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Flippade klassrum

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Recordor - Record Lectures for Flipped Classroom or Courses. EPA – en ofta använd metod i mitt Flippade Klassrum. EPA står för enskild, par och alla.

EPA – en ofta använd metod i mitt Flippade Klassrum

Vad är det flippade klassrummet? Flippa klassrummet - enkelt och på svenska. A Christmas Carol: a flipped lesson. Every year at Christmas time I talk about A Christmas Carol in my classes for many different reasons.

A Christmas Carol: a flipped lesson.

It is a wonderful Christmas tale and it allows to study some aspects of British literature, as well. We usually watch the last Disney movie and we read some excerpts from the book.This year I thought of a flipped lesson. Students have to gather information and do some research about the tale before watching the movie or reading the book. Then, they will discuss the topics concerning the novella, the author and the Victorian Era in their classroom. As a teacher, I will just provide the learning material, suggest the websites to surf outside the classroom and guide my students to apply their knowledge during class activities.As usual, I prepared a lesson with the help of some digital tools. The following is a deepening on the Victorian Era for more advanced students. Click on the following symbol on the image to enlarge: Så flippar jag. Bra klassrum för flipclass. – Hur gör jag en podcast – liknande #värmeradio.

Är du också sugen på att dra igång en egen podcast, men inte riktigt vet hur? – Hur gör jag en podcast – liknande #värmeradio

Här tänkte jag försöka gå igenom allt hur du gör. Det är en del att tänka på och det krävs lite fix för att få igång allt, men när du väl är igång är det inte svårare än att publicera ett blogginlägg. Det fina i kråksvängen är att allt går att göra rätt så gratis. När vi är klara kommer du att ha en podcast som kommer vara publicerad på iTunes och dessutom prenumererbar via andra enheter, som Android mm med statistik över prenumeranter och lyssnade avsnitt. Dessutom kommer du ha en webbsajt för din podcast. Index Vad du behöver *Skapa bildlogga/omslag samt säljtext *WordPress och Powerpress *Sätta upp konto på podtrac.comPublicera podcast på iTunes *Fixa till och konvertera ditt podcastavsnitt med iTunesPublicera ett avsnitt *Sammanfattning * = obligatorisk (övriga kan hoppas över, men läs igenom avsnitten ändå) 1. Dator – i mitt fall använder jag en Mac, men det är inget måste. 2. 3.

Så… nu drar vi igång… Ex. Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom. July, 2014 Unlike the numerous graphics I shared here on the topic of flipped learning which were substantially theoretically based, the one I have for you today provides a practical demonstration of how Dr.Russell flipped his classroom .

Teachers' Practical Guide to A FLipped Classroom

The graphic also features some of the activities and procedures he drew in his flipped instruction. Another section of this graphic highlights some of the bearings of this flipped methodology on students performance particularly in terms of the enhanced test scores. The purpose behind sharing this visual is to provide you with a concrete example of how you can go about integrating a flipped learning methodology in your instruction.

This is only a paradigmatic example which you can adapt with due modifications to your own teaching situation. Here are the three easy steps Dr. 1- Record 25 lectures were recorded with Echo 360, each just 35 minutes long 2- Watch Students tune in and watch video the night before class. Flipped Classroom. 9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom. Flipped Classroom | November 2013 Digital Edition 9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom Early adopters share how schools can find success with teachers and students alike--even when the technology seems as topsy-turvy as the lessons.

9 Video Tips for a Better Flipped Classroom

In 2007, when Colorado high school teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams began experimenting with recording their lectures in order to spend class time on deeper face-to-face learning with students, they probably didn't foresee the major movement that would grow up around what came to be called the flipped classroom. But six years later, the growth in interest remains exponential, suggesting this is far more than a fad. Just since January 2012, the number of active members on the Flipped Learning Network's Ning site has grown from 2,500 to more than 15,000. Today, it seems, there is no one correct way to flip the classroom, and approaches vary both by subject and educational philosophy.

Det flippade klassrummet by Johan Karlsson on Prezi. Det flippade klassrummet med Karin Brånebäck på Framtidens lärande 2013. Skolministeriet : Det flippade klassrummet. Jackie Gerstein: An Illustration of Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture. Salman Khan: Så kan video förändra undervisningen. Aaron Sams: The Flipped Mastery Classroom in Action. Aaron Sams: Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning. Aaron Sams: The Flipped Classroom. Jonathan Bergmann: Flipped-Mastery Classroom.

Katie Gimbar's Flipped Classroom - Penn State Skype Session. Katie gimbar: What is the Most Interesting Feedback You Have Gotten? Katie Gimbar: What If Students Don't Watch The Videos? ▶Katie Gimbar: How Was Your First Full Year of Flipping? Katie Gimbar's: Why it has to be me! ▶Katie Gimbar: Why I Flipped My Classroom. Introduction to Flipped Classroom Model. Jon Bergmann Talks About Flipped Learning. Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools. In the right setting the flipped classroom model can work well for some teachers and students.

Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools

I recently received an email from a reader who was looking for a recommendation for a tool would enable her to add an assessment aspect to her flipped lesson. Here are some tools that can accomplish that goal. eduCanon is a free service for creating, assigning, and tracking your students' progress on flipped lessons. eduCanon allows teachers to build flipped lessons using YouTube and Vimeo videos, create questions about the videos, then assign lessons to their students.

Teachers can track the progress of their students within eduCanon. To create lessons start by identifying a topic and objective then searching YouTube and Vimeo from within the eduCanon site. Teachem is a service that uses the TED Ed model of creating lessons based on video. Knowmia is a website and a free iPad app for creating, sharing, and viewing video lessons.