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L'Internationale - Library. The Glossary of Common Knowledge (GCK) is a compilation of art terminology that differs substantially from what is found in the existing literature on art, and constitutes a five-year research project conducted by Moderna galerija (MG+MSUM), in the framework of L'Internationale's programme The Uses of Art.

L'Internationale - Library

In collaboration with institutions and individuals from Europe and other parts of the world, 66 contributors/narrators proposed terms relating to their own practices and contexts, to historical references, political or social situations, or L'Internationale projects. The terms were discussed and defined in six seminars dealing with six referential fields (historicisation, subjectivisation, geopolitics, constituencies, commons and ther institutionality) and the book follows these topics across six chapters. Arte Contemporanea Milano · THAT'S CONTEMPORARY. Francomac™ Le forum. Film streaming gratuit HD en VF et VOSTFR, série et manga streaming. Memory of the World Library. Film Streaming - Site de streaming gratuit sans inscription.

Accéder aux ressources électroniques. The World's Largest Library Catalog. - Base de données internationale du patrimoine du génie civil. Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books. Online Library. Download books free. More than 2 million books and magazines. Les Classiques des sciences sociales.

Telecharger Ebook Essai en PDF, EPUB - 1001Ebooks. Electronic library. Download books free. Finding boooks. Electronic library. Download books free. Finding books. Welcome to OAPEN. Voyages Pirates : bons plans voyage, hôtels, vols, séjours all inclusive... LIVRE EPUB PASSION -

Cairo Urban Initiatives Platform. Thèses. PDF Drive - Search and download PDF files for free. Collection en ligne. Gallica. Science Fiction 1950-1959 - 100 Years of Movie Posters - 11. We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future. Our poll of 105 experts highlighted climate change and misinformation as major threats, and young people as sources of optimism.

We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future

Image: Cathryn Virginia The future is wonderful, the future is terrifying. List of Residencies. Res Artis to the best of its ability makes sure that the content provided in our residency listings is accurate.

List of Residencies

However, ultimately the information on these pages is provided by our member organisations. List of a couple of shops : streetwear. Réseaux nationaux des fondations en Europe et dans le Monde. Allemagne Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen The Association of German Foundations represents the foundation community in Germany.

Réseaux nationaux des fondations en Europe et dans le Monde

It raises awareness of the diversity of German and international foundation world among its members as well as with politicians, the media and the public. Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen Haus Deutscher Stiftungen Mauerstraße 93 10117 Berlin Germany Phone: + Fax: + L'inventaire des destructions. Welcome to the worlds largest rave flyer community. Central European Art Database. TheCentral European Art Database (CEAD) project aims to build a dynamic online database of visual arts and culture of Central Europe after the WWII.

Central European Art Database

The database content is primarily focused on the cultural scene and artistic manifestations in the V4 countries. The main part of the CEAD project is a detailed research of key artistic figures who were actively involved in the development of culture in the given area. By Topic - Rare Historical Photos. Active Members. This list mentions all active IKT members and serves prospective members to find referees who support their applications.

Active Members

Referees need to be member of IKT for two to three years, so please contact us again to check whether this condition is fulfilled. Dominique AbensourIndependent/FreelanceQuimper, France Clive AdamsCentre for Contemporary Art and the Natural WorldDevon, United Kingdom Ombretta Agro AndruffNew York, United States of America Tuula AlajokiBacklight Photo FestivalTampere, Finland Christian AlandeteParis, France. Institut francais du Royaume-Uni. Monoskop. 500 Best Galleries Worldwide 2015: Europe. The art world continues its unprecedented expansion in 2015, with bigger fairs, higher sales, and more exciting talent.

500 Best Galleries Worldwide 2015: Europe

Β v1.10 - Mixtapearkivet - Rave. All Destinations - Atlas Obscura. Agency of Unrealized Projects. Unlike unrealized architectural projects, which are frequently exhibited and circulated, unrealized artworks tend to remain unnoticed or little known.

Agency of Unrealized Projects

But perhaps there is another form of artistic agency in the partial expression, the incomplete idea, the projection of a mere intention? Agency of Unrealized Projects (AUP) seeks to document and display these works. Whether censored, forgotten, postponed, impossible, or rejected, unrealized projects form a unique testament to the speculative power of non-action. Appels à projets. Chaque année, les fonds et fondations lancent ou renouvellent des appels à projets, et des appels à candidature pour des prix et bourses dans de nombreux domaines.

Appels à projets

Cette interface a vocation à les centraliser. Si vous êtes membre du CFF, n'hésitez pas à vous identifier pour mettre en ligne vos appels à projets ou à candidature. Déposez votre appel à projets Recherche avancée Déployer les Elles - Favoriser la réussite des femmes entrepreneures Date limite de candidature : 15/12/2017 mis en ligne le 09/11/2017 Emetteur : Fondation Entreprendre Inégalité dans la création d’entreprise, Inégalité dans l’accès aux secteurs d’activités rentables, Inégalité dans la création d’entreprises à potentiel, Inégalité dans la création d’emplois, Inégalité dans le financement des activités. Abonnement au e-Répertoire des mécènes. Coordonnées & informations détaillées sur près de 700 mécènesL’outil indispensable de la communauté du mécénat Une base de données mise à jour quotidiennementSimple d’accès & d’utilisation Vous êtes à la recherche de mécènes ?

Abonnement au e-Répertoire des mécènes

Library Genesis. Find your residency. China Residencies. Alternative Art Guide. Introduction. Art Base Africa. MagazineCritic's CircleIndexMultimediaAboutContact Artists | Projects Artist A- Z ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ | Browse All Artist. PAN!C. Persée UMS – Site institutionnel.