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Google. Science Worksheets Archives - Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. Biology of Plants: Introduction. All About Plants for Kids. How plants grow › How plants grow › Most plants grow from seeds.

All About Plants for Kids

Each seed needs the right conditions before it can start to grow (germinate) into a plant. How plants grow › What is a plant? What is a plant? Plants are living things that are usually rooted in the ground or live in water. What is a plant? Parts of a plant › Parts of a plant › The main parts of a plant are the roots, the stem, and the leaves. Parts of a plant › How plants make food › How plants make food › Plants make their own food with a process called photosynthesis. How plants make food › How seeds are spread › How seeds are spread › Plants use different methods to spread their seeds. How seeds are spread › Flowering plants › Flowering plants › Flowering plants form the biggest group of plants. Flowering plants › Parts of a flower › Parts of a flower › Flowers are made up of several different parts, which all have a different role in helping the plant to produce seeds.

Plant Life Sitemap - PLANTS 3rd. Learn about Plants: all types of plants Good revision for 4th grade. Natural Sciences. We Love Plants - Kids Growing Strong.

1. Parts of the plants

2. Needs of the plants. 3. FLOWERS. 4. TREES. Great Plant Escape. News & Events. All Kinds of Plants - Free Educational Games. Why do leaves change color in fall? Autumn Leaves and Fall Colors - Why do autumn leaves change color? Why Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?

Autumn Leaves and Fall Colors - Why do autumn leaves change color?

We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves. The changing fall foliage never fails to surprise and delight us. Did you ever wonder how and why a fall leaf changes color? Why a maple leaf turns bright red? Where do the yellows and oranges come from? To answer those questions, we first have to understand what leaves are and what they do. Search now for "fall foliage" Find maps, dates, and best scenic drives for fall colors Photosynthesis Leaves are nature's food factories.

The way plants turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar is called photosynthesis. Autumn Preparations for Winter As summer ends and autumn comes, the days get shorter and shorter. During winter, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis. As the bright green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors. The bright reds and purples we see in leaves are made mostly in the fall.

The brown color of trees like oaks is made from wastes left in the leaves. Can Plants Eat Insects? When you think of a jungle adventure, what comes to mind?

Can Plants Eat Insects?

Swinging around from tree to tree on vines? Gorgeous birds flying through the air? Monkeys and other exotic creatures prowling through the dense forest? Or do you think of plants? Probably not, right? Would you believe that there are some plants that eat insects and even small animals from time to time? One carnivorous plant that many students are familiar with is the Venus flytrap. There are several other examples of carnivorous plants.

Carnivorous plants tend to grow in areas where the soil is very thin and lacks necessary nutrients. Plants In Motion. Plant Hunters. Science - Plants Teaching Ideas. La motxilla. Growing-plants (Cicle Inicial) Plants. Soils 4 Kids. Plants, Flowers, Fruits and Seeds CLIL U7 BS 1 flashcards. StudyJams. Rader's BIOLOGY 4 KIDS.COM - Biology basics for everyone!