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Job Board - Find entertainment work within Film, TV an… Posted 9 hours ago Enclose - Estimated Budget $ 350 K Seeking actors, producers, music composers and 12 more in Québec, Canada, Moscow, Russia, Tai’an, China and 26 more Enclose : The high concept pitch :

Job Board - Find entertainment work within Film, TV an…

How To Find Freelance Work Fast : freelance. DGA - Assistant Director Training Program. In 2007, the NY DGA Assistant Director Training Program established a specific track for training in the production of television commercials in the New York area.

DGA - Assistant Director Training Program

This two-year program combines on-the-job training with educational seminars. Trainees work on the sets of various commercials. They work under the supervision of DGA members - First Assistant Directors and Second Assistant Directors until graduation. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be qualified to join the DGA (Directors Guild of America) as Second Assistant Directors. In 2010, the commercial program expanded to Los Angeles. Interested candidates MUST have a foundation and experience within the commercial production industry.

Applications for both the New York and Los Angeles Commercial Programs will be available in January 2015. 8 Insider Industry Job Resources You Might Not Know About. Relativity filed for bankruptcy last week and is expected to layoff up to a hundred well qualified staffers.

8 Insider Industry Job Resources You Might Not Know About

With all that talent hitting the job market, SSN decided to help out where we can and poll pros in the industry to find their best resources for finding a job in the ever-changing industry. If you’ve worked in the industry for any length of time, you know of the UTA Joblist. It’s a well circulated list, but did you know that pretty much every agency in town has their own list? From one TV executive, “Agents and other executives are the best resource.

But agents especially, since they are in a high volume business, talking to numerous production companies, studios, and networks and hear about things all the time.” Resource Type: Job Search WebsiteJobs: All industriesSSN Insight: Formerly known as Poachable, this brand new job search website (it was launched just this April) is pro all the way. The Comar Agency. Game Plan. Video Production Richmond VA - Sprocket Media WorksSprocket Media Works. Women in Film and Video of Washington, DC. Randall Branding Agency. Media Intern (Media/Film/Video) Fashion Design and Art Week (FDAW) is a fashion/arts platform continuously making waves in the fashion industry.

Media Intern (Media/Film/Video)

FDAW bridges the gap between buyers, consumers and members of the media/press to view collections from designers and young creatives around the world. FDAW leads the way with initiatives that supports, strengthens and develops the fashion industry, with a physical platform to further position fashion as a useful tool for commerce and creativity in Virginia as well as the East Coast.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? FDAW's Internship program is designed to offer our Interns valuable insight into the fashion industry, with an opportunity to grow as a young professional. In our program (paid internship after 3-6 months) you will gain an opportunity to experience real work experience in the world of "Fashion".

Paid Internship after 3-6 months, based on performance. How to get your first 3 paying clients. Are you choosing impossible-to-finish strategies as a way of avoiding getting down to the real work?

How to get your first 3 paying clients

Solution: Get your first 3 paying clients. Maybe it’s uncouth to say, but most of the advice on making money online is terrible. That’s because when it comes to how to get clients, typical advice goes something like this: “YEAH! Just start blogging! Wow, I’ll just do a little SEO. I got so tired of listening to the terrible marketing advice out there, that I created a massive Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing. Problems with creating fancy marketing strategies without getting clients Problem 1. Problem 2. Video Production company, Richmond VA - Sprocket Media WorksSprocket Media Works.


Virginia Film Office. Login. VCU Student Login Welcome to the HireVCURams System!


HireVCURams is your comprehensive system for access to the career focused workshops & events, advising appointments, internship, Federal Work-Study, part-time and full-time job postings. Studio Center Richmond. Audio Production & Video Production in the State Capital!

Studio Center Richmond

Studio Center’s Richmond Location sits only 90 minutes south of the Baltimore-Washington Area in the State’s Capital City! MONDIAL. Dreams Factory. Cinema Magic Dreams Factory is an Emmy Award-winning production company, based in Richmond, Virginia, that for more than a decade has been known for its unique style of creative works.

Dreams Factory

Having worked on location and in the studio for so long, we have accumulated the equipment and experience necessary to handle any challenges in the filmmaking process. Housed in a 16,000 square foot modern facility, Dreams Factory shares creative space with In Your Ear, a Grammy Award-Winning, full service audio production company.

In Your Ear operates one of the largest live audio recording studios in the region. Our facility includes multiple editing bays, visual effects suites, a final color correction suite, and two additional 5.1 surround sound recording studios. Dreams Factory has the ability to bring films from concept to completion without the need for outsourcing, allowing for a closer collaboration between artists and others involved in the exciting and often complex filmmaking process. Add a logo to the surface of a moving balloon. Skip to main content Home Search form Add a logo to the surface of a moving balloon In this quick tutorial you learn how to place a logo on the curved surface of a moving balloon.

Add a logo to the surface of a moving balloon

We track the balloon in mocha AE and use MochaImport+ in After Effects to distort and move the logo with a Bezier Warp effect. Tinsley Film & Video, Inc. Richmond VA Video Production Company. Spang. Contact Us. The Branching. Studio Flatland. WCVE Video Productions. BES Studios - Producing HD Video and Audio On Location and In Studio in Richmond, Virginia. BES Studios - Producing HD Video and Audio On Location and In Studio in Richmond, Virginia. Park Group. Video Production - Richmond - Hampton - Alexandria - DC - VA. Fuel Creative, Inc. Contact.