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60+ Amazing Hydrogen Peroxide Uses and Benefits. The Ultimate Whole House Organization Guide. January’s almost halfway over, and if you’re anything like us, there hasn’t been much progress with getting organized this year.

The Ultimate Whole House Organization Guide

3 Dollar Tree Storage Container Makeovers. 10 best dusting tips for your home. If the Oxford Dictionary definition of dust (a dry powder made up of "tiny particles of earth or waste matter") isn't enough to make you toss aside all disdain for your dust rag, maybe a few helpful tips for the best ways to get rid of the buildup will help push you in the right direction.

10 best dusting tips for your home

According to Live Science, the dust in most households is composed mainly of dirt, animal dander, insect waste and sand, plus a few human skills cells to finish it off. If you're itching to give that dust a not-so-fond farewell, keep these tips in mind. Dust your blinds in a pinch (h/t One Crazy House)Does seeing dust gather up on your blinds bother you? Have you tried using tissue paper just to make the problem worse? Luckily, we've found a solution that will remove those dust particles quickly and easily.

Captions Settings Dialog Beginning of dialog window. 17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house. Most everyone has at least one room or area of their home that could use a little organization.

17 very smart tips to organize every room in your house

Whether you have a cluttered pantry or a toy room worthy of the tornado hall of fame, you can get things tidy (and keep them that way). Getting organized doesn't have to be painful or require expensive closet inserts. Even better, being organized can help save you time and money -- both of which are better spent on the things you really love. Check out a few of these clever ideas and save your sanity. 17 creative uses of storage cubes that are spot-on for small homes.

Tiny and small houses owners need to get creative about storage and space saving.

17 creative uses of storage cubes that are spot-on for small homes

Something that comes quite handy when it comes to facing such a challenge is the storage cubes shelving unit. Probably, one of the most famous models for these units is the Ikea one. However, there are other possibilities available out there, like the ones provided by Home Depot or Walmart. Whichever is the model you choose, these little cubes are very affordable and awesome when it comes to keeping your small space organized and tidy and also allow you to display your belongings in style. 20 Creative DIY Produce Storage Solutions To Keep Fruits And Veggies Fresh - DIY & Crafts. There is nothing that I love more than gardening in the summer.

20 Creative DIY Produce Storage Solutions To Keep Fruits And Veggies Fresh - DIY & Crafts

I try to plant a larger garden every year and while I do love canning some of my produce to preserve it, I also love serving fresh fruits and veggies from my garden all summer long. This means of course, that I need a good produce storage solution to keep that produce fresh for as long as possible. Until now, I had merely been storing it on the kitchen counter whenever I brought it in from the garden. Recently though, I have been looking at better ways to store my produce, and this includes things that I buy from the grocery store too, like bananas and oranges. How to transform a plain plastic storage bin into a chic toybox. Beca is a colorful personality with eclectic interests, ranging from web design to scrapbooking.

How to transform a plain plastic storage bin into a chic toybox

Lucky for us, Beca uses her blog, Creative Dominican, to share her passion and talent for DIY. According to her blog, Beca learned crafting from her late mother and continues her creative pursuits in order to honor her mother's memory. "With every post and every craft I picture her smiling down and telling me how much she loves it," writes Beca. As a mother, Beca is no stranger to the plight of toys left out around the house. Lifehacker. Guest Post - Functional planning thread on Facebook by Jane. Thank you Jane for creating this wonderful thread in the Filofax for Philofaxy Fans Facebook group.

Guest Post - Functional planning thread on Facebook by Jane

The great thing about our planner community is the diversity of planning approaches. Some folks are energized by stickers and decorations; others are distracted by them. I fall into the "squirrel" camp: if you put a pink neon glitter heart on my to do list, I will stare at the magical sparkles...and not complete my tasks! Plus, I know a lot of folks say they aren't "artistic," and actually beat themselves up (newsflash: don't waste your time berating yourself! Instead, you can be a productivity ninja in your own unique and wonderful way!) Here is a list of fabulous resources that have really helped me over the years, in no particular order, except the first website. Websites The ultimate guide, Plannerisms' Choosing Your Planner, Part 1: Daily, Weekly, Monthly?

