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United Confederation Of Interstellar Planets. Voyager Golden Record. Welcome to Cool Cosmos! Earth Impact Database. Structural Geology Post-doctoral Project If you are interested in completing a Structural Geology Post-doctoral Project at the Manicouagan Impact Structure, click here.

Earth Impact Database

The Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC) opened in April, 2001 and was the first facility of its kind in Canada. PASSC is a growing group of scientists and engineers involved in researching planetary geology, space-related technology and associated applications. PASSC works directly with world-renowned space agencies, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), providing direct involvement with two missions to Mars in the near future (Mars Science Laboratory and ExoMars). The four main functions of PASSC are: SPACE TODAY ONLINE - Space Today Online covering Space from Earth to the Edge of the Universe. DLR-Bilddatenbank. WorldWide Telescope. Portal. Hubble. - Out of the ordinary...out of this world. Hubble Heritage Gallery of Images.

The European Homepage For The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Projects. The release of version 3 of the popular ESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator image processing software has meant that it is even easier and faster to create colour images using raw observations from a range of telescopes, including the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, ESO’s Very Large Telescope and ESA’s XMM-Newton Telescope.

The European Homepage For The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope - Projects

As with the previous versions of the FITS Liberator, the version 3 makes another leap towards making the creation of colour images from raw astronomical observations easier and faster. The FITS Liberator continues to support the FITS and PDS formats, preferred by astronomers and planetary scientists respectively, which enables data to be processed from a wide range of telescopes and planetary probes, including ESO’s Very Large Telescope, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, ESA’s XMM–Newton Telescope and Cassini–Huygens or Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Requirements Minimum requirements: The Hubble Heritage Project Website. The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Home. Photojournal: NASA's Image Access Home Page.