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The Technique Zone: Acrylic Paint Transfer. Supplies needed: Acrylic dabbers, photocopy of an image, water spritzer bottle, paintbrush, card stock, craft sheet and heat tool (optional) Take the lid off the dabbers and brush the paint onto the card stock, ensure you get a good coverage Take your photocopied image ( remember that you will get a reverse of the image, so don't use bold words), flip it over and place it in the acrylic.

The Technique Zone: Acrylic Paint Transfer

Lightly press it down making sure it's smooth and not wrinkled Leave to air dry for at least 15 minutes and then if you wish give it a blast with the heat tool. Top 15 Healthy, Trendy Foods for 2012. By Jessie Price, Deputy Food Editor for EatingWell Magazine and Cassidy Tawse-Garcia One telling sign that a career in food was a good fit for me was that I've always loved grocery shopping.

Top 15 Healthy, Trendy Foods for 2012

I can happily spend hours browsing the aisles just to see if I might discover something I haven't noticed before. Lucky for me, I'm the food editor of EatingWell Magazine and I get to talk with our team of cooks in the EatingWell Test Kitchen about their daily supermarket shopping trips and the new things they've noticed during their trips up and down the aisles. BubbleCrumb. What's For Dinner. Fabulous 5-Minute Fudge Wreath. Make our easy and delicious fudge wreath this season!

Fabulous 5-Minute Fudge Wreath

It's the perfect treat to give friends and family during the holidays. Get the kids involved and make a few extra for last-minute gifts. PREP: 5 min + chilling INGREDIENTS: Unsalted butter, softened One 12-ounce package semisweet chocolate chips 1 cup butterscotch chips One 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk (save the can) 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract One 8-ounce can walnuts, plus more for topping ½ cup raisins or dried currants (a couple of handfuls) Candied red and green cherries (optional) DIRECTIONS:1. Cooking With a Crock Pot - Crock Pot Ingredients. Continue. Landee See, Landee Do: Festival of Trees: Glitter Cardstock Trees. Pumpkin Pie Croissants.

Recently, in my hunt for the perfect ways to use up my pumpkin, I found this amazingly simple and delicious recipe on Pressed Down, Shaken Together that uses pumpkin and crescent rolls. Now I have to say that it’s been awhile since I’ve bought said crescent rolls (don’t know why) and since I always love to mix up what I eat I decided to give it a shot. Boy was this delicious, seriously y’all, you’ve got to try it. It’s flaky, sweet, tasty, flavorful and mmmm, just feels right with a glass of milk or some hot tea. Jesus: From Genesis to Revelation. Pumpkin Vegetarian Chili Recipe. 6 Common Mistakes You're Making with Roast Chicken. Cookies in Chinese Food Boxes - Decorative Thanksgiving Candle Craft and Shop #GlueNGlitter — Life With Sharon. #f5692a79e1aec2. #f5692a79e1aec2. Potato Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce. Pioneer Woman Home & Garden. Look at this cute purse.

Pioneer Woman Home & Garden

I received it as a gift over the weekend. I love it. Cute handles… Very cute lining. Pioneer Woman Home & Garden. A sweet friend of mine sent the girls and me a box of adorably adorable owl pillows this week.

Pioneer Woman Home & Garden

She doesn’t sell them, doesn’t have an Etsy shop…she just makes them. I think they might be the sweetest things I’ve ever seen, and I think they’ll be precious in the girls’ new room. I don’t know what it is about owl pillows. Or owls in general. They’re just so charming. Pumpkin Mousse with Crunchy Gingersnaps and Maple Creme Fraiche. Candy Cane Blossoms. Too darn cute.

Candy Cane Blossoms

How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. Pulled Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Rainbow Slaw. If you’re anything like we are one of the highlights of the Holiday season (or really anytime of the year) is serving a gorgeous whole roasted turkey.

Pulled Leftover Turkey Sandwich with Rainbow Slaw

Not only are the “Ooohs” and “Ahhhs” over your succulent roast beast worthy of any family’s love, but the promise of a dinner that’s just a litle more wonderful than normal. Add a few over the top side dishes and you’ve got yourself a true feast. Unfortunately once that meal is all said and done, there’s the question of what to do with the leftover turkey. 8 Crafts Using Baby Food Jars. A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a few recipes using leftover jar baby food.

8 Crafts Using Baby Food Jars

Now that all your baby food jars are empty here are a few baby food jar crafts that look pretty neat using the empty baby food jars. Baby Food Chandelier Halloween Votives Baby Night Lights Baby Food Jar Party Favors. Diane Morgan's Easy Homemade Treats to Give for Christmas. Papier-mache easter eggs. Sweet and sour drinks. Healthy Eating Plate. The Healthy Eating Plate, created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health and editors at Harvard Health Publications, was designed to address deficiencies in the U.S.

