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NSWAqua is your Aquaculture & Aquaponics Association - JOIN and help SECURE your industry's future. By Rob McCormack The Yabby is a freshwater crayfish native to Australia.

NSWAqua is your Aquaculture & Aquaponics Association - JOIN and help SECURE your industry's future

Also known as a crawchie, crawdad, craybob or even lobbie, it’s all dependent on where you come from. Yabbies as a name can refer to any number of different crayfish species (small smooth shelled species) but as a rule it generally refers to Cherax destructor. This species is a native of the Murray Darling system (west of Great Divide) and has the broadest distribution of any species in Australia. In fact the yabby Cherax destructor is one of the few species other than man which is increasing its distribution across the planets surface. Yabbies are also known as the western blue claw yabbies, basically because they mostly have blue claws. What Fish to Grow - Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm Perth. The most popular varieties for your back yard fish farm would have to be Silver Perch, Trout, Barramundi, Marron and Yabbies.

What Fish to Grow - Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm Perth

The following information and advice is going to be based on the assumption that you have a 1,000lt tank, that has been set up with a correctly sized pump and filter, be it a aquaponics grow bed, a plant filter, a biological or under gravel filter and positioned to receive sun for most of the day, in a standard outdoor, back yard environment. Marron and Yabbies Let’s start with Marron and Yabbies, these are a great way to get children interested. To mimic nature as best as possible, we recommend a thick layer of fine river gravel on the base of the pond and invest in some hides. Hides are a series of folded, course mesh, with a float on the top and a weight at the base, this means that your crustaceans re not confined to the base of the pond, it encourages natural behaviors as they can move up and down, using the entire column of water.

Ag Devices App. Articles - Pipers Creek Hatchery. Buy Freshwater Mussels, Silver Perch and Yabbies. SORRY, We are staying closed till the NEW Year 2022.

Buy Freshwater Mussels, Silver Perch and Yabbies

We had planned to be open by September 2021 but extremely wet weather that stopped our new pond construction with construction now planned to commence late September. Plus Covid hassles that closed borders and lockdowns has delayed completion of our Govt. and commercial contracts that were all due to be completed by August (they all roll over now to December completion). (Sorry we have work to complete in both Victoria and Queensland but with those States borders closed we have been unable to complete these projects.

When borders do open we will complete them but can’t be on the farm producing/selling aqua produce when we are working interstate.) Sorry, we are staying closed for the rest of the year. Australia-Wide Shipping. 5' Fish Attractor Artificial Reef Habitat - Love my pond. Beautiful beginner pond plants: The water hyacinth. Eichhornia crassipes, Commonly known as common water hyacinth, is an aquatic plant native to the Amazon basin.

Beautiful beginner pond plants: The water hyacinth

Water hyacinth are popular, beginner level, easy to care for, floating pond plants! But they’re also water purifying and a great solution to green water issues that many pond owners experience! On the water surface, the water hyacinth have beautiful thick green bulbous leaves which produce attractive flowers in the summer. Underneath the water, these plants have huge black roots. Can I Breed Fish In My Dam? The Reality Of Breeding Fish In Dams - LMP. Breeding fish in your dam can be quite rewarding and people often come to us with grand dreams of dropping a few fingerlings into their water and ending up with a fully-fledged fish farm.

Can I Breed Fish In My Dam? The Reality Of Breeding Fish In Dams - LMP

Unfortunately, if this is your goal, you’ll be sorely disappointed. If you’re looking for a quick guide, click here. If you’d rather have a better idea of the what, how and why, read on. How to Control Mosquitoes Without Killing Pollinators and Other Important Wildlife. By Susan Gitlin, ARMN member Warm weather and mosquitoes will be here before you know it, leading many of us to look for ways to enjoy the outdoors without being pestered by those annoying little—and sometimes disease-bearing—biters.

How to Control Mosquitoes Without Killing Pollinators and Other Important Wildlife

There is a lot of information being disseminated by health organizations about health risks to humans from mosquito bites (see CDC links, below). But besides protecting ourselves from being targets, we need to work at eliminating mosquito habitat and controlling their numbers. Environmental Water Pump. Australia's Best Rain Water Tank Filter Systems. Innovative Water Solutions. DC 12V SOLAR WATER PUMP 30M SUBMERSIBLE BORE HOLE PUMP DEEP WELL HEAD 70M LIFT for sale online. 3” DC Deep Well Solar Water Pump 48V 600W Bore Hole Submersible MPPT Controller.

eBay. The 1.5hp Protege bore water pump gives you a class-leading flow rate, producing an awesome 83L/min at 38 metres' depth.


And if you need to go really deep, its 14 impellers will still be producing 17L/min at a dizzying depth of 108 metres. What's more, featuring housing in 304-grade stainless steel as well as inlets and outlets in brass, it's truly built to last. So, whether you need it for domestic or commercial applications, get pumped about your savings and order the Protege today!

In parts of Australia, it might be hard to believe that water is everywhere. But with your powerful 1.5hp Protege, you're equipped to find it. Only requiring a borehole of 100mm, the Protege minimises the work needed to reach the water. Bamford Pumps - Hi-Ram - A New Hydraulic Ram Pump Water Pump or Hydram. The Bamford "Hi-Ram Pump ®" Introduction [Introduction] [Latest News] [About the Pump] [Questions & Answers] [Prices] [Pump Installation] [File Downloads] [New Applications] [Links] [Contact Us] "Hi-Ram Pump ®" - A New, Simple and Economical Pump - Powered by Water.

Bamford Pumps - Hi-Ram - A New Hydraulic Ram Pump Water Pump or Hydram

An Australian Invention - Australian Patent No. 741896 The pump is quiet and is operated solely by the energy in a flow of water entering from above the pump. A basic version of the "Hi-Ram Pump" (The steel pipe on the left is the drive pipe entering the pump) Particularly in developing countries, the choices for pumping water are often limited because reliable or affordable sources of power are not available. Although the principle of operation of the Bamford Hi-Ram Pump is similar to that of a traditional hydraulic ram pump, the new pump is considerably different in its construction and operating characteristics. It will work against both high and low output heads, thereby covering a much wider range of operating conditions. Building a Farm Dam. Spring-Fed Dam becomes a little lake always different – Marilyn Williams.

This spring-fed dam is situated on our 3 acre property in Mt Direction, Tasmania.

Spring-Fed Dam becomes a little lake always different – Marilyn Williams

Spring-fed dam It’s not a large dam by any stretch of the imagination, but here you could be forgiven for thinking it was just a little pond! When we first saw it, as we were surveying the property and considering its purchase, it was so overgrown that it was very hard to tell where the grass ended and the dam began. I didn’t wan’t to sink into the dam unawares! I can remember picking my way through the long grass, being really conscious of the potential of snakes. Home Renovation & Building Forum.