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MIKMA – Nadezda Suvorova. MIKMA is a mobile application based on the quest for light.

MIKMA – Nadezda Suvorova

Through play, the sound and the vision, one travels inspace and time by exploring scientific imaging at different scales: from the infinitely small to the origins of the universe, from the big bang then back to present times. The interface design takes advantage of machine vision and sensors embedded in mobile devices to call for re-discovering the world around us and to provide an entertaining access to scientific imaging. Carsten nicolai. Carsten nicolai. Inconvergent · A Study of Generative Algorithms. Digital technology and the conservation of nature. Désert Numérique présente le 3e atelier de création numérique du projet « La nature a la parole »


Exposition Micro Macro. L’infini n’a de cesse de nous fasciner, qu’il soit petit ou grand.

Exposition Micro Macro

Ses représentations comme ses perceptions ont été dernièrement bouleversées par le numérique.Les données d’aujourd’hui sont reproductibles sans limite et la miniaturisation des processeurs augmente en permanence nos capacités. En conséquence, notre appréhension du monde augmentée remet perpétuellement en jeu les échelles. On s’est tous habitué à se propulser au sein de vues satellites et à parcourir le globe virtuellement en quelques clics jusqu’à l’inexploré...Les progrès scientifiques, en accélération comme toute la société, bénéficient des effets de la circulation instantanée des données et de capacités de calculs toujours plus puissants. Le web accueille de nouveaux micro-processeurs connectés à chaque instant et donne accès à un champ lui aussi en croissance permanente.En quelques années de nouveaux infinis sont apparus et sont eux même pris dans une expansion incontrôlable.

Ce poster interactif mobilise vos cinq sens pour vous faire connaître la pleine saveur des épices. Noisy Skeleton. Voici le premier papier interactif : l’avenir du print et de l’impression ! – Dans Ta Pub. Novalia, une entreprise anglaise, a réalisée une innovation surprenante, qui risque de bouleverser l’interactivité que nous avons avec les affiches !

Voici le premier papier interactif : l’avenir du print et de l’impression ! – Dans Ta Pub

Qu’est-ce que c’est ? THREEBOTS - INSIDEOUT by Leigh Sachwitz - The Cool Hunter. Glasgow-born, Berlin-based architect and designer Leigh Sachwitz’s Studio for Design flora&faunavisions GmbH has created a mesmerizing interactive experience called ‘Insideout’ for the Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg.

INSIDEOUT by Leigh Sachwitz - The Cool Hunter

The Triennale has occurred every three years since 1999 and this year’s event is held from June 18 to June 28. Leigh Sachwitz’s installation is both chilling and soothing at the same time. It is a 360° multimedia installation that explores the house as a sanctuary and as a safe haven from nature’s many forces. Inside the greenhouse-like illuminated installation, the viewer, or more specifically the participant, experiences nature’s many forces by hearing the rain and watching the dark clouds gather above, and when the protective walls disappear, the participant will feel exposed and vulnerable in the eye of the storm.

But then, once the storm has passed, there is a feeling of purity and freshness, and an overall sense of calm envelopes the participant. Firewall. Mécaniques Discursives. FRED PENELLE - “In just under ten years, Frédéric Penelle (Brussels 1973), winner of the Art contest prize at the end of 2007, has given engraving a sudden burst of energy through his novel use of it in a way that is fundamentally original, malicious and as funny as it is serious.The installation of each exhibition places on a wall a swarm of characters and objects which mix, either play- fully or seriously, times, epochs, drawing, paining, black, colour, old images and whatever else besides, to tell, not one, but a thousand tangled tales in which each will recognise his own according to his imagination, what he has lived through, his dreams or concerns.In a heterogeneous set astonishingly coherent in its linear weirdness like a frieze, starting from a personal my- thology that brings together images known to all it holds up a portrait of the world that is surprising yet familiar at the same time.

Mécaniques Discursives

(la libre belgique 16/01/08) How Dalziel and Pow Realized This Awesome Interactive Touch Wall. Awesome Interactive Touch Wall. Artistes et œuvres d'arts numériques : Rétrospective 2015. Les environnements virtuels de Miguel Chevalier.

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Idée. Untitled. Quantum Space / interactive room. Technooptidou. Dessiner des circuits électriques avec un stylo. Les scientifiques de l’Université de l’Illinois ont mis au point un stylo particulier qui utilise de l’encre conductrice.

Dessiner des circuits électriques avec un stylo

Printing Circuits with Conductive Paint - All. The circuit is pretty simple, it centers around a 555 timer IC.

Printing Circuits with Conductive Paint - All

The 555 timer is wired up in astable mode, meaning that it will be outputting a continuous square wave, with a frequency dependent on the resistance between the two pins labelled "POT" in the diagram above. The only extra components needed are a 1kOhm resistor and a 0.01uF capacitor. The circuit is powered by a single 9V battery, connected at the ground and 9V pins. A speaker is connected to the ground and output pin (pin 3) of the 555. Wiki:tutoriels:affiche-tactile-graphite:affiche-tactile-graphite [TONER KEBAB WIKI] Encre Conductrice. Adafruit CAP1188 Breakout. Its super easy to use this sensor board with an Arduino thanks to the great Adafruit library.

Adafruit CAP1188 Breakout

Arduino, Sensors, and MIDI. Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations / by @laserpilot. Video projectors are one of the most important tools for creators of interactive installations.

Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations / by @laserpilot

The information for projectors is available on various websites, but this 2 part guide will focus on their use in production and interactive environments. Part 1 will focus on the projector as hardware(lenses, lumens, surfaces etc), and part 2 will go into more details on the software and calibration considerations.