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Blue breakfast. January 19, 2018 Friday means that the weekend is almost here and it also means that it’s a fifth colour of the rainbow kind of a day - day blue.

Blue breakfast

If you feel blue, make a blue cocktail today and it will make you feel pink. Hopefully the feeling will stick around till the pink Sunday. The ultimate blueberry power smoothie. The Body Book™ Green Smoothie. Mango Green Smoothie Bowl with Coconut Water, Hemp Hearts and Cardamom - Will Frolic for Food. Virgo season.

Mango Green Smoothie Bowl with Coconut Water, Hemp Hearts and Cardamom - Will Frolic for Food

It’s a time for going inward. For creating dream-journals, bucket-lists. For accessing deep wisdom regarding our path and purpose in life. I feel drawn to daily rituals — stretching & meditation when first waking, conversation over coffee with Logan, writing and planning my day after that. Ritual connects me with that invisible thread of spirit, the muse you might call it. Subconsciously, I’m bolstering myself for the depths of Winter. Otherwise I’m diving into regular yoga practice and meditation. Everything I’m doing feels like daily preparation for a life well-lived.

This mango green smoothie bowl is thick, tangy, and sweet. Coffee-Banana Smoothie Packs - Back to Her Roots. Smoothies are a new parent’s best friend.

Coffee-Banana Smoothie Packs - Back to Her Roots

Seriously. Being able to pack tons of nutrients and goodies into something that can be “eaten” with one hand is pretty much life-saving when you’re busy taking care of a little one. I think all parents should register for a high-quality blender on their baby registry. Thankfully, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might enjoy some one-handed eats and managed to whip up a big batch of smoothie packs before I went into labor. Green Coconut Smoothie. This coconut smoothie is one of the sweetest, creamiest green smoothie I’ve ever made.

Green Coconut Smoothie

If you’re new to healthy eating and want to get into green smoothies, this is the perfect place to start. The ripe banana means it doesn’t taste overly green and healthy, while the coconut yoghurt makes it wonderfully thick and milkshake life. I then add spinach to up the green goodness, coconut water as a base and a little bee pollen for a delicious flavour – but if you don’t have been pollen, don’t worry, it will be delicious without it and you can always add a little raw honey instead. Serves 1 – 2/3 of a mug of coconut water (200ml) – 1 tablespoon of coconut yoghurt (I use a brand called Coyo) – A big handful of spinach – 1 ripe banana – 1 tablespoon of bee pollen (optional) Simply peel the banana then place everything into a blender and blend until smooth. The Body Book™ Green Smoothie. Drink Your Greens (yellows & reds)! When Elsa is at preschool, David and I sometimes drink our meals instead of eating them.

Drink Your Greens (yellows & reds)!

Spinach, avocado, sprouts, pear, lime and pumpkin seeds might sound like a delicious salad to most people. Banana, Vanilla, Blackberry & Mint Smoothie. Spirulina Smoothie. Some days we all just need an extra boost of health and this beautiful glass of green goodness is the best way to get it.

Spirulina Smoothie

Finishing this smoothie is seriously one of the most amazing, empowering feelings as you know that you’ve just taken in everything that your body needs and that you’re treating yourself with so much sef-love, which is so important for a healthy happy attitude. If you’re new to healthy eating and are yet to try a green smoothie, just do it – I know that it initially seems so daunting to drink something this colour but trust me, you’ll get addicted to them soon enough! I never thought that I’d be drinking classes of broccoli, avocado and spinach for breakfast before I started my healthy eating adventure but now I just can’t get enough! Don’t worry though, this recipe doesn’t go as far as to contain broccoli and thanks to the blueberries and banana it’s actually nice and sweet so it’s the perfect introduction to green smoothies. Makes one glass. Smoothie Bonanza – The recipe bundle.

Woot woot!

Smoothie Bonanza – The recipe bundle

We are so thrilled to present this little project that we have been working on lately! We have been turning fruit, berries, vegetables and liquids into smoothies practically every day for the past couple of years. Sometimes we make them for breakfast, other times for dessert, and always after a workout! We can’t think of a fresher, quicker and more delicious way to boost our bodies with energy. Since smoothies have become such a common meal for us, we have picked up some tricks and ideas on how to make them more interesting.

We have gathered 14 lip-smacking smoothie recipes into a recipe bundle that we just have released as an in-app purchase for our Green Kitchen app. We are of course bias but we feel pretty damn proud of these smoothies and hope they will give you new ideas and inspiration next time you are starting up the blender. Here is a preview of all the recipes. To give you a preview, we are also sharing one of the recipes here today.