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Entrance fees. How To Get Free Visa To Jordan - Visa Requirements For Groups And Individuals. Getting a visa to Jordan can be simple or can be complicated - depending on your nationality, your entry point to Jordan and whether you are traveling as an individual or in a group.

How To Get Free Visa To Jordan - Visa Requirements For Groups And Individuals

Jordan Visa Requirements Fees 2016 Most nationals can obtain the following visa types at arrival to a Jordanian border point - except the King Hussein Bridge/Allenby Bridge crossing, where no visas are issued. There are no special documents or photo required for the visa, only your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. Nationals Requiring Prior Visa Clearance According to the Jordan Tourism Board official website, citizens of the following countries need to obtain their visitor visas prior their travel.

Disclaimer: Please note that the country list provided below is for informational purposes only and its accuracy is not checked daily. ALWAYS do your own research and contact the nearest Jordanian Consulate for up-to-date official information regarding visa requirements before travelling to Jordan. Europe. ( Aéroport d'Aqaba = AQJ) 336€ Flights from Amman to Aqaba. Direct flights to Aqaba.

Flights from Amman to Aqaba

Flights from Amman to Aqaba. How to find the cheap flights to Aqaba? Aqaba Jordan Airport (AQJ) Arrivals and Departures. So you want to find cheap flights to Aqaba, huh? I don't blame you. If you arrive to Jordan on a regular flight, most probably you will first land in Amman. RJ operates 2 daily flights from Amman to Aqaba, one in the morning and one in the evening. Royal Jordanian airline tickets can be purchased online. Aqaba Jordan Airport - Arrivals and Departures The King Hussein International Airport is located north of Aqaba city, in about a 15-minutes drive time from the downtown. The airport is very small, but there are plans for extension in the near future. Inside the terminal there is a Duty Free shop and a cafateria. There are no car rental outlets at the airport but car rental companies offer pick-up services for you if you book in advance.

Public shuttle bus service between downtown and the airport is, unfortunately, non-existent. Jordanian Money & Prices. What do you need to know about Jordanian money?

Jordanian Money & Prices

Money is one of the most important issues when you travel. Not only because travelling itself can cost serious amounts, but also because you have to deal with unfamiliar currencies, strange banknotes and coins. If you are not careful, you can end up like a lady I know: On one of her holidays in Morocco she bought a beautiful carpet for 200 Euros instead of the actual price of 200 Dirhams. She was NOT happy when she found it out later. Jordanian Coins and Banknotes The currency of Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar - JOD or JD. It is also called "leerah" in the spoken language, you can hear it every day at the market. 1 dinar is divided into 100 qirsh (also called piasters) or 1000 fils. Europcar ((245€ >> 295 ! ! !)

□ Jordanie location de voitures a partir de 23 EUR / jour. Thrifty car rental (20 JOD / j) Auto Nation Rent a Car (Amman 269€ /Aqaba 395€) Pass (visites - + visa) en Jordanie : Forum Jordanie. FGOV Conseil > Jordanie. Documents, monnaie, communication Tous les documents de voyage nécessaires sont mentionnés sous la rubrique du même nom sur ce site web.

FGOV Conseil > Jordanie

Les personnes qui désirent voyager dans la région sont priées de tenir compte de ce qui suit: • l'accès au Liban est interdit si une personne a un cachet israélien dans son passeport • un visa pour la Jordanie peut être obtenu soit immédiatement à tout poste frontière (le coût du visa est actuellement de 40 Dinars Jordaniens (JD), soit environ 51 euros) soit à l'ambassade de Jordanie à Bruxelles avant de partir. Veuillez noter qu'il est impossible d'obtenir un visa d'entrée au Allenby/King Hussein bridge (assurant le passage entre la Jordanie et le Westbank). Attention : A Aqaba, les voyageurs avec les vols charters en provenance de Belgique peuvent entrer sur le territoire jordanien avec une carte d’identité et un visa commun pour tout le groupe. Les permis belge et international sont acceptés par les agences de location de voitures. Modes de paiement . Our Fleet Rates, Car Rental Amman Jordan, Car Leasing in Jordan.

Economy Cars Compact & Mid-Size Cars Standard & Full-Size Cars Luxury Vehicles Minibus 8 Persons (MPV) Extras (optional) main style Additional Insurance Coverage: (Zero deductible in case of car accident), cost 15.00 US$ per day.Chauffeur Hire is available upon request.GPS Navigation System (10.00 US$ per day).Child seats and snow chains are available upon request which will cost you per unit 5.00 US$ per day.

Our Fleet Rates, Car Rental Amman Jordan, Car Leasing in Jordan

Les Voyages de Pascale. Vols Vols Turkish airlines très compétitifs sur le prix (330 euros).

Les Voyages de Pascale

Seul problème, l’escale de nuit. Pour autant, vol agréable, repas plutôt bons, avions anciens avec pas mal de place pour les jambes à l’aller, avions récents (VOD) au retour où on était un peu plus serrés. Aéroport d’Istanbul très agréable. Hôtels. Convertir Dinar Jordanien contre Euro. Comparateur de vol: Billet d'avion pas cher. Jordan Pass. How to call Jordan from Belgium. Jordan Country Code 962 Country Code JO.