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Vitamin Benefits. Healthy Eating. Money Saving/Making. DIY Natural Products. Doctors and Medical. Energy Healing Systems, Inc. – Jon R. Link, DC » Scars. Scars are considered to be the fifth of the five major stressors.

Energy Healing Systems, Inc. – Jon R. Link, DC » Scars

Here is the rationale for scars. In the discussion of the sympathetic nervous system it was shown that 80% of these fibers go to the surface of the skin. This abundance of fibers is so dense under the surface of the skin that if one were able to remove the skin from the body without upsetting the network of sympathetic nerve fibers underneath, the individual would still be recognizable. These sympathetic nerve fibers appear to run in what one might think to be a random unrecognizable pattern.

The point is that there is a coordinated flow of electrical energy under the skin of the body.