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Antibiotiques (médocs, PGM ou autres)

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Europe Reaches 'Breakthrough' Agreement In Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance. European leaders of the G20 have just reached an “important breakthrough” in the fight against growing antibiotic resistance.

Europe Reaches 'Breakthrough' Agreement In Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

At the G20 meeting held in Berlin in late May, several European leaders affirmed earlier declarations advocating for concerted action on antibiotic resistance. Each nation has also agreed to draw up plans by the end of 2018 describing how they will individually and cooperatively tackle antibiotic resistance. While this gathering was not a full summit of the G20 countries — which include the United States, Mexico, Japan, India and several others — it served to convene European powers ahead of the official meeting in July. As such, the meeting served to establish an agenda, focusing the narrative on antibiotic resistance and what global powers can do to halt it. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest health emergencies facing the world today. You-can-thank-antibiotics-for-all-the-cheap-meat. On demande Justice !

Et si le droit venait à la rescousse des défenseurs de l'environnement ?

On demande Justice !

Et si le droit venait à la rescousse des défenseurs de l'environnement ? Cette vidéo montre comment des bactéries deviennent résistantes aux antibiotiques en quelques jours. Des scientifiques américains et israéliens ont créé une méthode permettant d'observer comment des bactéries évoluent pour devenir résistantes aux antibiotiques.

Cette vidéo montre comment des bactéries deviennent résistantes aux antibiotiques en quelques jours

Ils dévoilent leurs résultats dans une vidéo stupéfiante. La résistante aux antibiotiques constitue aujourd'hui l'une des plus graves menaces pesant sur la santé mondiale, selon l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS). Texte de la pétition: Prevent the Antibiotic Apocalypse - Ban Overuse in Farming! To Public Health England, the European Commission and Veterinary Medicines Directorate: We, the undersigned, agree that more urgent action is needed to prevent what could become an “antibiotic apocalyspe” if concerns over antibiotic resistance are not taken more seriously.

texte de la pétition: Prevent the Antibiotic Apocalypse - Ban Overuse in Farming!

Tell these fast food chains: Stop using meat raised with antibiotics. The gross overuse of non-therapeutic antibiotics in the production of animals raised for meat has given rise to such dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs that even last-resort treatments are now ineffective.

Tell these fast food chains: Stop using meat raised with antibiotics

The fast food industry – which sells billions of pounds of meat each year raised with antibiotics – is taking notice of this growing public health threat. Just recently, after major public pressure, the fast food chain In-N-Out Burger publicly committed to removing meat raised with routine antibiotics from its restaurants.1 Other major chains including McDonalds, KFC and Subway have made similar public promises for some meat, like chicken, but have not committed to fully removing all antibiotic-raised meat from their restaurants.

It’s time we ramp up the pressure on these major fast food chains to follow In-N-Out’s lead now. Tell McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, KFC and Subway: Stop using meat raised with antibiotics. What you need to know about antibiotics in livestock. You’ve probably heard some controversy about antibiotics being used on farm animals – what’s the deal?

What you need to know about antibiotics in livestock

First, it’s important to clarify what we’re actually worried about. Tell these fast food chains: Stop serving antibiotic-raised chicken. The use of human antibiotics in animals constitutes a public health hazard: It promotes antibiotic resistance, making these drugs much less effective at treating human diseases and saving lives.1 Now, according to a recent announcement, even McDonald’s plans to stop using chickens that have been treated with antibiotics that are used in humans.

Tell these fast food chains: Stop serving antibiotic-raised chicken

But other top fast food chains, including Subway, Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC, have not yet committed to stop using these chickens in their products. McDonald’s stops buying chicken with antibiotics. Here’s why that matters. McDonald’s may be a global powerhouse, but right now it’s in a tough place.

McDonald’s stops buying chicken with antibiotics. Here’s why that matters

It has lost its shine and, as I wrote last week, gleaming new upstarts are ascendant. One way that McDonald’s can begin to shake off its negative image is to lead on issues that cry out for reform. Volailles : le test inquiétant de l'UFC-Que choisir. Losing the War on Super-Bugs. A post-antibiotic era—in which common infections and minor injuries can kill—far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st Century. – World Health Organization.

Losing the War on Super-Bugs

Sign the Petition to President Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack · Get the USDA to Rescind Its 'Filthy Chicken Rule' Poultry is already the most deadly source of food borne illness.

Sign the Petition to President Obama and USDA Secretary Vilsack · Get the USDA to Rescind Its 'Filthy Chicken Rule'

And working in a slaughterhouse is already the most dangerous job in America, according to some reports. So what is the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) plan to protect consumers and workers? It wants to privatize poultry inspection, putting companies in charge of their own inspections, and then increase the slaughtering line speed. In other words, the USDA's new "plan" will put both consumers and workers at greater risk. Tell Obama to Keep Antibiotics Out of Your Food. Re: Docket No. FDA-2010-N-0155-0139 A copy of your letter of support will be delivered to President Obama and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg: Dear President Obama and FDA Commissioner Hamburg, I was encouraged to learn that the Food and Drug Administration is taking steps through the proposed Veterinary Feed Directive, or VFD, rule to increase veterinary oversight when antibiotics are administered to livestock in feed and water.

