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PULSE PULSE An edited version of this review was published at the Guardian. I like the Guardian’s books section and its G2 section, not least because they sometimes pay me to write. I also like some of their brave correspondents, such as Martin Chulov. What I don’t like at all is the idiotic, orientalist, conspiratorial, fact-free, and sometimes racist narrative against the revolutions in Syria and Libya which is so common in the Guardian’s comment sections.
Lena Lavinas: 21st Century Welfare Latin America as laboratory for conditional cash transfers, fast becoming the hegemonic social-protection paradigm for the Global South. In a comparative survey, Lena Lavinas reveals the CCT model as a strategy for the financialization—not abolition—of poverty. Gabriel Piterberg: Euro-Zionism and its Discontents Engagement with the work of Hebrew poet Yitzhak Laor on the origins and function of the new Holocaust remembrance culture in Germany, Italy and France. What relation does this bear to parallel developments in Israel and the United States? Ousmane Sidibe: The Malian Crisis A legal scholar discusses his country’s post-colonial history. New Left Review

New Left Review

December 20th, 2013 Modernity, enchantment, and Fictionalism posted by Michael Saler The stern visage of Max Weber looms over discussions of modernity and enchantment, as does the sunnier countenance of Charles Taylor. Perhaps they should be joined by the open faced, bluntly spoken, and allegedly poker wielding Ludwig Wittgenstein.

The Immanent Frame

The Immanent Frame
The MOOC Disruption is Only Beginning. What I Learned Creating my First MOOC Milo and I have already discussed sources of disruption in this blog (see for instance Milo’s Start with Geostrategy, or call it Tactics), and we’ve particularly discussed the role of technology as a source of disruption. Silberzahn & Jones Silberzahn & Jones
Cutting-Edge Intellectual Interviews Cutting-Edge Intellectual Interviews Cover Interview of August 31: Nancy Bentley On her book Frantic Panoramas: American Literature and Mass Culture, 1870-1920 Cover Interview of August 28: Ayelet Shachar On her book The Birthright Lottery: Citizenship and Global Inequality Cover Interview of August 26: Cliff Edwards On his book Mystery of the Night Café: Hidden Key to the Spirituality of Vincent Van Gogh Cover Interview of August 24: Karen Newman On her book Essaying Shakespeare Cover Interview of August 21: Torben Grodal On his book Embodied Visions: Evolution, Emotions, Culture, and Film Cover Interview of August 19: Anne Dunlop On her book Painted Palaces: The Rise of Secular Art in Early Renaissance Italy
Edge : Conversations on the edge of human knowledge

Edge : Conversations on the edge of human knowledge

"Take a look. No matter who you are, you are bound to find something that will drive you crazy." —The New York Times, January 14, 2014 "A forum for the world's most brilliant minds."
The Caravan - A Journal of Politics and Culture
The Bichler & Nitzan Archives


Arrivals/Departures: European harbour cities Harbour cities develop distinct modes of being that not only reflect different cultural traditions and political and social self-conceptions, but also contain economic potential and communicate how they see themselves as part of the larger structure that is "Europe". [more] European histories (2): Concord and conflict Broadening the question of a common European narrative beyond the East-West divide. How are contested interpretations of historical and recent events activated in the present, uniting and dividing European societies? Headlines
8 January 2014 The screen’s inhuman beauty fades. One takes more in yet feels it less. n+1


The Baffler The Baffler [No. 5] Salvo There are few spectacles corporate America enjoys more than a good counterculture, complete with hairdos of defiance, dark complaints about the stifling ‘mainstream,’ and expensive accessories of all kinds. So now that the culture industry has nailed down the twenty-somethings, it comes as little surprise to learn that it has also uncovered a new youth movement abroad in the land, sporting all-new looks, a new crop of rock ‘n’ roll bands, and an angry new ’tude harsher than any we’ve seen before.