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App Directory. The Ether Review - Parsing The Ethereum Global Computing Platform And Ecosystem. Lets Talk about solutions for the big human problems with ethereum : ethereum. South Africa's Banks Are Going DIY to Test Ethereum's Blockchain. Members of six African banks reportedly met yesterday to discuss the next steps in their ongoing effort to connect aspects of the South African banking system via a private version of the ethereum blockchain, according to sources.

South Africa's Banks Are Going DIY to Test Ethereum's Blockchain

Present at the event was CIO of Barclays Africa's corporate and investment banking division, Andrew Baker, who said that while the unnamed banks are still in the early phases of the "most pure collaborative process" he’s ever participated in, the effort has been propelled by a surprising technology – instant messaging. After some early internal work within Barclays subsidiary, Absa, including logging archived payments on a blockchain and writing simple ethereum-based smart contracts, Baker created a WhatsApp group and invited a few of his peers at competing banks. By giving those bank representatives administrative access to the blockchain group, he said the team of would-be competitors quickly grew to 50 members from six of South Africa’s largest banks.

Untitled. Ahead of tomorrow morning’s expected hard fork of the Ethereum network, the #2 cryptocurrency technology after Bitcoin itself is already attracting plenty of added attention this week.


Coinbase CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong sounded off on the looming hard fork with a tweet: Aside from Coinbase star power, Ethereum is likely to benefit from a positive news cycle as a major $50,000 coder competition or “hackathon” focused around the technology launched this morning. Interested participants and bystanders can learn more at The competition is hosted by Ethereum’s block explorer and contract analysis tool . The winning app creator gets $50,000 in Bitcoin, Ether, or any other major cryptocurrency of their choosing - at current market rates, that would be about 74.5 BTC or 4,500 ETH. The competition’s second season, submissions to the hackathon will be reportedly judged by a 13 member panel featuring prominent experts from the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities.

BITNATION: Governance 2.0. Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real. In May 2016, CoinDesk presented its 2nd annual blockchain technology summit, Consensus 2016, in collaboration with Digital Currency Group (DCG), the blockchain industry’s most active investor, and Coin Center, the industry’s leading public policy research and advocacy center.

Consensus 2016: Making Blockchain Real

The sold out event defined what is "real" in blockchain technology and focused on how to mainstream real-world applications for consumers and enterprises alike. The 1,500 attendees featured professionals from leading industry startups, investment firms, financial services institutions, academic and policy groups.

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White Paper · ethereum/wiki Wiki. > An introductory paper to Ethereum, introduced before launch, which is maintained.

White Paper · ethereum/wiki Wiki

Satoshi Nakamoto's development of Bitcoin in 2009 has often been hailed as a radical development in money and currency, being the first example of a digital asset which simultaneously has no backing or [intrinsic]( and no centralized issuer or controller. Starter guide: (almost) all the links you'll need to start understanding ethereum. : ethereum. Decentralized Apps for Beginners - What is a dApp? What is a dApp?

Decentralized Apps for Beginners - What is a dApp?

Decentralized apps are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity. Where bitcoin is a decentralized value exchange, a decentralized application aims to achieve functionality beyond transactions that exchange value. Many types of decentralized apps are starting to emerge as blockchain technology continues to progress. More companies and individuals are seeing the potential for what can be achieved in decentralizing not just money but almost any type of computing imaginable. Decentralized apps potentially represent the next generation of computing.

An overview of dApps can be found at the following Github repository: According to “The General Theory of Decentralized Applications, dApps” a decentralized application or dApp (pronounced dee-app) must meet the following 4 criteria (summarized below): Secure, transactional control of utility systems. 7 Cool Decentralized Apps Being Built on Ethereum. Imagine a company or service that isn't controlled by any single individual, board or other central entity.

7 Cool Decentralized Apps Being Built on Ethereum

Known as a decentralized application, or 'dapp' for short, the concept has been one of the more novel ideas to emerge from the blockchain community. Armed with self-executing smart contracts, proponents of the technology have envisioned ways to replace everything that today requires a centralized leadership, from businesses and services to governments. In some ways, bitcoin could be considered the first dapp, as it is fully open-source, rewards contributors, runs without a central authority and uses blockchain technology to help facilitate its continued use case as an online currency. Next-generation innovators are now seeking to apply these same principles to a variety of online services they believe could be built in the dapp format, armed with a little effort, know-how and the will to charge forward into the unknown. But what can you do with a dapp? Enriching the web.