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Researching agricultural and tree biodiversity. How to Grow Blueberries - Growing the Superfruit. How to Grow Stevia and Make Homemade Stevia Extract. Wild Colours natural dyes. 1.

Wild Colours natural dyes

St John's Wort2. Ladies' Bedstraw and3. Dyers' Woodruff 1. St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) St John’s Wort is an erect perennial herb that can grow up to 1 metre tall. The bright yellow hermaphrodite flowers have five petals, are about 20 mm across, and are pollinated by insects. This plant is easily grown and it spreads through a network of creeping rhizomes. St John’s wort is native to Europe but it has reached North America where it has become a weed in some states. The leaves and flowers give up an unpleasant smell when crushed which was thought to keep evil spirits at bay. Dyeing with St John’s Wort The fresh flowers produce a series of four different shades (green, maroon, brown and yellow) on wool; see Dean for details of the procedure. Back to Top 2. The roots are finer than madder and produce paler colours due to the lower concentrations of dye.

Farmer shows how to feed the soil which feeds the plants which feed the people. Though the word “permaculture” isn’t mentioned, it appears to be this farmer’s philosophy and practice.

Farmer shows how to feed the soil which feeds the plants which feed the people

Introduction to Wildcrafting and Foraging, Part I: Equipment, Resources, What to Learn, and Timing. I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about various wild foods and other kinds of wildcrafting and foraging on this blog, and I wanted to talk today about the principles of wildcrafting and ethical foraging more broadly.

Introduction to Wildcrafting and Foraging, Part I: Equipment, Resources, What to Learn, and Timing

This post is the first in a series of two that focuses on introducing the reader to how to effectively wildcraft/forage, and is built upon my extensive experiences foraging and wildcrafting, which I have been doing in some form since childhood, but which I took up quite seriously about 7 years ago. This post offers definitions, supply lists, resources, what and how to learn, and information on timing. My upcoming post will discuss locations, avoiding environmental pollutants, and ethics. Deep in the blueberry bog–an abundant harvest! Paul Stamets patents “universal biopesticide” that Big Ag calls “the most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.”

When my boys were young, I once asked each of them what would they ask for if they could have anything in the world.

Paul Stamets patents “universal biopesticide” that Big Ag calls “the most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.”

Sean, eight years old, a very pragmatic soul with five planets in Taurus, responded, “a million dollars.” Aquarian Colin, on the other hand, age six, and now inventor of the Garden Tower Project, piped up, “A magic wand!” Has Stamets patented the magic wand? The Complete History of Monsanto, The World's Most Evil Corporation.


Young Farmers Sprouting Up Across the Nation. In an attempt to explain what seems to be the seed of a cosmic shift in how farming is practiced and portrayed in America, I offer you my story:

Young Farmers Sprouting Up Across the Nation

Seeds. Permaculture. Medicinal. Bees, butterflies. Mushrooms. Ormus.

Hydroponics, greenhouses, water . .

Advanced Science On How To REALLY Befriend A Tree. Beginning practitioners of Chinese internal organ massage (Chi Nei Tsang) are taught how to commune with trees.

Advanced Science On How To REALLY Befriend A Tree

Shouldn’t this be part of everyone’s education? By Mantak Chia “Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage”, Mantak and Mannewan Chia’s manual for practitioners of traditional Chinese medical massage, is yet another fine fruit of Chinese Taoist cosmology. Mao retained Traditional Chinese medicine while otherwise industrializing his country, which allowed China to continue its multi-millennia tradition of developing this great clinical science unencumbered by Communist dogma (while also spreading it throughout the Western world).

That a large percentage of potential in-patient visitors to Chinese hospitals are almost immediately discharged on the basis of a chi massage argues for what a serious and effective medical methodology it is. 1. Taoist Masters observed that trees are tremendously powerful plants. A. B. 1. C. Trees operate on a longer time scale than do human beings. Magical Wood Properties and the Magical Properties of Wood by DragonOak. Feminine energy.

Magical Wood Properties and the Magical Properties of Wood by DragonOak

Elder is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 25 November to 23 December. The Elder is also said to be the tree used in the crucifixion of Christ. Urtekildens bildegalleri - Medisinplanter. Alfabetisk etter norske nav. How to Pick the Best Organic Seeds & Avoid GMO Seed Varieties. Christina Sarich, Natural SocietyWaking Times GMO?

How to Pick the Best Organic Seeds & Avoid GMO Seed Varieties

Hybrid? Organic? Heirloom? How to Grow #Somniferum Poppies Growing our #SEEDS for GIANT Poppy #PODS. How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food. The Secret to Building a Salad Keyhole Garden. Kelly Roberson, GuestWaking Times A keyhole garden is a remarkably adaptable element that works in a range of garden styles.

The Secret to Building a Salad Keyhole Garden

Indoor Harvest Gardens. 21st Century Diversified Agriculture Project for Ghana - Aloha Ecowas Development Corporation LTD. Low Technology Mushroom Cultivation using Agricultural Wastes as Substrates Mushrooms are an attractive crop to cultivate in developing countries for many reasons.