Healthy Eating Plate

Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s MyPlate. The Healthy Eating Plate provides detailed guidance, in a simple format, to help people make the best eating choices. Use The Healthy Eating Plate as a guide for creating healthy, balanced meals—whether served on a plate or packed in a lunch box. Put a copy on the refrigerator as a daily reminder to create healthy, balanced meals! Make most of your meal vegetables and fruits – ½ of your plate: Aim for color and variety, and remember that potatoes don’t count as vegetables on the Healthy Eating Plate because of their negative impact on blood sugar.

Go for whole grains – ¼ of your plate: Protein power – ¼ of your plate: Fish, chicken, beans, and nuts are all healthy, versatile protein sources—they can be mixed into salads, and pair well with vegetables on a plate. EGO Tea Company. Chocolate bars by Chocomize – Create your own personalized chocolate from over 100 ingredients. Stash Tea Company Official Site. Wine Types Chart. Watercolored vases. My latest DIY for Project Wedding is bright and cheerful, a nice break from the bleak winter weather this last week.

watercolored vases

Making your own watercolored vases is an affordable option for a spring wedding or party. To make them, you can use any type of plain glass (thrifted or saved from recent packaging will save you money). Combine paint with water and swirl the vase around in the mixture, it creates a very pretty looking watercolor effect. Find the exact instructions and measurements here. I am absolutely in love with the semi transparent texture and jagged edges this painting technique leaves behind. Photography done for me by Carly Taylor. Guest blogger - Sasha from The Guilded Bee: Here's another DIY project from our sweet friend, Sasha - from the The Gilded Bee. Be sure to check out her awesome shop full of handmade packaging lovelies. 353486_460s_v2.jpg (funny,sites,humor,internet,web) picture on VisualizeUs. Nutella Mug Cake.

I have been experimenting with different mug cakes every since I heard about them about a year ago. None of them have been winners. They were either too chewy, too dry, or not sweet enough. Well, I continued experimenting, and thought why not add some decadent Nutella into the mix. I modified the classic mug cake recipe, added Nutella, and a little more milk and oil than I had been using before. The results were beyond amazing. Sponsored: Cook with Chef Boyardee® Capn Wacky's Lists. Questions I Have For People Who Have Their Life Figured Out. Hello Person Who Has Their Life Figured Out, Have you been sent to this planet to make me feel bad? I went to your apartment the other day and was overwhelmed by how grown up it felt. You had three candles burning and it smelled like stability — a scent that I can’t seem to find anywhere — and you offered me some tea (WHO DOES THAT?)

And I noticed that you also had freshly cut hydrangeas on your coffee table. For the record, I also have hydrangeas on my coffee table. Books: Get Healthy - Culture. Throw a Holiday Party. Homemade Treats That Make Great Gifts. Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes from Celebrity Chefs. How to Make the Healthiest Choices at Thanksgiving. The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows for Sure. 11 creepy cocktails to help you celebrate Halloween.

Top 10 classics – vote for the most beautiful book. German Advertising. How to turn water into marbles. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep. Mind = Blown.

Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter ... Lead Paint Comics - Vitamin L. If You Love, Love Openly. Writing Tips from C. S. Lewis - Till He Comes. Creative Writing For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Thirty Question Character Survey. 136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles. The 10 Types of Writers' Block (and How to Overcome Them) 29 ways to stay creative by Huub Koch (therealhuubkoch. If-I-Could-Write-Words.


Humor. Household. Cute. The Phobia List. Unexplained Mysteries of Feral Children. “Monkey boys,” “wolf girls,” “gazelle boys,” and even an “ostrich boy;” they are all part of the lore of the feral children. Also known as “wild children,” these are children who have grown up with little or no human contact, and they are therefore unaware of human social behavior or language. Some are thought to have been raised by animals, some have reportedly fended for themselves in the wild, and others have grown up in the forced isolation. A feral child (also, colloquially, wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very early age, and has no (or little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and, crucially, of human language, in some cases this abandonment was due to the parents' rejection of a child's severe intellectual or physical impairment. Feral children may have experienced severe pain before being abandoned or running away.

Spirit Vaults : Meditation - Essay. It seems everyone is interested in meditation...talking about the wonderful benefits, recommending classes and discussing the different ways to "do it". Ethical Halloween Candy That Doesn't Suck - Food. Child Slaves Made Your Halloween Candy. Stop Buying It. - Food. I’m the mother of four children, age two to six. That means I’ve spent six Halloweens supervising my kids as they canvas our neighborhood, snapping up chocolates from our neighbors. I only discovered last year that my kids were collecting the products of child laborers, some of whom have been trafficked for the chocolate trade.

Every October, American kids like mine are treated to a wide array of chocolates—Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers—because hundreds of thousands of children in West Africa are enslaved harvesting cocoa beans. These children are performing this work for the benefit of most of the mainstream chocolate providers in the United States. A report from the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast and other African countries estimated there were 284,000 children working on cocoa farms in hazardous conditions. All you need to know about Visual Thinking.

Protect Your Heart: An Age-By-Age Guide - iVillage#389305. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Heart-Healthy 1,800-calorie Diet Plan.

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