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Japan: Technology Gives Life To Children's Drawings. Buildacode – Tangible Sound Programming Tool. Orbits - Generative Music (Android app) Metapiano (Jean Haury) Chopin étude Op,10 n°4. Welcome to this inst-int. Microsoft Researchers’ “3-D Audio” System Is Like Oculus Rift for Your Ears. Just as a new generation of virtual reality goggles for video games are about to hit the market, researchers at Microsoft have come up with what could be the perfect accompaniment—a way for ordinary headphones to create a realistic illusion of sound coming from specific locations in space.

Microsoft Researchers’ “3-D Audio” System Is Like Oculus Rift for Your Ears

MaKey MaKey Music Examples. Res, a matter. The Xth Sense™ (2010-14) is a free and open biophysical technology. With it you can produce music with the sound of your body. The Xth Sense captures sounds from heart, blood and muscles and uses them to integrate the human body with a digital interactive system for sound and video production.

In 2012, it was named the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument” and awarded the first prize in the Margaret Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US). Today, the Xth Sense is used by a steadily growing community of creatives, ranging from performing artists and musicians, to researchers in physiotherapy and prosthetics, and universities and students in diverse fields.

Check the video below to see what the Xth Sense can do! The Xth Sense users forum lives at Createdigitalnoise/xth, and you can connect with us on Facebook too. Ominous | Incarnated sound sculpture (Xth Sense) from Marco Donnarumma on Vimeo. Schematic and Tutorial Framework. Touché: Touch and Gesture Sensing for the Real World. Disney Research, Pittsburgh.

Touché: Touch and Gesture Sensing for the Real World.

Touché is a new sensing technology that proposes a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that can not only detect a touch event, but simultaneously recognize complex configurations of the human hands and body during touch interaction. This allows to significantly enhances touch interaction in a broad range of applications, from enhancing conventional touchscreens to designing interaction scenarios for unique use contexts and materials. For example, in our explorations we added complex touch and gesture sensitivity not only to computing devices and everyday objects, but also to the human body and liquids. Importantly, instrumenting objects and material with touch sensitivity is easy and straightforward: a single wire is sufficient to make objects and environments touch and gesture sensitive.

Research paper. "BOTANICUS INTERACTICUS": Interactive Plant Technology. Weekly sounds: gel-based speakers, sound to control devices and Audio Branding Congress program. New post on Weekly Sounds, with the best resources on the world of Sound and Audio.

Weekly sounds: gel-based speakers, sound to control devices and Audio Branding Congress program

Our picks of the week Most interesting news of this week are in the field of research, where many sources reported on going experimentations related to the use of Sound in novel and never seen directions. First article is about Harvard University, where Researchers build an audio speaker out of stretchy transparent gel, a flexible speaker with ionic able to produce high-quality sound. Sound Gives Objects A Human Touch reports the work of two researchers from Japan’s University of Tsukub, consisting of an experiment to use the phenomenon of sound resonance of objects to control a mobile or desktop device.

Watch the video below to know more. The term 5 is ending for Carlo and then it’s time for game audio final project: read Drink coffee, kill the freaks from outer space and accomplish the game audio final project! Audio Branding congress 2013 finally published the final program for Moscow edition. Follow Me: Ultrasonic. Syntact™ musical interface is introducing a new paradigm in the field of human-computer interaction design.


It is redefining the possibilities of musical interaction and enabling a playful and physical engagement in musical creation. The revolutionary technology behind Syntact™ provides contact-free tactile feedback to the musician. By utilizing airborne ultrasound a force field is created in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way. The interface allows a musician to feel the actual sound with its temporal and harmonic texture. While an optical sensor system is interpreting her or his hand gestures, the musician can physically engage with the medium of sound by virtually molding and shaping it – i.e. changing its acoustic appearance – directly with their hands. Applications Live music creation and performance Virtual reality / telepresence Public interactive multimedia installations in museums, galleries, science centres etc. Features. Shrunk down an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip! by Open Source RF. RFduino: A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects!

Shrunk down an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip! by Open Source RF

The RFduino has Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy built-in, which enables it to wirelessly talk to any smartphone that has Bluetooth 4.0. Currently we have several open source apps built for the iPhone which were used in our demos. Open source Android apps are next. The RFduino has a Nordic 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, so it has more power then the UNO, however it still runs the same, simple Arduino code the UNO runs, so there is no need to learn any new programming language or environment. Your standard Arduino sketches run on the RFduino.

The RFduino GPIO lines all support, Digital IO, Analog ADC, SPI, I2C, UART and PWM. New Digital Musical Instruments: Control And Interaction Beyond the Keyboard - Eduardo Reck Miranda, Marcelo M. Wanderley. Marcelo wanderley. New Interfaces for Musical Expression.