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Google. Privatisation. MapMaker Interactive. SoundManager 2: A Javascript Sound API - MPC Demo. Smashing Pumpkins Tour Dates 2012 — Smashing Pumpkins Concert Dates and Tickets. Localiser mes amis. Glee Karaoke. App Cloud Studio.

GeoData Blog: Spot 5 fait parler de lui dans le journal gratuit METRO. UT on Rails. Last year I held a series of non credit Rails courses for University of Texas Students, i’m happy to announce that i’ve been granted an Adjunct Professor position at the UT and I’m teaching a for credit course in Databases and Rails.

UT on Rails

Lucky for you, i’m a sucker for online learning, so i’ll be putting all my course material online, right here. The Course. Python Programming in your Browser: PythonAnywhere. EveryBlock. - Accurate MMA / UFC fight outcome predictions - 83% accuracy! - Powered by Django. Ebcode - Source code of is an experimental news Web site that provides information at a "microlocal" level — by neighborhood or city block.

ebcode - Source code of

It was funded by a grant from Knight Foundation, which requires the site's backend code to be open-sourced. Here is the code. Overview In an effort to make the code useful to as many people as possible, we've split it into several packages: The main package (probably the thing you're looking for) is the publishing system, known as ebpub. Free and Enterprise API Management and Infrastructure. Kevin Systrom, Instagram - Mike Krieger, Instagram - Optimize for People, Not Valuation. Description "Seeking venture capital is like hiring people for your team," says Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom.

Kevin Systrom, Instagram - Mike Krieger, Instagram - Optimize for People, Not Valuation

Here he encourages aspiring founders to find funding from individuals that truly believe in what you are trying to achieve, rather than those seeking immediate boosts in valuation. According to Systrom, "Rather than optimizing for valuation, it's far better to optimize for people. " Mapper. LittleSis - Profiling the powers that be. Research Toolkits. Research Toolkits: An Introduction to Research Justice aims to build the capacity of grassroots organizers and community members and better equip marginalized communities to reclaim, own, and wield all forms of knowledge and information.

Research Toolkits

With strategic support, the knowledge and information generated by these communities can be used as political leverage to advance their own agendas for change.The toolkit effectively: Explores the theory of Research Justice – a strategic framework that seeks to transform structural inequities in knowledge production Advances community-driven research as a powerful tool to build grassroots power Helps participants choose which research methods will prove most effective for their campaigns and organizing objectives Employs popular-education techniques to encourage leadership development Data Feud is tool used to share statistics, survey results and quantitative data in a fun and engaging way. Revealing Economic Terrorists: a Slumlord Conspiracy.

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" - U.S.

Revealing Economic Terrorists: a Slumlord Conspiracy

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis A client of ours -- a small, not-for-profit, economic justice organization [EJO] -- used social network analysis [SNA] to assist their city attorney in convicting a group of "slumlords" of various housing violations that the real estate investors had been side-stepping for years. Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics.

SocialAction. SocialAction is a social network analysis tool that integrates visualization and statistics to improve the analytical process.


A journal article about SocialAction was recently published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. See the full details in the papers below. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Inxight Federal Systems. SAP Overhypes Its Hana Sentiment Analysis - Software - Business Intelligence. SAP's rapid-deployment offering promises 'big data' analytics results in less than six weeks.

SAP Overhypes Its Hana Sentiment Analysis - Software - Business Intelligence

I don't buy it. 10 Tips For Tapping Consumer Sentiment On Social Networks (click image for larger view and for slideshow) Space: SAP HANA Developer Center. Amara - Universal subtitling: caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video. Create A Free Website From Scratch. Hot Spot Analysis – An ArcGIS Tutorial. “In this 9.3/9.3.1 tutorial, 911 Emergency call data is investigated and analyzed using the Hot Spot Analysis tool (Getis-Ord Gi* statistic).

Hot Spot Analysis – An ArcGIS Tutorial

The tutorial begins by setting the scenario: Authorities in your community are spending a large portion of public resources responding to 911 emergency calls. They want to better understand the distribution of 911 calls in order to more effectively allocate emergency response resources. This tutorial guides you through the process of building a Hot Spot Analysis model tool.

You will learn how to aggregate incident data, select appropriate parameter settings, and display results.” MAPS: Geospatial Tools. CrimeStat Spatial Statistics Program - Version 3.0. About. The mission of PredPol is simple: place officers at the right time and location to give them the best chance of preventing crime.


To accomplish this, PredPol processes crime data in order to: assign probabilities of future crime events to regions of space and timepresent estimated crime risk in a useable framework to law enforcement decision makerslead to more efficient & more accurate resource deployment by local law enforcement agencies. Student Crime Statistics. Statistics for crimes most likely to affect students – burglary, robbery and violent crime, near university campuses for England and Wales, and separately for London.

Student Crime Statistics

You can also see the crime statistics by region. Click on the institution name to see a map illustrating crime hot spots.Find out about Staying Safe and Secure while at university, and read our Top Tips to Stay Safe.These statistics are not specific to students but related to the whole population of the defined area.We list the annual reported incidents per thousand residents, May 2012–April 2013, within wards or electoral divisions of which parts are within 3 miles of the main campus.Comparable data for Scotland and Northern Ireland are not available. UK Crime Statistics An app that uses the UK crime data to display and compare statistics between postcodes, universities and football stadiums.

View this appopens in a new window Local Crime Map This app displays a map of the most recent crimes in a given location. Apprenez à programmer en C ! - C. Visualize your check-ins. LockCon - Toool. The dates for LockCon 2013 are 22/23/24 November! What is LockCon? LockCon is an international conference about ... locks. Index. Open Test Search [BETA] English Wikipedia as html files This set consists of all articles in the English Wikipedia marked as ether featured or good articles, converted into standalone html files. set Enron files With a total of 43 426 files, and a good mix of typical enterprise files like .pdf, .word, .xls, images etc, the Enron file set is a good resource to simulate a file server. This data set contains files send as email attachments from about 150 users, mostly senior management of Enron.

Enron Email Dataset. This dataset was collected and prepared by the CALO Project (A Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes). It contains data from about 150 users, mostly senior management of Enron, organized into folders. The corpus contains a total of about 0.5M messages. This data was originally made public, and posted to the web, by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission during its investigation. The email dataset was later purchased by Leslie Kaelbling at MIT, and turned out to have a number of integrity problems. A number of folks at SRI, notably Melinda Gervasio, worked hard to correct these problems, and it is thanks to them (not me) that the dataset is available.

SQL Injections – Demonstration « gr00ve_hack3r. Offensive Security Community Projects. The Metasploit Unleashed free online training course was created to fill a gap in quality documentation on the practical usage of the popular and versatile Metasploit Framework. In keeping with the open-source nature of Metasploit, this resource is provided at no charge. More Information The Exploit Database is the ultimate archive of public exploits and corresponding vulnerable software, developed for use by penetration testers and vulnerability researchers. Its aim is to serve as the most comprehensive collection of exploits gathered from various sources.

Ushahidi. Movity Blog. The emerging market that could kill the iPhone. Realtime - a bitly labs experiment. It's an HTTParty and Everyone Is Invited! Gemware. Education Resources. VAST Challenge 2012. Maltego 3. Security Visualization. AttributeMagic: Software to change any property of file, folder, image, rename files. Is a new, revolutionary web and mobile service - Personal.

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