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The EU E-commerce directive and section 230 DMCA have edicted the principle of immunity of Intermediairies for third party content. Hence, this liability is interpreted differently between the US and the EU where the liability is knowledge based. The question of Notice and Take Down remains very unclear and can be harmful to the freedom of expression. How is the ISP, being the Judge and the Jury, is supposed to act 'expeditiously' ? biggest US ISPs are not in conformity with the EU regulations. They often don't have means of contact by telephone or email.
Cyberstalking has become a real threat online.
IP infringement is tackled in a wrong way with serious threat to fundamental Human Rights. Regulations such as ACTA, PIPA, SOPA, HaDoPI, DEAct, etc... are taking the wrong balance of proportionality of harm versus private financial interests. Shouldn't we start by clarifying the principal notion of IP rights in the digital world? Where judges can't agree on what is an IP infringement, how can we expect users to conforme with regulations? clarinette02 Jan 7

ISP liability for 1/3 party content

ISP liability for 1/3 party content

The 1709 Blog: Lessig triumphs in fair use battle
Dutch court rules that IP blocks are ineffective against piracy,

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Costeja vs Google

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Attari v Rapidshare / AuFeminin v Google FR

To regulate Net intermediaries or not is the question To regulate Net intermediaries or not is the question Sunil Abraham, Aug 26, 2012, DHNS : Given the disruption to public order caused by the mass exodus of North-Eastern Indians from several cities, the government has had for the first time in many years, a legitimate case to crackdown on Internet intermediaries and their users. There was, of course, much room for improvement in the manner in which the government conducted the censorship.
Google active censor of copyright violation

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TechnoLlama So Gikii! Call For Papers September 1-2 2014University of Sussex, Brighton TechnoLlama Monica Horten Published on 14 March 2014 Does the Internet belong to corporations or to citizens? Who runs it? Who owns it? Who decides what’s on it?
Liability for Obscene Materials UK

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Second BGH decision on Google Image search Second BGH decision on Google Image search In an intriguing decision (case reference I ZR 140/10 of 19 October 2011- Vorschaubilder II ) the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) yesterday again confirmed that search engine provider Google is not liable for copyright infringement where copyright protected works are displayed as preview pictures (thumbnails) in Google's image search results. This decision follows and confirms the court's decision in Vorschaubilder I which was handed down last year (case reference I ZR 69/08 of 29 April 2010, see IPKat report here). So far we only have the court's press release for Vorschaubilder II and this Kat tries to summarise what was decided. Google's Internet search engine includes a text driven image search function which allows users by using search terms to search for images, which third parties have published on the Internet in connection with the search term.
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