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Six Thinking Scaffolds That Can Move Students Toward Deeper Levels of Understanding. Grotzer and a team (Nancy Oriol, Stephanie Kang, Colby Moore Reilly, and Julie Joyal) looked at the Harvard Medical School MEDscience curriculum, founded by Oriol, that uses technology-mediated, problem-based learning simulations to enrich the experience of high school biology students.

Six Thinking Scaffolds That Can Move Students Toward Deeper Levels of Understanding

Joyal — executive director for MEDscience — and the team noticed that as their problem-based curriculum progressed, students changed the way they approached problems. Rather than waiting for the teacher to give them answers, they made hypotheses based on existing knowledge, discussed their thoughts with their teams, and took risks — all signs of deeper-level learning. To study this shift in classroom behavior, Joyal, Moore Reilly, and Grotzer used a sample of 21 students from a range of public and private schools in the Boston. “We know that experts pay attention to a very different set of patterns than novices often do.

Taking Students from Novice to Expert Try: What do you mean? Try: That’s up to you. What’s wrong with TikTok? Pop Culture Classroom. Primary Resources - Australia's Magna Carta Institute - Rule of Law Education. Australia’s Magna Carta Institute Rule of Law Education supports national and state curriculum requirements in Primary education.

Primary Resources - Australia's Magna Carta Institute - Rule of Law Education

All content provided in this section aims to support teachers in delivering content to students in developing knowledge and understanding of concepts in Australian history and Civics education through the key learning area of Humanities and Social Sciences. Developmental Bibliotherapy – Using Fiction to Help Teens Navigate Adolescence.

Fifty Film Guides to use at Home. As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues across the UK, we recognise that many schools will be closed, and many parents will be looking for ways to keep their children meaningfully occupied outside of school time.

Fifty Film Guides to use at Home

Many of our film guides - which are designed as informal discussion prompts for after viewing a film - also feature extension activities that children and young people can take part in on their own, without the need for constant supervision. Below, we've collected 50 film guides with extension activities to help keep young people of all ages engaged. Many of the films are titles we believe people are likely to own on DVD, but where possible, we'll also point out some that are currently available to view on streaming services. Note: The information about films on streaming services is aimed at people at home only, and not for any film clubs still running in schools.

Licencing conditions do not permit the access of streaming platforms from a school setting. Review 100 pptx pdf. Into The Woodlands - a collection of web links by subject aimed at Primary Students aligned to Australian Curriculum. Well being and life skills literature lists e book. Copyright and Covid 19. Weekly Planner for Online Lessons based on Google Slides or PowerPoint. Now that educators, students and families are adapting to distance learning, planning your online lessons using Google Slides is a great option whether you are using Google Classroom or not.

Weekly Planner for Online Lessons based on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Almost everybody has a Gmail account and you can easily share the link to the deck with your students. You can add all the multimedia files they’ll need within the Google Slides file. Just one file for the whole week! I’ve added links to each lesson on the numbers that I put on each day on the first slide, also to the home button on each lesson for easy navigation (check out the video on slide 2). If you need to add more lessons, copy and paste the circles on the cover and add a link to its corresponding slide. ATTENTION GOOGLE SLIDES USERS: PLEASE, DO NOT REQUEST FOR ACCESS. The other workaround is for you to download the pptx file, upload it to your Google Drive, and open it as Google Slides. If you like it, share it! HIVESUMMIT.ORG. Join the Drama Teacher Academy. Coronavirus - Resources for anxiety, stress and wellbeing.

My Personal Wellbeing Training. Coping during COVID-19. School communities around Australia are currently facing unprecedented changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Coping during COVID-19

School leaders, students and parents may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared, uncertain or stressed, wondering what life will look like in the next few weeks and months. During this time of reduced physical interaction, event cancellations and intense media coverage, it’s important to help students and members of the school community to feel a sense of control, and to develop strategies for maintaining their wellbeing.

Students can read articles of interest to them in our youth collection ‘Coping during coronavirus’ and could join other young people in our peer support forums. Parents, carers and community members can read ReachOut Parents articles on topics including how to talk to your teenager about coronavirus, which will help them to support their teens during this uncertain time. Teaching Strategies for Educators. Ready-Made Lessons and Resources for Remote Teaching. Student engagement presentation by Tabitha Noble on Prezi. Wabisabi Learning Blog.