Anita Lim's amazing GTD set up: My set up (based on Getting Things Done) - by Anita The ultimate mini Filofax set up by HP. Phone Charging Station DIY (Using a Plastic Bottle) Let's face it, our phones have become a fun, creative and integral part of our daily lives.

Phone Charging Station DIY (Using a Plastic Bottle)

We don't just communicate with them anymore, we also create, manage our time and finances, work, and play on them. But along with having information at our fingertips 24/7, those jumbled up charging cords can become such a mess. To minimize cord clutter, why not upcycle a plastic bottle into a stylish phone charging station.

Paper Clutter

Spreadsheets Printables. MY ROUTINE — Help Our Home. MORNING AND AFTERNOON ROUTINE is a routine I created for my self.

MY ROUTINE — Help Our Home

I know there are few of you that work by shifts,have children (that makes a routine very difficult, I been there ), this just a guideline and a bit of help. You can create your on routine 1 Make the bed Or same times I let it open to air it. 2 Take out any glasses from the bedroom 3 Pick dirty clothes from the floor and put them in the communal dirty basket (in my house we only have ONE basket for dirty clothes. 5 Take the rubbish out( 1st out the house will take it) 6 If I have enough dirty laundry, I leave it by the washing machine (1st to arrive will start it )

Home Organization - Organizing Ideas For Your Home. 15 Reasons We Can't Stop Buying Michaels Storage Crates. 15 Family Command Centers - A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day. 32 of the Best Ways to Get Organized When You Have ADHD. Organization is a common challenge for adults with ADHD.

32 of the Best Ways to Get Organized When You Have ADHD

But it can be done! Below, ADHD specialists share their foolproof tips for cutting out clutter, managing time, creating an efficient space and more. Remember that the key to organization is having a simple system that works for you and your family. So experiment with these tips, keep what you like and toss the rest. 1. People often underestimate the power of a simple planner. Psychotherapist Terry Matlen, ACSW, who has ADHD, uses a teacher’s style spiral “at a glance” calendar with large boxes. 2. “Copy a schedule of your weekly planner on an obnoxiously bright colored piece of paper [so it stands out] at the beginning of the week,” Dupar said. 3. 35 Spring Cleaning Hacks. 43 home cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

51 Mind-Blowing Dollar Store Organizing Ideas To Get Your Home A Complete Makeover – Cute DIY Projects. If you have ever taken some time to simply wander around your local Dollar Store, you probably know about the huge spectrum of stuff the store has got to help you organize your home, while saving a great deal of dollars you would otherwise spend on alternate ways to add some organization to your space.

Here are 51 Mind-Blowing Dollar Store Organizing Ideas To Get Your Home A Complete Makeover. 1. DIY Bathroom Towel Storage in Under 5 Minutes Troubled with your bathroom not having sufficient space to keep all those hand towels in a functional space? Steal five minutes of yours and work a DIY Bathroom Towel Storage using sturdy, rectangular baskets from the Dollar Store to form a great, lightweight open shelving with just a little screwing of the back of the basket to the wall.

Idea Details : makinglemonadeblog 2. ADDitude Slide Show. 22. Create a chore file. I write down chores on index cards, and meet once a week with my wife to coordinate the priorities, and figure out who will be doing what. 23. Schedule sex. Set specific dates for sex, then put a reminder (or two!) 24. 25. {A - Z} Home Storage Solutions. Category: DIY & ORGANIZING - HOME and LIFE TIPS.

Collections. From Overwhelmed to Organized: Command Centre: Schoolwork File Bins & Series Wrap-up. Smart House Organization Ideas. Red wine remedies. Organizing with dollar tree items. Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done - Start a Mom Blog.