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8 Top Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Commercial Kitchen. Waste in commercial kitchens is a major issue.

8 Top Tips to Reduce Waste in Your Commercial Kitchen

In restaurants alone, food waste is estimated at over £680 million. Restaurants produce over 915,000 tonnes of waste every year of which 200,000 tonnes is food waste. Across the hospitality and food service sector, restaurants produce 22% of the total food waste. These are all startling statistics but with better food management, storage, preparation and portion control, then this could be reduced significantly. Here are 8 top tips to reduce waste in your commercial kitchen: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What do you need to set up a professional kitchen? Your Kitchen is The Heartbeat of Your Restaurant. If you run a restaurant, café or any other eating establishment you know that the kitchen is the heartbeat of your venue.

Your Kitchen is The Heartbeat of Your Restaurant

It doesn’t matter what the décor is like or how pleasant your waiting staff are, if the kitchen isn’t up to scratch then the food won’t be and the service will simply collapse. From i.imgur.comWith this in mind it is vital to get the right catering equipment and you give serious consideration to your industrial kitchen design and equipment installation. Having a kitchen fitted is always going to be expensive, time consuming and just a little bit messy; however, time and effort spent here will pay dividends in the years to come. So what do you need to think about in the planning stages?

List of Catering Appliances You Need for Commercial Kitchen. What It Takes To Run a Successful Restaurant. Running a Restaurant Successfully. Serving food to the general public, whether it’s in a restaurant, hotel, fast food establishment or pub, there are certain things you have to get right.

Running a Restaurant Successfully

Restaurants in particular are very competitive, with most of them failing within a year. Therefore it’s extremely important to get the fundamentals right if you want to give yourself the best chance of success. Below are the biggest components of running a successful restaurant, from hiring the right staff to ensuring a high level of quality control throughout your business. Hiring The Right Staff Hiring the right staff for your restaurant is very important. Hiring a good head chef can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to a restaurant. Getting The Right Equipment. Cooking Solutions For Small Commercial Kitchens. If you’re working with limited space then the size of your appliances is going to make all the difference if you want to maximise on efficiency.

Cooking Solutions For Small Commercial Kitchens

So, if you’re looking for cookers that will help you to use your commercial kitchen space effectively but with no compromise on performance and quality then you can’t go wrong with the Convotherm Mini Combi. With a width of only 20.3” it is a cooker that definitely punches above its weight. Ideal for roasting, backing, grilling, frying and steaming, the Mini Combi is a versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for small commercial kitchen spaces.

The Mini Combi comes complete with a very easy to use touch control panel as well as an in-built energy saving and cleaning system making it cost effective and giving you the opportunity to use the rest of your kitchen space efficiently. One Of The Most Flexible Small Cookers On The Market. Keeping Commercial Kitchen Clean And Safe Also Saves You Money. Keeping your commercial kitchen clean and safe is not only best practice but in the long run, it will save you money too.

Keeping Commercial Kitchen Clean And Safe Also Saves You Money

Hygiene in the catering industry is absolutely crucial. Regular cleaning is required to get rid of debris, potential contamination, pests and bacteria. Why Professional Fitters are Essential in a Commercial Kitchen? The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation. Commercial kitchen ventilation that is appropriately designed, manufactured and installed is a crucial part of every commercial kitchen environment.

The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Ventilation systems enable busy commercial kitchens to function efficiently and effectively ensuring that safety is high on the agenda and that the kitchen is a comfortable working environment for all the staff. Ventilation systems are specifically designed to remove heat and grease that is generated from catering equipment positioned directly beneath. They also remove the steam from other cooking processes, dishwashers and other catering equipment. The kitchen ventilation system is also there to remove carbon monoxide gasses which are produced from the combustion process when using gas appliances. Important Components for Designing A Successful Commercial Kitchen. 4 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen.

There are so many types of business that serve food to the public, including restaurants, hotels, fast food establishments, cafes and pubs to name just a few.

4 Things to Consider When Setting Up a Commercial Kitchen

The food industry is a notoriously difficult one to compete in. Therefore it’s extremely important to get the fundamentals right, such as the way your kitchen operates. Any kitchen that needs to produce food at a rapid rate to be served to the public must be highly efficient and safe. If your business serves food to the public, then you need to be aware of certain things in order to ensure that it’s a success. Below are some of the biggest things to take into consideration -

Finding and Keeping the Right Supplier. Things You Should Ask Catering Equipment Suppliers. Why Getting The Right Catering Equipment Is Vital? Many different types of businesses rely on good catering equipment, including pubs, restaurants, hotels, wine bars, leisure centres, fast food establishments and cafes.

Why Getting The Right Catering Equipment Is Vital?

If you run such a business, or any that serves food and drink for that matter then it’s vital that you get the best equipment possible. Getting good equipment is one of the necessary components of success when running a business that serves food and drink. Without the right equipment, your staff will not be able to do their jobs properly and as a result the output of your kitchen will suffer and it won’t be long before customers stop coming through the door. Differences Between European and US Commercial Kitchens. As anyone who has ever traveled between the United States and Europe will be aware, there are a number of fundamental differences in the diets and cuisine of the citizens on both sides of the pond.

Differences Between European and US Commercial Kitchens

Certainly, and in addition, the differences between individual European countries are numerous. These differences are never clearer than when considering the equipment which restaurants, cafes and caterers on each side of "the Pond" might use. Interest in catering equipment tends to come from two perspectives. 3 Important Things to Know about Refurbished Catering Equipment. If you have a busy bar, restaurant, café or any business that relies on their catering equipment, it’s important that everything is working as it should be, as it can be detrimental to your income if it isn’t.

3 Important Things to Know about Refurbished Catering Equipment

Whether setting up a new business, re-vamping an old one, or just in need of some new equipment, refurbished catering equipment could be right for you. 1. Why Buy Refurbished Catering Equipment If you don’t have a lot of funds to spare, sometimes reconditioned catering equipment can be the right fit for you. It’s a lot cheaper than buying everything brand new but works just as well. Refurbished Commercial Catering Kitchen Equipment will have been cleaned and tested to ensure its working as it should, so it’s almost like buying something brand new, just without the hefty price tag. 2. 3. Everyone hopes that their kitchen appliances will last forever, but it’s inevitable that at some point, something will break down. Considerations for New Catering Equipment. Whatever the size of your commercial kitchen, and whatever you offer from it, there will be times and situations where you need to either replace items of equipment or splash out on brand new items.

Sadly, even with warranties and maintenance nothing will last forever.