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Polynesian Chicken. I know what you’re thinking.

Polynesian Chicken

You’re thinking…what is Polynesian Chicken exactly? To me, it was course #4 in the once famous “Polynesian Luau for 5” at the Holiday Inn Restaurant in Liberty, NY. The Luau served up a soup, a Pu Pu platter, and one dish per person, depending upon how many people were in your luau party. Shrimp with Lobster Sauce and Pork Fried Rice for a party of two. Add Roast Pork with Chinese Vegetables for three and Moo Goo Gai Pan for four. And for five people? Okay, time for a quick disclaimer. So what goes into the Holiday Inn’s Polynesian Chicken? The Catskills in the 70s was a hopping place during the summer, boosted by the multiple summer camps in the area and, of course, the once famous Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel (where my mother and Judy’s grandmother met, and how our family got started–but that’s a story for another time).

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Grilled Cheese Tacos Exist And They Are Almost Too Powerful.

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WATCH: How To Make Cinnamon Doughnut Holes. WATCH: How To Make A 3-Ingredient Skillet Pizza. 5 Stir-Fry Recipes Every Lazy Person Needs To Know. We’d like to argue that the true king of quick cooking is the almighty stir-fry.

5 Stir-Fry Recipes Every Lazy Person Needs To Know

While microwaving might seem like the obvious choice, stir-frying is actually a much simpler and much healthier way of cooking than a lot of people give it credit for! The thing that makes stir-frying so great is how straightforward it is. All you need to do is have the ingredients at the ready (cutting up veg isn’t exactly a chore and, even then, you can easily find pre-chopped veggies in the supermarket) and toss everything into a hot pan! Stir-frying is quick, easy and utterly satisfying. You get the satisfaction of having cooked a meal for yourself, without all the extra thought or effort. How about giving stir-frying a go? Chicken and Soba Stir-Fry This hearty and totally healthy stir-fry gets a whole lot of heft thanks to the nutty (and totally gluten-free) buckwheat soba noodles that act as the backbone of the recipe.

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