Comunicação Ilustrada - Retoque Criativo, Ilustração, Fotografia de Produto. About – Collins.

Brian Collins ECD / Co-founder Over his career, Brian Collins has won every major creative award.

About – Collins

His work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Creativity, Fortune, Rolling Stone, Creative Review, Graphis, NBC News, ABC News and Fast Company, which named him one of five American Masters of Design. For ten years prior to the founding of COLLINS, Brian was Chief Creative Officer of the Brand Integration Group (BIG), the design and innovation division at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. His clients included IBM, Motorola, The Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Vera Wang and American Express. Prior, he was Creative Director at FCB / San Francisco where he lead work for Levi Strauss & Co.,, MTV, Janus Funds and the Walt Disney Company. Brian speaks globally on design and innovation. Brian was made a Distinguished Alumna of the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004 and received an Honorary Doctorate from the Art Center College of Design in 2008.

Close Amber Guild President. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. SUPERMARKET — Маркетинг, Брендинг, Реклама. Not Perfect. Heldergroen. Pentagram. Душэўныя вінілавыя віншаванні. Мэта: Па-душэўнаму павіншаваць кліентаў, партнёраў і сяброў з Новым годам і Калядамі і пажадаць ім белага, пухнатага году, з бездакорным музычным густам.

Душэўныя вінілавыя віншаванні

Шорт-сторы: Падрыхтоўку да магічных зімовых святаў нельга ўявіць без каляднай музыкі, якая стварае неабходны чароўны настрой. Але адных ДЖЫНГЛ БЭЛСаў і ЛЭТ ІТ СНОЎаў ужо недастаткова. У гэтым годзе мы адчулі жыццёва неабходнае жаданне парадаваць сваіх кліентаў і сяброў святочнай фальклорнай музыкай, якая як ніякая іншая адлюстроўвае стан ціхай беларускай душы. Мы падрыхтавалі музычны навагодні падарунак: вінілавую кружэлку з трэкамі этна-электроннага праекту ŠUMA, які займаецца беларускай архаікай у музыцы. Музыкi з ŠUMA сабралі шмат мелодый па ўсёй краіне і надалі пяшчотным фальклорным песням моднае электроннае гучанне. Запіс зрабілі менавіта на вярнуўшымся ў моду вінілу, які гучыць глыбей і цяплей. Чароўных кружэлак з прыгожымі трэкамі, 1 з якіх быў запісаны ŠUMA разам з дзецьмі адмыслова для нас.

Facebook. Seymourpowell. R2 Design.