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A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Flashcards Using Google Spreadsheets. January 1, 2015Flippity is a very good tool that you can use on Google Spreadsheets to create flashcards and quizzes.

A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Flashcards Using Google Spreadsheets

The flashcards you create can be either printed or shared online through a generated link. The process to create a flashcard using Google Spreadsheet is pretty easy. Here is how to do it: 1- Click on this template and copy it to your Google Spreadsheet by clicking on "file" and " make a copy" 2- Now that you are on the copied version of that template, edit the text and type in the data you want to include in each side of the flashcard 3- Name your flashcards by clicking on "Flashcards" in the bottom. 4- Publish your sheet by clicking on "file " then "publish" 5- Copy the link under the link tab 6- Now click on the "get the link here" tab of your template which is at the bottom. A Very Good Tool to Create Charts from Spreadsheets and Insert Them into Google docs.

February 25, 2015 The Charts Builder is a Google Docs add-on that we have discovered while we were curating google Forms Tools for Teachers.

A Very Good Tool to Create Charts from Spreadsheets and Insert Them into Google docs

Charts Builder allows you to build a chart from the data you have in your Google spreadsheet and then insert it directly into your document. The Charts Builder allows you to select the type of chart and a spreadsheet. Everything is integrated and your chart will be added to the line you select in only 5 simple steps: 1-Open Charts from the add-ons menu 2- Select a chart type. (The Chart Builder will explain how to organize your data) 3- Click the load data button and choose your spreadsheet 4- Now you can drag to select your data 5- That’s it; just click the Insert button.

O que aprendi com a desescolarização. Escolas transformam crianças em adultos medíocres — Medium Brasil. Os problemas enfrentados pelas gerações atuais são cada vez mais dinâmicos.

Escolas transformam crianças em adultos medíocres — Medium Brasil

O mundo muda rapidamente e, para transpor seus novos desafios, cresce a demanda por pessoas que realmente pensem. Pessoas capazes de olhar para os problemas e imaginar soluções. Capazes de criar, inovar e reinventar. The art of data visualization. Here’s the best way to guess correctly on a multiple choice test. Often, you’ll hear people say that you should “trust your instincts” when making decisions.

Here’s the best way to guess correctly on a multiple choice test

But are first instincts always the best? Psychological research has shown many times that no, they are often no better – any in many cases worse – than a revision or change. Despite enormous popular belief that first instincts are special, dozens of experiments have found that they are not. While that may be a useful fact to bring up in an academic discussion, anyone who has ever made a decision in real life will undoubtedly reply: But I remember times when I made a correct choice, then changed my mind and was wrong. This happens for two reasons: First, humans naturally have something called an endowment bias, where we feel strongly attached to things we already have (our first instinct, in this case).

We don’t want to give it up, and we feel especially bad when we give it up and it turns out later to be correct. The second reason is more obvious: sometimes first instincts actually are correct. Luiz Pasquali - A Curva Normal. Create infographics & online charts. Games For Learning Institute.


Bem-vindo · Futuratec. History: Free Courses. [livros]: Contra o blablablá quântico. O mundo subatômico não se importa com seus desejos e suas aflições.

[livros]: Contra o blablablá quântico

Um físico e um jornalista escreveram um manual para protegê-lo dos picaretas que insistem no contrário Entrevista a Luciana Christante; leia abaixo o texto na íntegra ou confira em pdf. COMBINANDO ALTAS DOSES DE MISTICISMO com uma das teorias mais belas e complexas que a ciência já produziu – a mecânica quântica –, muita gente vem vendendo ilusões na forma de cura quântica, consciência quântica, e por aí vai, desde os anos 1970. A essência da papagaiada quântica é levar as pessoas a pensar que o mundo – inclusive o mundo subatômico – poderia ser controlado pela força dos pensamentos.

Em Pura picaretagem (Leya Brasil), o físico Daniel Bezerra e o jornalista Carlos Orsi procuram mostrar as razões pelas quais a espiritualidade quântica não passa de pseudociência.


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