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Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe. A 130,000-year-old archaeological site in southern California, USA : Nature. Affiliations Center for American Paleolithic Research, 27930 Cascade Road, Hot Springs, South Dakota, USA Steven R.

A 130,000-year-old archaeological site in southern California, USA : Nature

Holen & Kathleen A. Holen Department of Paleontology, San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California, USA Steven R. Discovery Of 14,000-Year-Old Settlement In Canada Could Rewrite North American History. The ancient stories of the indigenous Heiltsuk Nation people say that their ancestors sheltered on a mysterious strip of coastline in Canada during the last Ice Age.

Discovery Of 14,000-Year-Old Settlement In Canada Could Rewrite North American History

Thanks to a recent discovery of a 14,000-year-old settlement, science is now confirming those claims. The discovery was made last year along the Central Coast of British Columbia on Triquet Island, CBC News reports. The Powerful 1940 Map That Depicts America as a Nation of Immigrants. In the years leading up to the Second World War, isolationist sentiment coursed pretty strongly throughout the United States.

The Powerful 1940 Map That Depicts America as a Nation of Immigrants

Some Americans feared that immigrants were a threat to the country. Sound familiar? Then you’ll have no trouble understanding the reasons why the map below, titled America–A Nation of One People From Many Countries, was published in 1940 by the Council Against Intolerance in America. Paying a heavy price for loving the Neanderthals. One of the biggest surprises about our evolution revealed over just the last decade is the extent to which our ancestors engaged in amorous congress with the evolutionary cousins.

Paying a heavy price for loving the Neanderthals

Bonking the Neanderthals, it seems, was a bit of a pastime for the distant relatives. It happened many times in Siberia, East Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and across a long period between 100,000 and 40,000 years ago. In reality, we have no idea of course exactly how many times it occurred, nor the circumstances in which it happened. Why don't humans have a penis bone? Scientists may now know.

It can be as long as a finger in a monkey.

Why don't humans have a penis bone? Scientists may now know

In the walrus, it can be two feet long. But the human male has lost it completely. And researchers are a little stumped. Known as the baculum to scientists with an interest, the penis bone is a marvel of evolution. Research suggests being lazy is a sign of high intelligence. New research seems to prove the theory that brainy people spend more time lazing around than their active counterparts.

Research suggests being lazy is a sign of high intelligence

Findings from a US-based study seem to support the idea that people with a high IQ get bored less easily, leading them to spend more time engaged in thought. And active people may be more physical as they need to stimulate their minds with external activities, either to escape their thoughts or because they get bored quickly. Play Video. Source of ‘yo yo’ obesity revealed by Weizmann Institute researchers - Business & Innovation. Microbes in the gut are involved in “yo-yo” obesity in which dieters manage to lose weight that easily returns, according to a lab study by Weizmann Institute of Science researchers. The research on mice, published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, may in the future help dieters keep the weight off, according to Dr. Eran Elinav of the immunology department and Prof. Eran Segal of the computer science and applied mathematics department.

Following a successful diet, many people are discouraged to find their weight rebounding – an all-too-common phenomenon termed “recurrent” or “yo-yo” obesity. One quality in men might be even more attractive than good looks and a sense of humor. Most people would think that if it's not good looks that make a man most attractive to women, then it's definitely a sense of humor.

One quality in men might be even more attractive than good looks and a sense of humor

But studies consistently show that altruism is a top quality women are drawn to when they are looking for a relationship. And a new study in the British Journal of Psychology found that altruistic men may have more sex, too. The researchers asked unmarried Canadian adults how much they did good deeds like giving money to charity or helping someone get their car out of the snow. Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP. Analysts, reporters and big thinkers love to talk about Gross Domestic Product.

Why we shouldn’t judge a country by its GDP

Oldest Human DNA Ever Sequenced Could Rewrite Human Evolutionary Tree. Researchers have managed to sequence a section of the oldest human DNA ever, taken from the 430,000-year-old teeth and thigh bones of fossils found in northern Spain.

Oldest Human DNA Ever Sequenced Could Rewrite Human Evolutionary Tree

What they’ve been able to determine from this impressive feat could rewrite the evolutionary tree of ancient human species, including those that eventually gave rise to us. Starting in 1997, archaeologists have excavated the remains of around 28 skeletons thought to date to around 430,000 years old from a cave in northern Spain known as Sima de los Huesos, or “pit of bones.” The skulls of these individuals appear to show the beginnings of the formation of a heavy brow ridge, and so it was thought that they represented early Neanderthals, who would eventually evolve into the fully recognized species 100,000 years later. But new evidence, published in Nature, from sequencing parts of the fossil's nuclear DNA suggests that these were not early ancestors to the species at all, but were fully recognized Neanderthals.

"What makes something right or wrong?" Narrated by Stephen Fry - That's Humanism! Now. There is a better way to parent than the nuclear fam... Evolution Is Still Happening: Beneficial Mutations in Humans. By Adam Lee One of my all-time most popular posts on Daylight Atheism, "The Scars of Evolution", lists some of the kludges, hacks and jury-rigs left behind in the human genome, the telltale signature of evolution.