21st Century Diversified Agriculture Project for Ghana - Aloha Ecowas Development Corporation LTD

One of the most compelling points would be that they are grown on agricultural wastes. It enables us to acquire substrate materials at low prices or even for free and to conserve our environment by recycling wastes. Mushrooms can be grown on virtually all types of available wastes. Figure 1. Quick Tips for Interacting with Faeries. I just returned from a book group during which people had questions about connecting with the Faery Realm.

Since many people ask similar questions, I thought I’d share just a few tips here. Please bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive list! Growing with Love: 4 Surprising Rules for a Healthy Crop. ~ Celine Koropchak. Via Celine Koropchakon Aug 3, 2014 Ever since I was a young girl, I found more peace and solace in being outside in nature than in any official church setting. There was something comforting about feeling the sun on my face, hearing the babbling of the brook beside the trail, or watching the birds dancing in the air. I felt a part of this natural existence and could feel my heavy heart lighten and my breathing become deeper and steadier. Now as an adult, I have chosen to take this one step further in my status as blueberry farmer and wildlife hostess.

For it appears that these blueberries are not just for me and my customers. Plant Consciousness Interview with John Perkins. The Man Who Planted Trees. 52 Wild Plants You Can Eat - Updated. Waking Times Editor’s Note: This list is originally from Suntactics, however, Waking Times has added important addendums to this information and has corrected some errors. If you have any additional insight to share, please do so in the comments section below, and we can assemble another version of this article once more input is taken. In addition to using the list below as a resource, consider the importance of properly educating yourself before consuming wild plants.

Below are some resources to consider: Subversion Without Violence. Bill Mollison once said, “I teach self-reliance, the world’s most subversive practice. I teach people how to grow their own food, which is shockingly subversive. So, yes, it’s seditious. How Plants Help Each Other Grow By Near-Telepathic Communication. Michael Forrester, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times Plants have scientifically been show to draw alternative sources of energy from other plants. European Commission to Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants & Seeds Not Registered with Government.

This Could Change the World! Real Crisis in the Economy, Economic Forecasts, Economic Recovery, …the list of headlines, news and political in-fighting over the economy seems endless. When Dreams “Bleed” Through. Most people have a favorite disaster scenario. My March Against Monsanto Speech. My friend Michelle asked whether I would be posting my speech from the March Against Monsanto, so I am going to post it here.

Gleaning. Richard Heinberg: why end of growth can mean more happiness. Susun Weed, Herbalist. Green Acres Neighborhood Garden. Laura Bruno – How I Did Less And Ate Better, Thanks To Weeds ~ Tama Matsuoka Wong At TEDx Manhattan – 28 August 2013. This was fun! Jerry Baker's Old-Time Gardening Wisdom: Lessons Learned from Grandma Putt's Kitchen Cupboard, Medicine Cabinet, and Garden Shed! (Jerry Baker Good Gardening series): Jerry Baker, Kim Gasior: 9780922433353: WakingTimes: 52 Wild Plants You Can Eat – 17 April 2013. Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn: Sequoia-Crystalline Portals of Healing and the Sacred Energy of Trees.

Amazing Singing Plant Technology, by Saveit4aSong. 10 Simple, Cheap Home Gardening Innovations to Set You on the Path to Food Independence. How to grow herbs indoors this winter. How to Grow Your Own Superfoods Indoor This Winter. Guide to Growing Vegetables. How to Grow an Oak Tree from an Acorn: 7 steps (with pictures) 17 Apart: Growing Celery Indoors: Never Buy Celery Again. Grow plants from your groceries, like ginger root and pineapple! Vegetable Spacing Guide". Dzine - Garden landscaping, planting and growing your own veggies.

Search. 10 Mosquitoes Controlling Plants for Home. The 7 Deadly Homemade Weed Killers. Ngo Family Farm: garlic tea for the garden. 5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants. Revolutionary Plots. Legge Lewis Legge Elevated Prairie.html.

Promised you a Herb Garden. VERTICAL HERB GARDENS - gardening, planting, nature, garden, sustainable lifestyle, do-it-yourself, creative environmental options, craft, organics, gardening, planting, flower pots, reusing, old and vintage, nature, environmental news, recycling tips, br. 40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens. Build a DIY vertical planter for small space gardening. Suspended String Gardens. Kokedama String Garden Design*Sponge. Moss carpet for your bathroom.

Recycled pallet vertical garden. More Creative Fence Ideas — J Peterson Garden Design. That Wall Looks Like a Perfect Spot for a Garden. Gardening in the boroughs of nyc. Inforgraphic: How Big A Backyard Do You Need To Live Off The Land? 7 ways to design a garden of tranquility. Gossip in the Garden. How To Make a Hanging Gutter Garden aHa! Home & Garden. Legge Lewis Legge Fractal Garden.html. Recent warmth brings out the best in a beautiful bamboo...

Knoll Gardens. Growing Power. Low tech home tech.