And while I commend the agency for taking action, it’s time that the FDA preserve the efficacy of life-saving antibiotics by putting public health over the profits of the factory farm industry. Why Did FDA Ignore the Risks from Antibiotic Use? Overdose d’antibiotiques dans l’élevage industriel. Des animaux gavés aux antibiotiques pour accélérer leur croissance, et voilà des bactéries résistantes qui se retrouvent dans nos assiettes. Elles génèrent des affections parfois mortelles, qui représentent un coût élevé pour le système de santé. Mais la surconsommation d’antibiotiques représente un gain de productivité pour l’industrie agroalimentaire, qui, aux États-Unis, se réjouit de la récente décision de l’Agence de l’alimentation d’autoriser leur utilisation massive dans l’élevage. La consommation d’antibiotiques prescrits par les médecins n’est rien comparée à la quantité ingérée via l’alimentation.

FDA Ignored its Own Findings on the Dangers of Antibiotic Overuse on Farms. For decades scientists have been warning us about the link between the overuse of antibiotics on farms and the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria, or superbugs, that are making people sick but nothing has been done. According to a new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself concluded that using antibiotics on farms is unsafe years ago, but ignored its own findings. Big Ag’s big lie: Factory farms, your health and the new politics of antibiotics. Every September, the Animal Health Institute, the trade group of the animal pharmaceutical industry, hosts a party on Capitol Hill called Celebrity Pet Night. The AHI describes its signature social event as a night for “members of Congress and their staff — as well as friends of the animal health community — to gather to celebrate America’s pets.” Held in the ornate Caucus Room of the Cannon House Office Building, the party receives high marks from D.C. society columnists for its classy setting, loaded double bar and zoological star power.

Recent guests of honor include the cat Lord Tubbington from “Glee” and the French bulldog from the Robert Downey Jr. buddy-flick bomb “Due Date.” As the AHI tells it, these animal celebrities “bring awareness to the connection between animal health and human health.” In this way the evening functions as an extension of AHI’s public relations campaign in defense of the factory farm system and the drugs it requires to function. Mr. Will Factory Farms Finally Have to (Gasp!) Get a Vet's Approval to Use Antibiotics? Almost 80 percent of antibiotics consumed in the United States go to livestock farms; antibiotic-resistant pathogens affecting people are on the rise; and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made the connection between those two developments.

So what's the Food and Drug Administration doing to curb overuse of these key drugs on animal farms? Cochon bonnet rouge. Contre la colère de ses manants affamés qui venaient pour le pendre, le Seigneur est sorti de son château en leur disant "Je suis avec vous, notre ennemi c’est le Roi ! ". Et tous ensemble se mirent à hurler "À bas le Roi ! Vive notre bon Seigneur ! ". Et tous, Seigneur en tête, se mirent en marche, arborant des chapeaux ronds, ou des drapeaux bleus, ou des sabots noirs, ou des bonnets rouges...

Cette histoire est de partout et de tous les temps. Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future — Editor's Picks. Medical procedures may involve a high risk of infections, but our everyday lives are pretty risky too. One of the first people to receive penicillin experimentally was a British policeman, Albert Alexander. He was so riddled with infection that his scalp oozed pus and one eye had to be removed. The source of his illness: scratching his face on a rosebush. (There was so little penicillin available that, though Alexander rallied at first, the drug ran out, and he died.) Before antibiotics, five women died out of every 1,000 who gave birth. Sign the Petition · Keep Unnecessary Antibiotics Out of My Holiday Turkey! Did you know that the majority of holiday turkeys destined for your table can't fly or walk because they were kept in tight spaces and continuously fed antibiotics to make them fat?

Did you also know that your Butterball turkey could actually make you sick? Scientists have determined that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in turkey feed is producing antibiotic-resistant bugs. And those bugs are turning up in turkey meat. Even scarier? Fatter Turkeys, Fatter Profits, Sicker People. A petition to The Food and Drug Administration · Keep Unnecessary Antibiotics Out of My Butterball Turkey!

The FDA’s Guidance for Industry #213, ( asking drug makers to voluntarily change the labels on antibiotics used for livestock, and requiring farmers to get a prescription from veterinarians in order to buy antibiotics for farm animals falls far short of what is needed to protect consumers, the environment and the public health. The American Medical Association, the American Public Health Association, the National Association of County and City Health Officials, and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition are among the over 400 organizations ( representing health, consumer, agricultural, environmental, humane, and other interests that have supported enactment of legislation to phase out nontherapeutic use in farm animals of medically important antimicrobials.

Sign the Petition to the U. S. Food & Drug Administration · Ban the unnecessary use of antibiotics on factory farms! Priorités Santé 2/5. La menace de l'antibiorésistance - Page 4. Antibiotics Don't Work Against Superbugs. In early August, Cargill recalled 36 million pounds of ground turkey from its Springdale, Arkansas plant. In September the company recalled another 185,000 pounds from the same plant. Why Antibiotic Abuse is More Dangerous than We Thought.

G8 - Clamp Down on Overuse of antibiotics in food production. Name not displayed, France Mar 09, 16:00 Ms. Tell Obama to Keep Antibiotics Out of Your Food. Dear President Obama and FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, I am a concerned citizen writing to ask the U.S. Tell the FDA: We Need a Mandatory Ban on Sub-Therapeutic Doses of Antibiotics for Livestock—not Weak, Voluntary Guidance.

Interdiction de nourrir aux antibiotiques les animaux d'élevage destinés à la consommation. Update: FDA Restricts Some Antibiotics in Livestock.