Evolution Is Still Happening: Beneficial Mutations in Humans

The vestigial structures and design compromises still found in human bodies are tangible evidence that our species has a long evolutionary history and didn't just pop into existence ex nihilo. But a different line of evidence comes in the form of ongoing mutations in the human gene pool. Researchers making progress on understanding why people lose their hair as they age. (Medical Xpress)—Two groups of researchers working on two different projects have made inroads into understanding the cause of alopecia—the gradual loss of hair during aging.

One team, with members from Japan, the U.S. and the Netherlands, found that accumulated DNA damage was at least partly to blame—the other team, working at the University of Colorado, discovered a certain protein that appears to be responsible for causing follicle stem cells to enter their dormant cycle. Both teams have published papers in the journal Science, describing their studies and results. Intelligent people are genetically predisposed to be healthier, experts find. The only conditions that intelligence appeared to increase were schizophrenia, autism and bipolar disorder. “The study supports an existing theory which says that those with better overall health are likely to have higher levels of intelligence,” said Dr Saskia Hagenaars, of Edinburgh University. Dr Stuart Ritchie, also of Edinburgh added: “This study tests whether genes that are linked to mental abilities and educational attainment are also genes that are related to some disorders.

All in the (nonnuclear, totally unorthodox) family. Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative. Scientists are using eye-tracking devices to detect automatic response differences between liberals and conservatives.University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Despair Death of the Middle-Aged American. Since 1998, people all over the world have been living healthier and living longer. But middle-aged, white non-Hispanics in the United States have been getting sicker and dying in greater numbers. Sunscreen is proven toxic to coral reefs. Lathering up with sunscreen may prevent sunburn and protect against cancer, but it is also killing coral reefs around the world.

Researchers Find Link Between DNA Marks And Sexual Orientation. The idea that a “gay gene” exists is not without controversy, but evidence strongly suggests that sexual orientation, at least in men, is influenced largely (but not entirely) by genetics. New research is offering the first piece of evidence for an idea that has been proposed before: a link between sexual preference and DNA tags that can be influenced by the environment.

Why Do Men Get Erections In The Morning? What's Your True Sexual Orientation? The Purple-Red Scale Is Here to Help You Find Out. Humans differ in their personal microbial cloud. Staring into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes induces an altered state of consciousness. Robin Rinaldi Takes A Year Off From Marriage-Wild Oats Project. Facebook. Yuval Noah Harari: What explains the rise of humans? Are women hardwired for monogamy? Serial Monogamy, Marriage, Conscious Uncoupling: This Ancient Fossil Just Rewrote The History of Human Evolution. Science Shows People Who Love Cuddling Have a Proven Advantage Over Everyone Else. Presentation28.pdf.

The invention of the heterosexual. Searching for Mr. Perfect? Michigan State researchers say you're better off settling for Mr. OK. Should We All Be In 'Monogamish' Relationships? 10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society. Americans Are Fleeing Religion and Republicans Are To Blame. HhqlkMK.png (PNG Image, 7088 × 3008 pixels) - Scaled (14%) The Cold, Hard Truth About Cheating, Based On Science.

Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You. Yale Scientific Magazine – Baby Got… Birth Control? The Impact of Hormonal Contraception on Attraction. Researchers find facial width-to-height ratio predicts self-reported dominance and aggression. Taller, Fatter, Older: How Humans Have Changed in 100 Years. Human Face May Have Developed To Survive Ancient 'Bar Fights' : Science. The Mysterious Disease That Prevents Girls From Growing Older. Human Evolution 'Definitely Not' Over, Expert Says. DNA from skull links Ice Age girl to Native Americans alive today - Los Angeles Times. Chris Kuzawa research projects. Women's tears reduce men's sexual desire - scientists. Is this evidence that we can see the future? - life - 11 November 2010. 300,000-Year-Old Hearth Discovered In Qesem Cave, Addresses Speculations On First Controlled Use of Fire.

Gene expression altered with meditation. At 400,000 Years, Oldest Human DNA Yet Found Raises New Mysteries. The Gadget That Reaches Inside Your Dreams. Baby Makes Daddy Lose Testosterone: Scientific American Podcast. How to confuse a moral compass. Europeans did not inherit pale skins from Neanderthals - life - 26 September 2012.

Unbreakable crypto: Store a 30-character password in your brain’s subconscious memory. Scientists unveil a newly-discovered, ancient human ancestor. Gut Bacteria Divide People Into 3 Types, Scientists Report. Ancient body clock discovered that helps to keep all living things on time.

100,000-year-old human settlement in U.A.E. overturns what we know of our evolution. Ecuadorean Villagers May Hold Secret to Longevity. Morality is modified in the lab. Oldest paint-making studio ever discovered - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience.