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Online Behaviour & Safety

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Be Internet Awesome - Google's New Internet Safety Curriculum. Be Internet Awesome is Google's new Internet safety curriculum.

Be Internet Awesome - Google's New Internet Safety Curriculum

I learned about it from Larry Ferlazzo and then spent some time exploring it myself. The Be Internet Awesome site features a game called Interland. The game is set in a virtual world that students navigate by correctly answering questions about Internet safety. The graphics of the game are great and there are some elements in which students navigate, but there is also a heavy reliance multiple choice questions in the game. Watch an overview of the game in the video below. Be Internet Awesome is based on five key concepts for kids: Share with care.Don't fall for fake.Secure your secrets.It's cool to be kind.When in doubt, talk it out. Be Internet Awesome - About. Eight things you need to do right now to protect yourself online. 1.

Eight things you need to do right now to protect yourself online

Use unique passwords for all your accounts What: Stop kidding yourself that you only re-use passwords on accounts that don’t matter, or that you have an unbreakable password scheme that no one else can guess. Every single thing with a password needs to have a unique password, shared with nothing else. Why: Services get hacked, with entire databases of passwords published in the open. People get “phished”, tricked into entering their passwords into shady imitations of the sites they intended to visit. How: Unless you absolutely categorically have a reason not to … 2. Cybersafety educational resources for teachers and schools: Cybersmart.

Professional development The Cybersmart Outreach program has been in high demand since its introduction, with many schools booking for repeat presentations.

Cybersafety educational resources for teachers and schools: Cybersmart

Over 2015 the ACMA will be placing a high priority on visiting those schools who have already registered, but have not yet received, one of our presentations. For this reason, from Find out more about our expanding virtual classroom program, covering issues such as cyberbullying and how to stay safe and secure online. #GameOn Aimed at upper primary / lower secondary students, #GameOn is a video series following the online experiences of a group friends. Topics covered include: Digital Compass. Thinkuknow - home. Digital Tattoo. Fake Name. A Treasure Trove of Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers.

Free Internet Safety for Kids Tutorial at GCFLearnFree. Data Dealer: Privacy? Screw that. Turn the tables! Scope and Sequence. Digital Citizenship Flashcards. Another academic year is here and with it comes new clothes, lessons, and of course, new technologies.

Digital Citizenship Flashcards

But are your child's digital citizenship skills back-to-school ready? If not, don't worry. To help them make the grade, download these flashcards to help them boost their online know-how. Introduction to Digital Citizenship Starter Kit. Welcome. How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School. Produced in collaboration with Facebook.

How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School

Social media is fast becoming as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. In recent months, many schools and districts around the country have taken steps to create social media policies and guidelines for their students and staff. In my work with several districts to draft these documents, I have seen many approaches that work well, and some that don't. That said, there is no silver bullet for administrators; every school, district, and state has a different set of circumstances. With that in mind, here are some steps that will help you determine the best approach for your own community. 2. This team should include educators who use social media in the classroom and those who do not. Safe Schools Hub. Kids. Cybersafety @ Coomera Anglican College. Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education.

Overview We have devised an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers of secondary students (approximately ages 13-17).

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education

The curriculum helps educate students on topics like: How To Get Banned From Social Networks. The Web has opened up lines of communication that were previously closed for the vast majority of the world.

How To Get Banned From Social Networks

Anyone with an Internet connection can now head online and talk to someone on the other side of the world using any one of a range of different services. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the obvious options. There is unfortunately a tendency to abuse these new lines of communication, by expressing opinions that would be best kept unsaid, attacking people that may or may not deserve it, spreading salacious gossip, or posting inappropriate content. Digital Literacy Badge #1 - Design Your Digital Self. Safer Internet Day 2013: Cybersmart. How to easily delete your online accounts. Tagged: Cybersmart. Digital Citizenship. Must Have Resources on Teaching Online Safety. 10 Golden Rules for Parents in A Digital Age. There is a growing dependence on the use of digital media from our students and kids.

10 Golden Rules for Parents in A Digital Age

Sometimes it is just unbelievable especially when we, the digital immigrants, compare our childhood and teenagehood to our students, the digital natives. eSafety School Policies. Making it happen – A practical guide and resources for schools Introduction This set of resources aims to implement the government’s eSafety strategy.

eSafety School Policies

It highlights the key issues and provides practical guidance, training and advice for schools on how to use technologies as safely as possible. Also included are suggestion on how to advise parents and carers on the use of ICT outside of school. The Technologies ICT in the 21st Century has an all-encompassing role within the lives of children and adults. The Issues and Risks. Hacker Highschool - Security Awareness for Teens.