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Comparison of i2 Analyst's Notebook from IBM to Sentinel Visualizer Alternative from FMS Modern User Interface Developed with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Sentinel Visualizer uses leading edge technology with a modern intuitive user interface. The user interface is very intuitive with right mouse click support, detachable panels, and multi-monitor support. Multiple ways to display and analyze data are all built-in and easy to apply, minimizing the need for extensive training to get up and running. Add Unique Pictures for Each Entity What is Maltego - Paterva Wiki From Paterva Wiki What is Maltego? With the continued growth of your organization, the people and hardware deployed to ensure that it remains in working order is essential, yet the threat picture of your “environment” is not always clear or complete.

Free Tools: Online Investigation & Brand Protection – ICMS Worldwide Recommended Brand Protection Solutions For Your Industry This list of online investigation tools has been compiled by ICMS- A global service providing anti-counterfeit, brand protection solutions for High risk world regions such as China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Russia and East Europe. Most of the tools below require some basic computer skills. We hope you can put them to good use!

Changes to Domain Name Rules Place User Privacy in Jeopardy TG Storytime is a free community website for transgender authors, operated by Joe Six-Pack, himself a transgender author and publisher. If you look up the registration details of Joe's domain using the WHOIS application, you get this result: Registrant Name: Registration Private Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC Registrant Street: Registrant Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Registrant City: Scottsdale Registrant State/Province: Arizona Registrant Postal Code: 85260 Registrant Country: United States Registrant Phone: +1.4806242599 Of course, these aren't Joe's actual contact details, since there are many reasons why Joe may not want those private details to be made freely available. Instead, Joe uses a proxy registration service that fulfils the rules of ICANN (the global domain name authority) that contact information be available for all domains, while keeping his actual details private. Joe is far from alone.

Labs Research: Solving a Little Mystery Firmware analysis is a fascinating area within the vast world of reverse engineering, although not very extended. Sometimes you end up in an impasse until noticing a minor (or major) detail you initially overlooked. That's why sharing methods and findings is a great way to advance into this field. While looking for certain information during a session of reversing, I came across this great post.

I Need A Relationship Mapping Tool I was asking for better ways to track PC/NPC relationships in my game on RPG Stack Exchange and Brian brought up the free game Minimus, which is basically an example of social network mapping for an RPG. This reminded me of the person-to-person tracking diagrams I’ve seen in books on intelligence work, it’s a common HUMINT technique. But then I started looking for good tools to do it and started coming up short.. Retail + Social + Mobile = @WalmartLabs Eric Schmidt famously observed that every two days now, we create as much data as we did from the dawn of civilization until 2003. A lot of the new data is not locked away in enterprise databases, but is freely available to the world in the form of social media: status updates, tweets, blogs, and videos. At Kosmix, we’ve been building a platform, called the Social Genome, to organize this data deluge by adding a layer of semantic understanding. Conversations in social media revolve around “social elements” such as people, places, topics, products, and events. For example, when I tweet “Loved Angelina Jolie in Salt,” the tweet connects me (a user) to Angelia Jolie (an actress) and SALT (a movie). By analyzing the huge volume of data produced every day on social media, the Social Genome builds rich profiles of users, topics, products, places, and events.

OSINT Tools - Recommendations List With the New Year fast approaching I thought now would be a great time to post the first draft of some recommended Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering tools and resources. I will look to maintain this list overtime and have it grow, so if you come across something you think should be on the list, drop me an email or leave a comment for consideration. The reconnaissance phase of any engagement is very important and can often save you alot of time and of course money. DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY? LESSONS FROM THE CRYPTO WARS OF THE 1990s Below is the executive summary for "Doomed to Repeat History? Lessons From the Crypto Wars of the 1990s." Read the full paper here. In the past year, a conflict has erupted between technology companies, privacy advocates, and members of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities over the right to use and distribute products that contain strong encryption technology.

jsunpack-n - A generic JavaScript unpacker jsunpack-n emulates browser functionality when visiting a URL. It's purpose is to detect exploits that target browser and browser plug-in vulnerabilities. It accepts many different types of input: PDF files - samples/sample-pdf.file Packet Captures - samples/sample-http-exploit.pcap HTML files JavaScript files SWF files This project contains the source code which runs at the website Users can upload files, or enter script contents and URLs to decode.

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