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Istituto Alberghiero "De Cecco", Pescara - Hotel and Catering Se

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The Winning Dish. The Winning Dish! - A different Task. Made by Caldarelli and Ferrante- MASTERCHEF- THE WINNING DISH! Arrosticini by gianluca di credico on Prezi. Negroni: a story of long-lasting Love by Chantal Fiorino on Prezi. Christmas chocolate Yule log - Forchocolate lovers! by Made by Paolini and D'Antonio-

Shrimp Cocktail by Amicone & Bosco. Arrosticini. Masterchef...The Winning dish! by Marzia Ferrara. CUPCAKE... every bite is a delight!! By Maria & Martina. TIRAMISU - Pick me up... when I am down by Romanelli. WINE by francesca romanelli on Prezi. WINE - PAOLINI PAOLA by Anastasia Ciavattella on Prezi. Wine by Amicone by Elisabetta Amicone on Prezi. Marzia ferrara 5 B De Cecco. Types of Wine by Laura Caldarelli on Prezi. Greta DAntonio A mind mapw. Wine by Chantal Fiorino on Prezi. On Wine By Francesco Valentini.