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Oysters are perfect for romance. And perfect to eat at home. This Nov.30, 2015 photo shows raw oysters in Concord, NH.

Oysters are perfect for romance. And perfect to eat at home

One of Valentine's Day's enduring customs is to launch the annual Feast of Love with a dozen raw oysters on the half shell washed down with a chilled bottle of bubbly. Oh So Good Jack Daniel's Chicken Wings – Lovefoodies. 30 Turmeric Recipes, the Wonder Spice. 10 Dishes You Loved in December Slideshow. Podcast Epsiode 42: The Best Things We Ate In 2015. One of the hardest questions for a food magazine editor to answer is also one of the most popular: “What was the best thing you ate this year?”

Podcast Epsiode 42: The Best Things We Ate In 2015

On this week’s end-of-year blowout episode of our podcast, editor in chief Adam Rapoport poses this most difficult of questions to deputy editor Andrew Knowlton and senior editor Julia Kramer, the duo that spearheads our annual Hot 10 list of the Best New Restaurants in America. Knowlton and Kramer go deep on their favorite pizzas, burgers, old-school restaurant meals, and more. (And just wait until they disclose the worst things they ate in 2015 later in the episode.) Want to get fermenting at home? Look no further than White Kimchi Then Rapoport pays a visit to the Test Kitchen to chat with the fermentation and foraging experts among our staff: assistant editor Amiel Stanek and Test Kitchen manager Brad Leone.

17 Foods That Should Absolutely Be Taco'ed Slideshow. Everything You Need for the 2016 Food Lover's Cleanse. We are so excited to be launching the Sixth Annual Food Lover’s Cleanse on January 2.

Everything You Need for the 2016 Food Lover's Cleanse

We hope you will join us as we get back in the kitchen, making delicious, satisfying, food with vibrant unprocessed ingredients like whole grains, healthy seafood, and winter’s best produce. We think the all new menu gives you an incredible range of flavors. 17 Recipe Projects to Tackle This Weekend Slideshow. 32 Lamb Recipes, from Chops to Roasts to Kebabs Slideshow. Photographer Renovates Rustic London Retreat. Photographer Mike Penn purchased this London property with the idea of transforming it from a commercial office space to a modern family home with a home studio.

Photographer Renovates Rustic London Retreat

TG-Studio worked with him to redesign the three-story property, originally an old barn before being converted into an office space. The goal of Mews House was to create a comfortable home that embraced the original character of the building, including exposing brick walls and adding industrial accents such as lighting and furnishings. The first floor consists of a home office and studio. The simple rustic-meets-industrial aesthetic includes many of the owner’s famous horse prints, a style that is carried throughout the home. The main living quarters are on the second floor. In the living room, the oak floorboards continue halfway up the wall and are met by a custom lighting feature for a look that’s both warm and modern. The architects describe the master bathroom as “New York retro meets luxurious Fitzrovia.”

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes. Homemade Apple Sauce Common Mistakes. We may have loved those little plastic tubs of tooth-achingly sweet, smooth-as-baby food applesauce as kids, but these days our tastes have matured.

Homemade Apple Sauce Common Mistakes

When we think applesauce now, we think lightly sweetened, nicely textured, and homemade. Now that apples are in their prime season, it’s time to make a big weekend batch that’ll last as long as you let it. Even if you don’t can it, sauce will keep longer than fresh apples (the sugar acts as a preservative). How to Make a Crown Roast. Cooking for a crowd during the holidays takes a lot of time and effort, so we understand the desire to outsource as much of the work as possible.

How to Make a Crown Roast

But if you’re making our showstopping Crown Roast of Pork with Lady Apples and Shallots (or any crown roast, for that matter) we highly recommend buying two racks and crowning them yourself. How to Buy, Store, and Cook with Kohlrabi, in Season in December. Once thought of as a bizarre, alien-looking vegetable, kohlrabi is now a mainstay in many people’s diets.

How to Buy, Store, and Cook with Kohlrabi, in Season in December

This is no doubt in thanks to the proliferation of farmers’ markets and CSA farms—kohlrabi is not only easy to grow, it stores well and lasts for months in the colder, non-growing season. Treat it like you would any hardy winter root vegetable: Boil and mash it, roast it, steam it, or simmer it into a stew. Smaller, tender bulbs are often sweet enough to eat raw.

How to Buy, Store, and Cook with Beets in Season in December. Beets are one of winter’s sweetest treats.

How to Buy, Store, and Cook with Beets in Season in December

This root vegetable, which is harvested all summer through late fall, stores well and keeps for months. The One Thing Standing Between You and Perfect Pork Belly. Yes, everybody makes basic cooking mistakes.

The One Thing Standing Between You and Perfect Pork Belly

Like, say, something as simple as overcooking mushrooms or toasting grains and spices. Below, reader Elizabeth Youngblut confesses her rubbery pork belly to associate food editor Rick Martinez. Here’s Martinez’s advice for making sure it never happens again. Min Gyoum Kim - Min Gyoum Kim a partagé la vidéo de Tasty.