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Modals (Modal Verbs) Exercise. Modal Verbs Exercise 1. 1.

Modal Verbs Exercise 1

Ted's flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. He be exhausted after such a long flight. He prefer to stay in tonight and get some rest. 2. Modals (Modal Verbs) Exercise. Modal verbs. Exercise5. Modals Multiple choice test. Should and Must. Should and Must Choose the correct modal for the following sentences.

Should and Must

When you have answered all the questions, click on the Get score button at the bottom of the page to see your score and the correct answers. Tenants pay their rent. Modal Verbs 3 Excercises. MODAL VERBS. Mixed Modals. OFFERS AND REQUESTS. PERMISSION and OBLIGATION: CAN and HAVE TO. Mixed Modals #1 (Can, Should, Must) - ESL quiz. Mixed Modals #2 (Can, Should, Must) - ESL quiz. Modal verbs - introduction and practice. Modal verbs exercises. UCL/FLTR/DIGE - GRAMLINK - ANGLAIS. UCL/FLTR/DIGE - GRAMLINK - ANGLAIS. UCL/FLTR/DIGE - GRAMLINK - ANGLAIS. Modal Verbs. Can, Could, May and Might Exercise. Modal Verbs 1 Excercises. More Modal verbs. Must-should-have to-need (2) School life. Modal verbs. Auxiliary verbs can, may, must: free modal verbs exercises online. Modals- Permission and Requests. Modal verbs. Modals. Modals. Have to - Be able to. Intermediate English grammar exercise: modal verbs for present probability - must, can't, could, may, might.